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Moves and Countermoves

Posted on Tue Sep 27th, 2022 @ 8:32am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix & Lieutenant Seth Travis & Lieutenant JG Tarja zh'Rhun

Mission: Time Bandits
Location: Sickbay

Shran watched on as the Vulcans continued to meld with Seth as some sort of strange third. He didn't quite understand all the specifics, but the elder Vulcan had said something about removing a katra from Shon and that was all he needed to hear. He turned to see what else was going on in sickbay. Things were quiet at the moment, all things considered. Callie was resting with Tarja quietly doing a noninvasive scan, and Phoenix was in the biobed next to her, at least trying to rest, though Shran could tell the soreness wasn't letting him do that very well.

Shran slowly walked over to check with the two security officers they had with them who had arrived a short time after Jon and the others left. The two ensigns were doing their best to not look worried or concerned about the situation, but Shran could sense it all the same. They were new, recently come aboard straight from the Academy. This wasn't like anything they really dealt with while at the Academy, a fact Shran had mentioned more than once. He slowly made his way back towards Shon and the others, returning to his viewing station, concern a major factor in his mind right now.

Callie stirred as though sensing the disappearance of Jon from Sickbay, the rest she’d had was enough to pep up her energy levels for now. She offered a smile as she sat up and looked at Tarja.

"Sorry if my scanning woke you counselor. Considering the situation and your health condition, I felt it my duty to give you a check up." Tarja tried not to fidget with her abrupt speech. "You will be happy to know all is well."

Callie nodded. “It’s fine, I’m grateful that you checked. Shon wanted me to get checked out because of my tiredness anyway. I take it I’m fine to continue with my duties?”

"I would say so, so long as you don't over do it" Tarja replied. "I'll have Dr. Howard review the scans once she is able." Tarja considered her next words before finally speaking, "If I may ask counselor, is this your first child?"

Callie nodded. “, it isn’t” her smile faded. “I was pregnant when I was at the Academy, but I suffered complications which resulted in a miscarriage. I’ve also been pregnant since then, which I lost. That’s why this baby is such a miracle for us.”

Tarja nodded in understanding. "Miracle indeed. I find it fascinating studying pregnancy in other species. As an Andorian, the mating experience, particularly having offspring has become very important to us. We have difficulty with pregnancy you see, so any such thing is considered high risk, and a birth a miracle just as you have described it. I hope all turns out well for you counselor."

Shran caught a glimpse of Callie and Tarja speaking and slowly made his way over to check with Callie. She'd been asleep when Jon had left and he wanted to make sure she was well.

“Captain” Callie offered Shran a smile. “What did I miss?”

"I sent Jon with Ayana and Eislyn to locate Sam. Other than that not much. Shon is getting her head checked by the Vulcan mystic, something about a katra."

Callie nodded. “The Vulcan Katra, or living spirit as it’s known. The soul if you will. It sounds like Shon has come in contact with another Vulcan’s living spirit.”

Shran shook his head. "I have never much cared for all the Vulcan mysticism. I just hope this situation gets worked out without any further complications."

Tarja went over to check on Phoenix, scanning him. "Ensign, I know you aren't sleeping. How is the pain?"

Phoenix sat up and winced. Whenever he moved the pain spiked. "It's manageable and I think I can do help in any way I can if needed. But it hurts like hell." He winced again.

"Let me get you an analgesic. That should address the pain" Tarja replied.

"Thanks doc" James replied to her as he looked up.

As Seth finally began to distract and untangle Shon’s katra from the other katra in her mind, Lodzhal finally caught the ancient katra with her mind. She saw the true self of the katra, “Du nam-tor t'huvil bond-mate t' chasa. Formerly s' evlarm, i' pufai-tor u' Da'kum'Ulcha. {You be T'huvil bond-mate belonging to Chasa. Formerly out of Devlarm, at this moment known as Da'kum'Ulcha.}” Here Lodzhal projected an image into Shon and Seth’s minds grasping their perspectives along with the Katra of T’huvil onto a Vulcan city of Devlarm, taken from the katra of T’huvil. The city was a beautiful and thriving city of over a million Vulcans, then as they stood and watched blinding flashes spread over the city as overwhelming neutron warheads exploded over the city.

“Du heh ish-veh bond-mate vesh' pustau k' wuh warlord nu'val lu au ordered wuh overwhelming kwul t' ta'gal thorsh-tam {You and your bond-mate were killed by the warlord Nu'Val when he ordered an overwhelming strike of neutron warheads.}.” stated Lodzhal. Another image was projected an image of Da’kum’Ulcha “Du heh wehk vath became duv katra, kuvoran-tor k' ra had pavesh-tor. Ish-veh tor wak na' du tor relenquish ish-veh katra tor vre'katra. La' etek lau oren-tor s' du wuh tupa t' wuh vesht heh du lau talal yeht shom {You and many others became shadow katra, twisted by what had happened. It is time for you to relinquish your katra to Vre'katra. Here we may learn from you the lessons of the past and you may find true rest.}” Lodzhal was slowly drawing the katra towards the Vre’katra.

Suddenly the doors to sickbay opened and disruptor fire stretched into the room. The two security guards at the door fell without even getting a shot off, while several additional disruptor blasts left scorch marks on the walls. As a pair of Romulans entered the room Shran opened fire, dropping one as the other made a mad dash towards Shon. As Shran was preparing to fire a disruptor blast hit the biobed very near his position, and Shran looked to see additional Romulans at the doorway.

Shran continued to fire at the Romulans at the door unable to break away to deal with the one that had rushed towards Shon. Finally, Shran made a crazed attempt to run to the surgical bay where Shon was berthed, only to see Shon, Seth, and the Vulcan mystic all dematerialize in a green hue. Shran knew instantly that somehow the Romulans had managed to transport them away. He quickly turned his attention on the Romulans at the entryway, pushing them back and regaining control of sickbay with the help of Phoenix.

Shran hit his comm badge, =^=Deanna, we need transporter control. The Romulans have taken Shon and the Vulcan mystic.=^=

Phoenix was still sore, but he had to fight through it. He had already downed one of the Romulans. A disruptor shot flew directly over his head. He took cover behind a bio-bed, cursed under his breath, and shot up again and fired on more Romulans.

Callie had little choice but to dive for cover behind the nearest biobed. Her off duty extra weapons practice on the holodeck would prove itself to have been the right idea as had took aim and fired, hitting one of the Romulans square in the chest. She had to duck as it brought the repercussion of extra weapons fire her way.

Shran fired on the last Romulan and down him. He came out and looked over at the others, "Everyone alright?"

James took a sigh of relief and sat down next to the biobed and leaned against it for a few moments. "Yeah. I'm alive" he quipped.

Callie couldn’t help but smile. “Likewise. We got lucky there.”

Tarja scanned Phoenix and Callie. "You are fine ensign, but I do hope to give you some rest soon." She turned to Callie, "Not to worry counselor, you are fine as well. Not scanning any harm done to you or your baby."

Callie nodded. “Thank you Doctor.” She turned to look at Shran. “Captain where is Jon? Have you heard anything from him?”

"Not sure honestly. I haven't heard from him, but he is likely keeping communication silence. I wouldn't be overly concerned Callie, he can handle himself" Shran replied. He walked over to the door and checked the area, making sure no additional Romulans were around before checking on the two guards. "Doctor, these two are still alive, but they require your immediate attention."

Tarja quickly ran over to check the situation. "They are nearly in the same condition. They both require immediate surgery. Help me move them to surgical beds. Computer, activate EMH."


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