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Posted on Wed Jul 3rd, 2024 @ 9:53pm by Lieutenant Seth Travis & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: The Andromeda Strain
Location: Earth
Timeline: Before Discovery of Human/Machine War

"Is everybody ready?" Shon called as she packed her case.

"Almost Mom" Shasta called. "shall I take my padd?"

"Only if you want to Shas but I should imagine you will have so much to do and see."

"Seth?" She walked into the bedroom, are you ready yet, the shuttle for starbase 12 will be here soon and we can't miss our connection to the Ganneymede?"

Seth was just closing his suitcase as Shon walked in. "I am indeed ready Shon. What about you and Shasta? I heard her ask about taking her padd. She may want to, to record everything she encounters."

Shon smiled, "I hadn't thought of that she may want to record holo images of the trip. I am not taking anything medical although I have some things to do. I am having a complete rest from anything to do with medicine." Shon moved to him. "It will be good to see your parents and to let them meet Sage. Thank you for this trip." she kissed him lightly on the cheek, "I do love you."

"I want you to remember that Shon. Rest and relaxation." Seth replied. "I know my parents are looking forward to seeing us. We all need this trip Shon. It will be good for all of us." He hugged her to his chest as he returned the kiss. "I love you too Shon."

=/\= Transport to Lieutenant Travis shuttle arriving bay two =/\=

Shon rushed out. "Shas the shuttles here" Shon threw her bag over her shoulder and handed the bag containing the necessities for Sage and an emergency medical bag and medical tricorder to Shasta and picked up the sleeping baby. "Ready everyone?"

Seth stood and watched as Shon hustled about, making sure she had everything. "Ready." He replied. "Time to visit Earth and a vacation to remember."

The Travis family walked down the corridor towards the shuttle bay and as they walked Shon couldn’t help knowing that she would miss this place and the feeling she might never see the Washington again filled her mind. She stopped dead in the corridor holding Sage.

"Shon? What is it?" Seth asked his wife as she suddenly stopped in the middle of the corridor. "Shon?" He repeated.

She smiled at him, “It’s nothing Seth, I just realized how much of my life is wrapped up here on the ship. I met you fell in love, we got Shasta back and now we have Sage. I love it here on the Washington but whatever we do we do it together.”

Shasta looked back already halfway down the corridor. “Oh do come on you two or we won’t get to the Starbase on time.”

Seth nodded, "We do have a lot of out lives revolving around this ship. However out lives are more than this ship Shon. Our lives involve each other, Shasta and now Sage. There are still chapters to write in our book."

Shon nodded and hurried after Shasta with Seth not far behind. The shuttle journey had seemed long but they all had managed to get some rest in the somewhat cramped bunk quarters.

The shuttle docked at the Starbase and Shasta was amazed at the size of it and wanted to stay to explore, however the Ganneymede was docked and waiting for them so they settled on board almost immediately. They ship was pretty much the same layout as the Washington but their quarters were much smaller. Shon sighed and sat down with a fretting Sage and began to feed her putting her feet up as she did. There was only one bedroom which Seth and Shon were having because of Sage and Shasta was taking the couch which turned into a bed.

“How long until we get to Earth Dad, and can I go explore the ship? Shasta asked.

"The trip to Earth will take the better part of two weeks so, to answer your question, yes you can explore the ship. You know not to go into restricted areas and don't get in the way of the crew doing their jobs. Oh, check out their Ten Forward and any place we can get a good meal." Seth answered with a smile.

"Be careful Shas and don't get in anybody's way okay."

Shasta walked over to Shon and gently kissed Sage on the top of her head, then Shon received one on the cheek. Then she walked over to Seth, "Dad, I don't tell you I love you very often but you know I do." she kissed him on the cheek also.

Seth beamed as Shasta told him she loved him. "I love you too Shasta. Have fun exploring, I want a full report on what you find." He joked.

Shasta smiled, picked up a PaDD and left. Sage was now sleeping and Shon sighed with relief. “Seth can I get you anything, a drink or something to eat?

Seth shook his head, "No, thank you Shon. What you can do is come sit next to me and relax for a few minutes, until Sage wakes up. Just enjoy the peace and quiet."

