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Lost & Found

Posted on Tue Mar 19th, 2024 @ 9:32am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: USS Washington

Shran waited in the cargo bay with Sam, Tarja, and additional medical staff. "I wish I could tell you what to expect medically Sam, but we have no idea what exact these people have been through. I want Shon checked first though."

" Of course Captain" Sam replied pleasantly as she readied her med kits and medical staff. They were ready for just about anything with the transporter on standby in case patients were needed to be immediately transferred to sickbay.

Ayana's message came through and Shran responded, followed by ordering the transporter officers to begin the transport. A few moments later they all appeared in the cargo bay in a blue hue. Shran allowed Sam and her staff to work while he discussed things with Jon.

"It appears you managed to rescue quite a lot, though I don't believe this is enough to be a full crew of the Hudson, but certainly more than enough for the Daystrom. I would guess about 300 people. What happened down there?"

Jon spoke up the aliens were trying to kill the people they had by turning off the power to their pods. Shon here had seen the way to open the pods and she relayed the information to us. She gets all the credit sir."

Shon was so glad to be home and all she wanted to do was get to her family. However, she still felt ’strange’ from her communication with the Hereshi. “I’m glad to be home sir. I hope we do not meet the Hereshi again. They claim to be explorers, but they fail to see the wonders of different species. Their arrogance caused the death of thousands of beings….” she wavered and propped herself up on a cargo pod. “I apologize sir I am still not completely recovered from the deep melds I used.

"Very good Shon. Let Sam check you out" Shran replied. He looked to Jon, "Once Sam and her people have checked these people out, we will need to sort them out. Maybe find out if any of the command officers are amongst these and we can discuss things with them. It would seem they are StarFleet officers out of their own time. We'll need to ease them into this era tactfully."

"Captain, once they're declared fit, I'll send them your way, those that hold rank that is. The rest can be accommodated in guest quarters once we release them" Sam advised, running a tricorder over Shon at the same time.

"Jon will be in charge of the details Sam. But yes, I definitely think I need to talk with ranking officers, assuming we find any amongst this group" Shran replied.

Amethyst was busy going through as many people as she could, triaging what injuries people had. There were so many people she needed to organize them according to priority, so they could be seen at the right time.

Sam worked through the crowd of people, sending those needing the most urgent care to sickbay and the rest remained in the cargo bay that was being converted to a secondary sickbay. All crew with medical training had been called up and were working their way through the new arrivals.

Tarja had the luck and honor of locating the captain of the Hudson, a human by the name of Williams. He was a jovial sort, which was useful considering the situation. Tarja checked him over and then sent him to speak with Cmdr Grayson. It was unfortunate that no captain for the Daystrom was among the survivors that they brought back, only finding the XO, though he had to be sent to sickbay for severe internal injuries.


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