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A Medical Opinion

Posted on Tue May 7th, 2024 @ 8:16pm by Lieutenant Inara Senn & Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: USS Washington

Shran entered sickbay and quickly found Shon. "Shon, glad I found you. I believe we could use your expertise with something Inara is working on. This planet we are in orbit is in the middle of a particularly nasty nuclear winter, in part due to the constant exposure to new nuclear explosions. Inara is convinced she can create a means to eliminate the current radiation in the atmosphere and then deal with the saturation of the surface and oceans, but I believe she needs an actual doctor for a medical analysis of what she is proposing. Can you assist?"

Shon smiled, "Of course Captain sounds interesting I would be glad to help."

Shran smiled. "My thanks Shon. Inara is working in Science Lab 1, or as she refers to it, her personal laboratory. Be careful, she is in a mood. She has Hela on the brain again. I know that is a sore subject for you as well."

“I will not allow her to affect my ongoing recovery, it’s a hard worn fight. To be honest Sir if Inara should do anything to upset me despite her brilliance I will bust her so far back down she will have to dig herself out.” Shon smiled. “I will go and find her and will keep you appraised.”

"Not asking you to risk your own recovery Shon, just don't do anything over the top. She isn't dealing with the Hela situation as well as you" Shran replied before leaving.

Shon had a quick coffee and made her way to Science Lab 1. Entering she saw Inara hard at work. “Lieutenant Senn, the captain asked me to come see you. I believe you need a medic to help?”

"Did he now?" Inara mentioned. "I suppose he told you that I'm rather irritated we're exploring a tomb world. Be ready to treat possible instances of thyroid conditions. And we're going to have to store material in the cargo bays that will be radioactive for the next two hundred thousand years."

"Lieutenant Senn, I would not want you to speculate what the captain asked me to do. I am here to help but you need to check your attitude around me. Is there anything you want me to do here and now?" Shon hadn't meant to be so abrupt, but she couldn't take any more of Inara's attitude. "Could you not have let me know over the comm?"

"How am I to explain. That I have nightmares of a life that may or may not have been mine. That I see the face of a woman repeatedly... That means something to me, but I cannot put my finger on it... I don't know what... These gods have done something to me." She noted. "I feel as if the Universe is a divine comedy. A grand rat race meant to entertain an asshole god, and we are the lowest creatures squirming about, being tormented by all divinity. And now I am offended if someone worships some... god."

Shon sighed "Lieutenant Senn you are a very intelligent officer, but you are not helping yourself or the crew, or indeed the mission. As you know I myself have more than a problem with Hela but now is not the time. You need to see the counselor, or I will talk to the captain about relieving you of duty until such times as you can control these feelings." Shon waited for what she expected to be a voracious reply.

"And you think it's easy, Being subject to the whims of these gods, any more than I am subject to the whims of Psychology? Sigmund Freud was a delusional nit-wit. Fine, I'll talk to the Counselor. It's been a while since I consulted my fortune teller or checked my Horoscopel." Inara noted.

“Lieutenant you are, in fact brilliant at what you do but why do you have to be so confrontational?” Shon said softly.

"I feel like I have had too much taken from me." Inara noted. "And I cannot lose what's left." She noted. "They left a hole in me, my very being. Like things are supposed to be in me, that are not. I feel these, Gods... In their time here on the Washington took something irreplaceable from me." Inara mentioned. "I have dreams, nightmares, waking visions of Hela torturing me." Inara mentioned. "And they dared to claim the moral high ground. They dared in their arrogance to condescend on us!!! I'd destroy them all if I could for this insult." Inara shouted. "Especially Hela, she is the worst of this mockery and curse whatever creator made against us, and I hope I exist long enough to see the day Ragnarök comes so I can smile as they are obliterated." Inara shed a tear from her eye, even when she was enraged. "I am disgusted with these entities, Shon. They achieved their level of evolution, and they lowered themselves to base torture. I also see someone being tormented along with me. I just don't want to die and end up in Hela's domain for eternity. She will torture me, Shon... Eternally."

Shon took Inara in her arms attempting to sooth her. “Oh Inara, you know how much I agree with you. I too would kill Hela in a heartbeat. She has taken a part of me also and I think of that every day. But as much as I do, I realize those thoughts are also allowing her to continue her torture of me. I use meditation but, also, I have a holodeck program which allows my aggression against her out. It involves me fighting with her again and again until I am exhausted but, I leave the holodeck feeling lighter.” Shon rubbed Inara’s back and was silent for a moment as Inara cried. “You are welcome to join me?”

"I guess that might be good." Inara noted. "Definitely better than dwelling on my torment.

"Meeting Hela on the holodeck allows me to kill her in so many different ways, don't get me wrong it is not easy, but it allows me to be free with the rage I feel, and I can let my bloodlust free. Then when it is done, I meditate, and it all falls away. Inara do not let her take your mind as well to end up sedated in a facility somewhere your life over." Shon breathed deeply; she had not even told Seth what she did in the holodeck. "Now I can do as you ask but the captain seemed to think there was more for me to do?"

"I think I tried that, and it didn't turn out very well, but okay. We'll go try to kill a hologod."


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