She sighed and sat, her feet up and as close as she could to Seth without disrupting his breathing. She traced his face gently with her finger, from his forehead down his nose and across his lips until she reached his chin. "you know there is a peace inside you Seth that outclasses any Vulcan, in fact anyone I have ever known. When I am with you I feel I can do anything. I never feel as complete as I do with you. I do not know how you do it but....." she breathed gently as she slept.

He was silent as Shon traced his face from his forehead to nose and then across his lips. When she finished and cuddled next to him and slept, he smiled down at her and kissed her gently. "The secret my love. Is to have confidence but temper it with wisdom and patience and not be in a hurry. We all have to slow down and just look what is going around us. Otherwise, it passes us by."

The Ganneymede jumped to warp on its two week journey to Earth. the time passed in relaxation and exploration of the ship. There was. dark corner of Shon that still thought about Hela but she continued to meditate twice a day. Sage began to sleep longer as Sam had told her she would and that began a period of enjoyment for her new baby. Shasta hardly saw them and had actually received an invitation by Captain Revera to spend time on the bridge.

In the trip to Earth, Seth was pleased to see that both Shon and Shasta were enjoying themselves. Shasta in her exploring of the ship and Shon in finally relaxing and taking everything as it came. That was what made him happy. His family being happy and enjoying themselves. He knew that when they reached Earth that the fun and exploring Earth would take precedent especially with Shasta but that was alright. She would meet his parents and a good time would be had by all.

As the Ganneymede began entering orbit around Jupiter Shon came back to their quarts whilst Shasta and Seth were packing. "Hold it, no hurry" Shon announced. "I have just been told by the Captain that the ship will be staying in orbit, there have been few problems with the warp drive so will be staying at Jupiter station awaiting repair." She sighed. So we will be taking a shuttle from here to Earth. I have agreed to this as it will be the quickest way to get there."

"Brilliant!" Shasta announced. Who will be flying?" she asked.

Shon looked at Seth, "I will be," she said,"I have had a lot of practice or Seth Would you prefer to?"

If Seth was dismayed or disappointed by the news Shon delivered about a delay, he didn't show it. "Sounds good to me. A shuttle works just as well." He smiled first at Shasta as she asked her question and then at Shon as she announced she would do the piloting. "Time to put that practice to the test Shon and Shasta you can sit and man the sensors. It will be good practice for you as well. Me? I'm on vacation, so I'm relaxing." He said laughing at the looks on Shon and Shasta's faces.

Shon smiled a wicked smile. "On no my love you, of course will be looking after Sage." she announced, walked up to him and whispered "I'll make it up to you when we get to Earth"

"A job I gladly accept.' Seth answered with a smile Then in a whisper of his own he told Shon. "I'm counting on it."

They boarded the Ajax and Shon asked Shasta to get herself comfortable and join her. She began her pre flight checks taking a little longer over them with such precious cargo. She smiled at Seth who sat holding the sleeping Sage. “It should only take us a couple of hours to get to McKinley Station, we can’t go to warp in the system but Impulse should give us the better ride and I would like Shas to take a turn at comms. For the last hour she’s been looking at the specs. She’s a quick study that girl of ours. Hopefully Sage won’t wake until we get there. Where are your parents meeting us?”

Seth was holding Sage and softly singing a lullaby to her when Shon spoke to him. "Take your time Shon. You will get faster the more you do it. However, speed is secondary to accuracy. Do it right I'm in no hurry. Good idea with Shasta as well and I know she's as quick as a whip. Mom and Dad are going to meet us at Olympia station." He replied as he settled into one of the rear seats and resumed softly singing to Sage.

Shon smiled to herself as she heard Seth sing Sage a lullaby and, for a moment the quiet in the shuttle felt very restful after the rush of the Ganneymede. Then the peace was broken by an excited Shasta who sat down next to Shon.

“Calm down Shas.” Shon said as she communicated with the ship. “Look at the console see?” She pointed to the navigation panel. “Now tap in the coordinates for Earth?” Shasta studied the simple panel and entered the coordinates. Shon checked surreptitiously and then asked for the required permission to leave the ship. “Here we go then.” She said as the bay doors opened and the endless stars appeared in front of them. “Thank you Ganneymede, shuttle Ajax leaving for Earth.”

The Ajax rose slowly and smoothly and left the ship. Shasta gasped as the stars surrounded them.

“I’ve never been this close to space!” she gasped. “This is the best” she announced.

