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Bringing the Thunder

Posted on Thu May 16th, 2024 @ 12:17am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: USS Washington/Planet

Shran was escorting the guests to the shuttle bay to return them to the planet. Jon and Deanna were already there prepping the shuttle for the trip, as well as making ready for their forward deployment deep into machine territory for what was going to be a dangerous mission.

Deanna was reviewing the EV suits with Jon when she pulled out a piece of equipment. "I have added these portable personal shield generators. Considering where we are going, I wanted to make sure we weren't shot before completing our tasks."

Jon nodded in approval. "An excellent idea Deanna, I know Callie appreciates your foresight and so do I." Jon answered as he continued the preflight checklist. "We have everything we need to-do this job?"

"Yes sir. EV suits are prepped, weapons and markers at the ready, and the shuttle is good to go. All that we are missing are our guests" Deanna replied.

"Correction. Your guests are here as well, along with your captain" Shran said with a smile.

Jon smiled at Deanna's thoroughness. That was something he never worried about. "Good to have you as well sir." Jon replied. "Strap in and we'll get going to the site. Then you can take John and Kate to their headquarters, and you can get back to the Washington."

"Looking forward to seeing the planet firsthand. Been a while since I was at the helm. I'll have to watch you on the way down, get a refresher" Shran replied. "We have the two runabout teams prepping currently and they'll be in orbit ready to make their runs by the time I get the shuttle back to the ship. That should give you and Deanna time to get into position as well. I may even strafe these machines on my way out" Shran said with a smile.

"I seriously doubt you need a refresher sir." Jon replied. Jon nodded as Shran told Deanna and himself of the two shuttles prepping for attack runs. "I agree sir. I think Deanna and I will be in place for the attack. As for strafing the machines. sure, give 'em hell sir."

"It ought to be a good diversionary tactic to help you two get into position if nothing else. Let's get this show on the road" Shran replied.

"Shields and weapons standby, all systems are in the green" Deanna stated from the tactical station.

"Couldn't agree more sir." Jon replied. "Thank you, Deanna." He added as he deftly lifted the shuttle off the bay floor and exited the bay. Once clear he adjusted his heading and headed for the planet. "Deanna, be prepared to raise shields and bring the weapons online."

"Deflectors up for atmospheric entry. Shields and weapons on stand-by" Deanna called out.

"So that is what our world looks like from orbit" John Connor said solemnly.

"For now John, only for now. We'll clear up the atmosphere and make things like they were before the war" Shran replied. Shran took a look at the sensor readouts, "I'm reading some turbulent radioactive winds forming dangerous storms along our flight path. We may need the shields sooner than anticipated."

"Believe you are right sir." Jon replied. "Deanna, activate the shields. Everyone strap in even with the shields, is going to be bumpy."

"I am going to fire photons and dissipate the radiation. Increasing power to the shields. This is going to get bumpy for a minute" Deanna said from her tactical station.

Jon double checked their trim and adjusted their speed. "Fire when ready Deanna."

"Prepare for a shockwave. Firing torpedoes" Deanna announced. The torpedoes launched form the shuttle and raced to the targeted destination and detonating in a brilliant flash. Suddenly the sky in an area of 250 kilometers crackled like a massive thunder followed by electrical discharges throughout the area that suddenly made the sky and atmosphere in the area perfectly clear.

As the shuttle approached the area the shockwave slammed the shields of the shuttle hard. Inside the shuttle things got momentarily wild. Shran and the others were rocked when the shockwave impacted. Shran quickly got back to the controls, "Port nacelle has taken minor damage, rerouting integrity to repower it. Giving you power to thrusters to compensate."

Jon kept the shuttle steady, though it bounced around a bit. "Systems are still green across the board. We're nearing the landing site." He announced. "Also, where Deanna and I leave your company sir." He said with a grin.

"We better get into our suits" Deanna mentioned.

"You two get dressed and ready for the dance, I'll handle the drive to the prom" Shran said with a smile.

Jon rose form the pilot's seat. "Don't scratch the paint getting us there." Jon joked as he went to join Deanna in getting into their suits.

Deanna chuckled at the banter between Jon and Shran. "Transferring weapons control to the conn" she said as she got up from her station. She gave a reassuring look to the trio of guests as she made her way to the back and began getting into her suit. She looked at Jon as they both got dressed, "How is it we always are the one's having to deal with this?"

Jon followed Deanna to the rear of the shuttle and began to put his EV suit on. He stopped when Deanna posed her question. "Oh, that's easy Deanna. When the ship has a tough job, you send in the A team. That's us. We get the job done right or it could be because everyone else has better sense than we do." He finished grinning.

The shuttle began to shake and shimmy. "It seems these robots wish to protect this area. Everybody hold on, I haven't had to fly into a hot LZ like this since the initial siege of AR-558" Shran noted from the conn. The shuttle zigged and zagged sharply as the inertial dampeners struggled to compensate for his sharp maneuvers. The sound of phasers firing, and the shields continued to be impacted could be heard.

Deanna pulled up information on a nearby monitor. "Captain, a pair of torpedoes at 96.55 will create a gap in this fire that will give you the time to recycle the shields." She looked at Jon, "Hope this works. These laser blasts are hitting the shields like a massive amount of insect stings and having a cumulative effect. Transporters are functioning for short range. We may need to beam down as a tactical move."

Jon looked to Deanna, "Let's get the transporter pad and beam down, that'll give the captain room to maneuver. We'll just have to walk a little further."

The sound of photons firing rang out as Jon finished speaking. "Hold on. Hard banking maneuver about to happen, preparing to recycle shields. Increasing power to deflectors and structural integrity, readying phasers" Shran said from the conn.

The shuttle shook from the shockwave generated by the photon blasts. "That seems to have cleared most of the ground fire. Recycling the shields, recycle 59 seconds and counting." He looked back to Jon and Deanna, "You are clear for transport. I'll be hitting the facility to your 2 o'clock on my way out, so keep your heads down."

Jon stood on the shuttle's small transporter. "Alright Deanna. Let's do this. "Sage advice sir!" He called to Shran before adding, "See you on the flipside!"

In a flash Deanna and Jon were gone, transported to the surface. Aboard the shuttle, John Connor and his companions marveled at the technology. On the surface, Deanna activated her personal shield generator and looked over at Jon to make sure he was activating his as well. Then they watched as the shuttle came around on their flank and blasted the area with its phasers as it made its way out of the area. Deanna looked to Jon, "Lovely spot. Suppose we should get moving. We need to reach that small grove by the time the captain gets back to the ship. Figure we have about 20 minutes to cover the 2 miles. Good thing the captain cleared the nearby machines. Would hate to have to be in a firefight the whole way."

Jon activated his shield generator and was silently pleased when it came on and showed green across the board. Jon nodded, "A true garden spot Deanna." He jested. "20 minutes to go 2 miles sounds doable, especially as the captain cleared a path for us. Though I am surprised that the machines didn't put up more of a fight." He shook his head, "I wonder if that means they are planning an all-out defense of their bases." He sighed and shook his head, "No sense worrying about it, we'll find out soon enough. Let's get started."

Deanna had similar thoughts as those Jon spoke of, but she was being a bit more pragmatic. In all honesty, these machines simply had no chance against the technology being used against them at this point. Against the humans of this planet, these machines were superior and would eventually win out, but the technology here was 3 centuries obsolete in many cases. She almost felt pity for them, except they weren't sentient, and those they were trying to kill were. As Spock and Tuvok both had told her, she reminded herself of the Vulcan axiom, The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. So it was here. She began her quick march towards their destination, rifle at the ready and her head on a swivel.



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