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Thrilling Heroics

Posted on Sat Mar 16th, 2024 @ 9:26pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: Alien Facility

Ayana and Jon arrived in the transporter room, 4 security and tactical officers in full tactical gear waiting for them. Ayana made her way to the transporter pad, "Time for some thrilling heroics. Lock and load" she said with a cheshire grin upon her face.

Shon was in trouble, there were more Hereshi than she could deal with now. She found she could not move in some sort of stasis field. The Hereshi looked unutterably sad as, whom Shon guessed was the head scientist stepped forward.

“Human you have made it impossible for us to stay here we will return to inner space where we will find another place and time to conduct our experiments. We, the Hereshi have failed the laws of our time in being contaminated by humans.” He drooped his head and nodded. Another of the Hereshi stood at the controls and, as his hand moved over the panel Shon saw with horror the pods begin to lose cohesion and disintegrate one by one.

“NO, we can help do not do this.!” She shouted.

“They were dead the moment they were taken Vulcan Human hybrid, this is a mercy, we can no longer study them, and they will now rest.

“What about the Starship crews you have just taken and the reason why we came, what has happened to them?”

In a blue hue only a few meters from where Shon was, the away team materialized. Ayana had her rifle drawn, "Reach for the sky" she said in a mock desperado manner.

Jon was to the right of Ayana as they materialized. "Fan out." He told the security officers, "Keep them covered." As he moved towards Shon. "Shon, are you alright?"

She breathed a sigh of relief to see Ayana and Jon, she was no longer alone, the cavalry had arrived. “I am fine, the Hereshi are preparing to return to inner space, the thousands of people in the pods are already dead but I think the StarFleet crews are still alive, we just have to find them. Ayana, do you have a phaser for me?”

Ayana smiled and tossed her a phaser from her side holster. "If we have people to find, then we should move. "What about these hostiles? The Hereshi you called them."

Shon caught the phaser and checked the stun setting, even in this situation she was unwilling to kill unless really necessary. "Follow me" she said talking at the same time. "The Hereshi live in inner space, they have built this place to study other civilizations by bringing them here out of time, placing them in pods and inducing neural visions. They think humans are a dangerous child race and, unfortunately my dual heritage has confirmed this for them.

They arrived at the control panel in the cavernous space filled with pods containing the now dead study subjects. "I have been told our crews are still alive, but I am not sure how to reach them!" Shon exclaimed. "The Hereshi are a very dangerous race they use a form of neural control and I have no idea if our weapons will have any effect on them."

"If they are the same people that appeared on the Daystrom and took you, Deanna stated that a phaser set and setting three is required to stun them. It is like dealing with Klingons" Ayana offered.

Suddenly a Vulcan in an older style uniform appeared before them, pointing towards a grouping of pods. Ayana looked amazed. "Commander, I believe one of those ghosts you all talked about is trying to help us."

Jon spoke up. "Let's get our people and get out of here. I don't want to overstay our welcome. "Let's get to those pods."

Ayana led the way to the pods, keeping a close eye on the aliens and her surroundings. She noticed that segments of the structure that were lit up were slowly beginning to dim and eventually go completely dark. The cascade seemed to be linear, and it was moving in the direction of the pods that they were running towards. Ayana reached the pods and looked at the controls. Everything looked foreign to her, the writing like complete gibberish. "I hope one of you knows how to read this language and operate this console, because I'm at a loss."

Shon looked at the console. “I should know, I have been in one of these. Give me a minute?” She asked knowing that they did not have the time. She closed her eyes and looked into the collective mind of the Hereshi watching. The pain was ripping, tearing at her brain, closing down her neurons and increasing neural contusion. Then, she saw a Hereshi using the console. The vision was closing, clouding her brain. Then, suddenly she saw a pod opening his two fingers on separate controls. Then it faded.

“Third on the left two pressed then first on the right.” She attempted to move her hands, but her brain wouldn’t let her. “Get them free, they only have a few minutes, I will just wait here.” Shon sank to the ground her vision fading.

Ayana hit the controls as Shon had instructed and the pods lit up as they opened. Slowly the occupants began to emerge. They were StarFleet, but definitely from a bygone era.

Jon moved to the pods, "I'm Commander Grayson from the Washington. We're going to get you back to our ship. We don't have much time."

Jon gathered the people out of the pods and Ayana notified the Washington of the situation and prepared for mass transport. As Jon approached, she informed him of the new situation, "The captain is ready to beam us back to the ship. They are going to transport the entire group and us as well to cargo bay 2."

As the group formed one large gaggle, Ayana hit her comm badge once again, =^=Ready captain. =^=

The massive group dematerialized in a massive blue hue as much of the equipment inside the facility began to shut down and explode.


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