Shon smiled and then turned the shuttle towards the huge sweep of the ship. “Now this is a view” she announced as the sweep of the Galaxy class starship came into view, massive and beautiful as it prepared to enter one of the clamshells the surrounded Jupiter Station. “You will remember this moment for ever Shas. This is where we live and work and this is an enormous privilege.”

The Ajax hung in space for a moment and then the Ajax passed the underside of the ship and set off for Earth.

Seth stopped singing as the Ajax left the Ganneymede under Shon's piloting. Even he was awed at the vastness of space and the beauty it contained. He never grew tired of seeing it. "No matter how many times I see this beauty of space, I never grow tired of it." he said aloud but to no one in particular.

Shon looked over to Shasta, “how is the navigation coming Shas?” She asked. She leaned over her daughter and stroked her hair.

“Mom!” Shasta shook her head. “I’m not a child any more.” She said, “but I’m not sure how to input it…” she said.

For a moment Shon felt like crying, it seemed like she had only just got Her daughter back and she was already growing away from her. “Here,” Shon said softly, as she showed her daughter how to input their course. “You see it’s easy, just place the computer generated course into the navigational computer.”

Shon sat back down wondering why she was crying. The family were going on the most wonderful holiday and yet, here she was crying.

Seth heard Shasta's retort to her mom and saw Shon's reaction. He stood with Sage still asleep in his arms and moved to the cockpit. "Shasta sweetie, can I have a word with you? It won't take long. Then you can go back to being navigator." Without waiting for Shasta's reply, Seth turned and went back to the rear of the shuttle, where he sat back down and awaited Shasta.

Shasta huffed and shrugged, “Whatever dad!” She exclaimed under her breath. “Can I be excused?” she asked Shon.

Shon nodded unable to say anything to the daughter she loved so much. She continued managing their flight changing their speed and communication with Jupiter Station.

Shasta walked slowly to the back of the shuttle dragging her feet. “Well?” She asked non too gently.

Seth tilted his head and looked at Shasta but let her question slide. "Sit." He said. When she had he began talking in firm but low tone. "Shasta, your mother knows you aren't a little girl. That you are growing into a fine young lady. However, your lack of compassion for what your mother is has gone through is distressing. Furthermore, she is your mother and not one of your thirteen-year-old friends, You will give her the respect she deserves and has earned, So, please try to be a little more understanding. Because one day you will be having a talk like this or one similar to this with your children."

Shasta began to huff until she saw the look in her dad’s eyes. “It’s just that Mom always treats me like I made of china, she’s always watching me as if she thinks I’m going to vanish like my baby brother, where are you going, who are you seeing, make sure you tell me or your dad where you are going? Hela already gave me back so she’s not going to take me away again unless Mom asks her to give my brother back and take me.”

Seth listened as Shasta talked. That was something he excelled at. He was an excellent listener. He didn't interrupt Shasta as she spoke and expressed her feelings. When she finished, he collected his thoughts and spoke. "Shasta, your mother loves you so very much. I don't believe you truly know how much she does love you. You are a miracle, Shasta. A miracle." He stressed to let the point sink in. So, when your mom questions or fusses over you it is out of love, a deep and profound love. She knows you aren't a child anymore. Yet, you are growing up so fast it is hard to accept at times. So accept the fact that you are so loved and bite your tongue and smile. Because one day, your mom and I will be gone and believe it or not you will miss her fussing over you." Seth smiled at Shasta, "I'll talk to your mom to ease off on the questions okay?"

Shasta shrugged her shoulders. “I wish I had never agreed to come on this trip!” She exclaimed “but I will try to not let Mom get on my nerves but I want to go in the back and read until we get to Earth. I love you Dad.” She said giving Seth a kiss on the cheek, stood and went into the back picked up her science book and began to read.

Shon having realised Shasta was not coming back got on with inputting the navigational course into the computer.

"I'm sorry you feel that way Shasta. Your mother and I were looking forward to having this trip with you and just relaxing and see some sights. "I appreciate that Shasta and I love you as well." Seth replied as he made his way to the cockpit and sat down in the co=pilot's seat with Sage. "Shasta, is going to sit in the back and read."

