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Dealing with Duplicates

Posted on Mon May 10th, 2021 @ 11:19am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton & Ensign Connor Carrick

Mission: A Dark Looking Glass
Location: USS Washington/Deep Space 9

Deanna came onto the bridge with Ensign Carrick in tow. The red alert klaxons were no longer sounding, though the ship was still at full readiness. "What is the situation?" she inquired.

"The runabouts that were going over to the station for maintaince exploded. The crews were transported off in time it would seem, but we were getting strange readings prior to them being destroyed as well as during the transport" said Ayana. "The station has relayed a stand by order from the captain."

Celes looked to Connor, "It would seem it is a baptism by fire for you here. Strange readings sound like something for you to look into immediately. I'm sure the captain will want answers."

"Yes sir." replied Connor. He headed to the science station on the bridge, taking in the different sights, sounds and smells of the bridge. It was not unlike the Biko in general, but different in so many tiny ways that it was nearly overwhelming for a moment. He quickly oriented himself to the new layout of the computers at the station.

"Performing a short-range scan and analyzing, sir." He waited a few seconds for the scanners to run their pattern and for the computer to begin sifting through the results. Very quickly, an unexpected result began to show itself. "Captain, I'm reading short pulses of energy in the ultraviolet and x-ray spectrums."

=^=I want detailed scans and determine where they are coming from. We have had a transporter issue here, a universe break. We have our officers duplicates, and I can only assume our officers are in the other world. Deanna, work with Mr. Carrick to get answers. I'll be aboard shortly. =^=

Meanwhile on DS9

"I think the best option will be for you all to remain on the station for the time being. I'm sure Cmdr Kira would like to have her medical staff give you all a quick check up, and then perhaps you can all get a nice meal. I'm sure Quark's would be able to provide you with food, drink, and entertainment" said Shran as he stood up from the conference table. "I'll return to my ship and see what information may have been collected there to help us piece this puzzle together."

Sam still looked unsure, untrusting of this version of Shran although the thought of a good meal, a shower and a comfortable safe place to sleep was somewhat appealing. "You mean we won't be locked up in cells?"

Jon put his hand on Sam, "Come on Sam, lets all get something to eat before he changes his mind. We'll get a table that faces the door so no one can sneak up on us." He said firmly. He had his doubts about Shran's statements, he just wasn't as vocal as Sam about them.

Shran looked to Kira, "Commander, perhaps you could escort these folks to Quarks. Perhaps assign a security detail to them for protection purposes. I'll return to the Washington to see what information has been recovered and then return."

Kira nodded. "Sounds fine captain." Kira moved to the door and gestured for the duplicates to follow her.

Shran stood and watched as they moved towards the exit. As Jon and Sam moved past him he spoke plainly, "Enjoy your meal."

Sam watched the Andorian who looked like their Shran but acted the complete opposite stride off down the corridor. Colonel Kira lead the way towards Quarks with a security detail following behind. Sam's stomach rumbled as the smells wafted towards them. "Damn I'm hungry"

"Me too." Jon admitted. He couldn't remember the last good meal he had. It seemed they were always scrabbling to get food even the slightest bit but being on the run did that.

Estella's stomach rumbled softly in agreement with both Sam's and Jon's comments. How long had it been since they'd eaten more than scraps? She couldn't recall the last time she'd gotten a decent night's sleep either. One day had sort of bled over into the next and she couldn't help but share their suspicions of this... odd Shran.

Jon turned back to her, saw her look and knew Essie had the same doubts he and Sam did. He held his hand out to her, "Come on Essie, let's get something to eat and see if we can figure this out."

Glancing between Jon and their escorts, Estella slowly put her hand in his as she fell into step with him. Even then, she watched the others extra carefully almost as if she was expecting them to spring some form of trap at a given moment.

They followed the escort to Quarks and took a table near the rear of the venue, easily guarded by the detail that accompanied them. Quark swanned over as soon as he saw the new customers and attempted to ply them with his usual offerings.

" Ahh... just food... I don't care what it is, just food" Sam grumbled, the excited Ferengi making her head hurt.

"Just bring us some food!" Jon yelled at Quark. "Food and something to drink, is that so difficult to understand?"

" I was merely trying to entice you all with some locally acquired delicacies that I have happened to acquire from a quality local farmer - did I tell you how succulent his kava beans are? Best in the galaxy I can tell you...." Quark continued, unabashed by the rebuttal.

"One more word you big ear buffoon and I'm going to punch you!" Jon threatened. "Bring us food and drink.... now!"

