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Good, You're here.

Posted on Tue May 14th, 2024 @ 9:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Lieutenant Inara Senn

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: Lab

Inara was busy loafing a field kit and then she picked up a pulse phaser rifle. She heard the door open. "Good you're here. Grab an exobiology kit and a phaser rifle. I wouldn't want to see you get eaten by the fauna in one bite, Deanna." She smirked.

Deanna walked in with a phaser rifle slung over her shoulder. "Oh, I already have my rifle lieutenant. See, I've actually already been down to the planet, and I'm headed back down right now to make things safe for you and your merry band of scientists. Do remember to stop by sickbay for your inoculation, unless you enjoy radiation poisoning. Then again, it might improve your disposition." Deanna wasn't in the mood for verbal fencing with Inara, but it seemed a necessity when dealing with the lieutenant.

"The only thing that will improve my disposition, is for Hela's desiccated corpse to be dumped right here in my lab. That would improve my mood by leaps and bounds. I'd be overjoyed if somehow every god's corpse was dumped here, now. We have a very particular mystery to solve. It seems my initial hypothesis about ninety percent of this planet's ecosystem being poisoned by fallout was incorrect. If we began removing the fallout now, we may end up destroying the ecosystem." Inara noted

Deanna nodded in agreement. "Which is why the captain wants you to see the planet firsthand. Of course, I have to make it safe for you first. Can't have your delicate self going down to the planet with a bunch of killer cybernetic creatures that want to kill you." She took a look at the equipment being gathered, "Looks like you got things under control here." She turned and started to head out, "And Inara, as far as Hela or those other gods are concerned, you are going to have to learn to live with disappointment. I believe there is an old human saying. You can't always get what you want, but if you try, you'll get what you need."

"What I need is to be happy, for once in my life, without waking up to strange nightmares and doubling over in pain. And then I see a woman's face staring back at me. I look at myself in the mirror, and I feel like I should know her name. But I don't dare find her. How do I know they won't destroy my life again."

"They didn't destroy your life Inara. If you feel like your life has been destroyed, the only person you need to blame is the person you see in the mirror, yourself" Deanna replied. "You dislike Hela, and I will grant you that Hela certainly caused problems for you and others on this ship, but you are the only one who blames Hela or these other gods for the hardships they faced. Even Shon, who actually lost a child, is able to admit that she brought the pain upon herself. I am sorry that you are dealing with depression and other related issues, but we have counselors on board for that reason. As for your concern about the gods destroying your life, be it for the first time or again as you put it, you are focusing on something you have no control over. None of us have any control over what an omnipotent being wishes to do. We have very little control over what any other being does in our lives. I can ruin your life quite easily Inara, as could the captain, or Cmdr Grayson, or even Ens Kono. You make the decision to allow others to either have the power over you to destroy your life. The other choice is to simply persevere. We all have to deal with matters that are unanticipated, that are even tragic, but you wear that uniform, you hold that rank and position, you don't have a choice but to persevere. I'll see you on the surface Inara." Deanna turned and exited, hoping that she got through to Inara, and just maybe, inspired her.

"I... I just want my life back. Deanna, the dreams I'm having, they are horrid." Inara noted. "It's like I'm seeing another person's pain. And.... It was unthinkable."

"I suggest you see Callie about those dreams. But it'll have to wait. We have a mission to tend to right now, and those machines and that planet are far more menacing at this point" Deanna replied. With that she left, having to get to the shuttle bay to prep equipment.


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