Shon nodded her fingers flying over the console. We have to slow down, there is an ion storm ahead so I have had to plot a course around it. It will add couple of hours on to our journey.” She was silent for a moment. “You seem to be doing your usual good job keeping Sage asleep” she said smiling. “I take it Shas is not coming back up here? I didn’t think she would. She has been troublesome for the last few weeks since I found her and some boy I didn’t know on the bed together in her room. I’m afraid I was rather angry, found out who his father was an pulled rank to get him to keep his son away from Shas. She found out and has been giving me hell. I was going to tell you after our trip.”

Seth listened to Shon as she relayed what the trouble was between Shasta and herself. "Sage just likes me singing to her." He grinned before getting serious. They were on the bed and you got angry. Not taking sides but they may have just been lying on the bed. They weren't naked right? Did you ask her what was going on? You know Shon you have to trust Shasta to do the right thing. She's going to make mistakes but let them be mistakes of youth and not mistakes she makes out of anger or spite towards you." He paused and reached a hand out to turn Shon's head towards him. "Shon, you can't keep Shasta three. Let her grow up and live her life. Right now she needs less of Shon the mom and more of Shon the friend. Someone she trusts and can come to talk to as well tell her problems to."

Shon stopped what she was doing and looked at Seth, “If I hadn’t have come home things would have gone further, Shasta’s top was off…..Seth we had already had the mother daughter talk but she obviously hadn’t……” the shuttle suddenly lurched to starboard throwing Shon from her seat, an alarm blared as she looked up fearful for Sage. Shasta ran into the compartment holding herself between the bulkheads. Shon reached up to find blood on her hands as the shuttle continued to travel to the starboard side.

"Wait. What? She didn't te...." The rest of Seth's statement was cut off by the shuttle lurching to starboard and an alarm sounding. Thankfully the copilot's instrument panel was identical to the pilot's. "Ion fragment!" Seth exclaimed as he righted the shuttle all while cradling Sage in one arm. He saw Shon thrown from her seat and blood from a cut on her forehead. "Shasta. take your mother to the back and treat her. there's a medkit and dermal regenerator back there."

Shasta hurried to Shon, "Mom, are you okay?" she asked as the shuttle began to settle down.

"Im fine Shas, really, put Sage in her break proof carrier, no, wait I'll do it. Shon made to sit up and sat back down. "I think I must have hit my head."

Shasta turned and saw Sage safely in her carrier. "It's okay mom she's safe, and Dad's safe. Here." She brought the dermal regenerator up and sealed the laceration. "See Mom I might become a doctor. MOM, MOM," she said shaking Shon whose eyes had closed." Shon moaned. "Dad something is wrong with Mom."

Seth set the controls on automatic and went to check on Shon. "Easy Shasta. First things. you have to control your emotions, not have them control you." He knelt in front of Shon. "Shon? Shon darling. Its Seth can you hear me?" As he waited he talked to Shasta. "Shasta, get the tricorder from the cockpit and bring back here and run a scan of your mother's head."

Shasta nodded and returned with the tricorder. She handed it to Seth. “I don’t know how to use it.” She said rather shamefacedly. Mom did try to show me but…” her voice trailed off, “will she be okay dad?”

Shon opened her eyes, “I’m okay Seth, don’t worry about me I just want to go to sleep. I may have to call Sam to take my shift.”

"No time like the present to learn Shasta." Seth answered his daughter. "Let me show you how to read it." He held the tricorder up so Shasta could see the data and the readouts. When he finished, he handed it to Shasta. "Okay, scan your mother. I think she has a concussion but let's double check especially with her comment that she wants to sleep."

Shasta nodded and took the tricorder scanning her mother, the tricorder made its usual noises as the results showed that Shon didd, indeed have a concussion. Shon opened her eyes, “are you guys okay, did we get hit by the ion storm? She touched her head. Sam will be annoyed that I will be having another day off.”

“What do we do now Dad?” Shasta asked.

Seth looked at Shon and then Shasta. "First thing we do is make sure your mother stays calm. Then we can start having her do some calm activities such as talking to us and friends, reading, drawing, or playing a quiet game are OK. We'll need to keep her away from anything with a screen like a computer or even this tricorder. For the first 2 days after the concussion. "

She opened her eyes again. looking into the concerned faces of Seth and Shasta. "I think I have a slight concussion," she said as she struggled to get up.