" No need to be rude...and of course there is the matter of payment" Quark started but was silenced by a look from Kira " I will pay for them Quark, just give them some food"

Jon glanced at Kira, "Thank you." He said simply.

"Well, then I'll get to it" Quark bustled off, his authority padd now signed and payment processed. The spring in his step was undeniable.

"You get used to him" Kira apologised as she sat with the small group, casting a concerned eye over all of them.

"How long has it been since any of you ate?" She asked.

Jon looked at the others, "We shared a couple of rats a few days ago." He replied.

Kira to her credit didn't react, having done her time in the proverbial starvation trenches. "Not much nutrition in rats, Pulukoo's have far more protein, you could try them next time. Taste better too"

"Thanks for the tip." Jon replied, "Next time we see one, we'll try it."

"The food here doesn't taste that much better if you ask me, but it's gotta be better than rat - right?" Kira replied, spying one of the Ferengi waiters heading over with a tray of drinks.

"I don't know. I'll be able to tell you when we have some." Jon answered as his stomach growled.

A few moments later several Ferengi waiters appeared bearing a number of different steaming vessels, all covered to keep the heat and flavour in. The drinks they had already supplied were rapidly consumed, only mildly satiating the hunger pains that had panged the group for as long as they could remember.

" I cant remember the last time I saw so much food" Sam almost drooled as the waited placed the meals on the table and left.

Jon's eyes grew in size at the amount of food brought to the table. "All this is for us?" He commented even as he reached for a plate of food.

Stomach rumbling and barely containing the urge to lick her lips and snatch up a bite, Estella eyed the food then their hosts. She was positively famished and wanted nothing more than to stuff her face, but how did they know they could trust these people?

Jon grabbed what looked like chicken leg and placed it on his plate. His eyes roaming hungrily over the remaining food as to what he could get next.

Decorum went out the window as the waiter left, Sam grabbing more food than she had seen in a year and alternately shoved it in her mouth and loaded her plate. It was several minutes before her hunger began to be tempered and she slowed, realising her rather bad manners.

"Sorry..." She mumbled around a mouthful of food, washed down with a gulp of drink.

Jon had stacked his plate with food and was too busy eating to talk. His mouth was full and his cheeks bulged. However his stomach readily accepted the food.

Back on the Washington

Shran entered the bridge from the turbolift and spotted Celes working with an ensign he didn't recognize. He felt it safe to assume that this must be his new Science Chief. "Making him feel at home Deanna?"

Celes looked up from the console at Shran, "Just working to figure things out. Connor is quite brilliant. I'm certain he'll quickly become a true asset."

Shran gave a small smile. "I have no doubt." He looked to his new officer, "So ensign, tell me what you know about these strange readings."

Connor turns back to face his station and hits a couple of buttons on the screen. After a minute, the results come in and he sighs. He thinks for a moment and then hits a few more buttons. He leans in watching as results fly by on his screen. Suddenly his eyes widen.

He turns back to the captain and says "Sir, I have conducted a long-range scan. Though the ion storm is interfering with the scan, nothing unusual is coming up. Then I decided to go back and check the transient scanner readings from during the emergency event. The ion storm was kicking up a lot of energy at the time and that was what damaged the shuttles. However, when they began to leak, that further excited the ionized particles. This created a massive pulse of ionization the moment that the emergency transportation took place. There was a massive surge of energy in the transportation field when it targeted the crew." He took a deep breath and hoped he had given the captain what he wanted.

Shran listened to the information intently and then took a minute to digest it. "Ensign, are you telling me that this was simply an accident?"

Celes jumped in, hoping to not let Connor feel overwhelmed by this first encounter with the captain. "It was an accident, but not a simple one. The ion storm was bleedthrough from the other universe, and we are still trying to understand why that happened. But the combination of the ion storm and the overloads in our runabouts seem to have caused the crossover."

Shran nodded. "Very well. You two seem to have this under control. Continue your analysis." He turned as if to walk away but then stopped and turned to look at them again, "Can we get our people back?"

"A quick search of the database indicates that there have been very few crossings between these universes, so there is not a lot of precedents. In 2267, a similar accident happened to the Enterprise. Captain Kirk and his team, while trapped in the mirror universe, were able to artificially recreate a pulse on their side that replicated the initial accident. So therefore it is possible. I will immediately begin researching how to do so. This is all essentially theoretical, and testing it is going to be interesting, but I have a few ideas."

"Very well. Continue your work then ensign. I believe you and Deanna can solve this puzzle and get our people back." The Andorian gave an approving look to them both and then turned and walked away.


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