"You do and we know," Seth said pointing at Shasta holding the tricorder. "Allow me to introduce you to your nurse. Nurse Shasta. she will be watching and monitoring your condition. So, do what she says." Seth told Shon.

“Can you handle the shuttle?” She asked Seth.

Seth gave her a look of mock indignation. "Shon, you wound me. How do you think I get to some of these diplomatic talks? I am fully qualified as a pilot."

Shon looked at him strangely and pushed him away, “I don’t know who you are! Just let me sleep and get me home.”

Seth looked at her, she didn't appear to be joking. "Shon, I'm your husband Seth and you can't sleep right now." His voice even ad calm.

Shon was confused, “she recognised both Seth and Shasta as people she knew and that they were in a Federation shuttle, but the slight swelling in her brain from her contra coup injury was pressing on the memory areas of her cerebral cortex. “Please pass me my medkit? I am a doctor” She asked. I need some vasopressin?

Shasta looked at her father questioningly.

Seth nodded at Shasta, "Go ahead Shasta, give your mother her medkit."

Shon took the medkit and drew out her hypospray, choosing the correct insert she gave herself a shot of medication designed to reduce any brain swelling. She slipped it back into its pouch and handed it back to Shasta. She looked at both of them. “Well I knew what to do there. I am sure I will know who you are in a while, after I sleep….” She hesitated when she saw the looks in their eyes. “You are my daughter?” She looked at Shasta questioningly.

Shasta began to cry, “Yes you are my Mom…..please get better soon, I promise I will be the best daughter ever! I will look after Sage whenever you want”

“I am sure you will.” Shon said and patted Shasta’s hand.

She looked at Seth “and you, you are? And who is Sage?”

"You can't sleep just yet Shon. Concussion protocol says you need to stay awake for at least four hours." Seth replied before continuing, "Sage is our infant daughter. I am Seth, your husband."

“I have a baby!” Shon exclaimed, is she alright? And if you are my husband I think I must be very lucky.”

"We have a daughter, and she is perfectly safe." Seth replied smiling at Shon. "As for being lucky, I would say I was the lucky one in this arrangement."

Shon smiled as she was beginning to remember. “What do I do Seth, Am I a stay at home Mom? She yawned.

Seth shook his head at the question. "No, you are not Shon. You are assistant chief medical officer aboard the starship USS Washington. You are also a member of the senior staff and an important officer."

“Oh, that is why I have all this medical information inside my head.” She took Seth’s hand in hers, it was warm and comforting. She smiled at Shasta. “Don’t worry Shas, I will be fine I just need to rest for a while. But, I am sorry you will have to put up with your father piloting to… where are we going?” She asked. “I know we were going somewhere.

Shasta answered. “We are on our way to Earth to go visit Dad’s parents, my Grandparents.” She looked at Seth as though waiting for reassurance. “I’ve not met them yet and we brought Sage to see them as well. We’re on holiday.”

"Exactly right Shasta." Seth told their daughter. "We're also going up to my cabin on the lake. The one we visited in a holo program. Now you, your mother and Sage get to see the real deal.' He said proudly.

Shon smiled. “Can I see our baby?” She asked as she struggled to get to her feet.

"Just stay seated Shon and I'll get her." Seth replied as he moved to where Sage was watching the proceedings quite intently from her carrier. getting her out. Seth returned to Shon and Shasta and handed her to Shon.

Shon held Sage in her arms her hands touching Sage’s lips. “She is perfect, and she’s mine.” Shon whispered. “Your sister,” she said to Shasta, “my girls….I am very lucky. Now, get us to Earth. Seth.”

Seth smiled, a mother's love was a beautiful thing to behold and Shon loved her daughters a great, great deal. He nodded and smiled at her, "Your wish is my command."

Despite Seth's warning not to sleep Shon fell into a light doze. She woke feeling somewhat better and clear who everyone was. Making her way to Seth at the shuttle controls. "I feel much better, Im back to normal. How far away are we? I think we are all excited to get there."

"Well, hello sleeping beauty. You look better and I am delighted to hear you feel better." He looked at the instrument panel. We're about two hours out. Glad you are all excited, I am excited."

Shon felt so happy to be with her family and excited to be on Earth. She held Sage as they approached then gave her to Shasta to put in her safety basket. "Here we go guys" she said excitedly. "Earth".


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