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Rally Point Sickbay

Posted on Wed Sep 21st, 2022 @ 9:35am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix & Lieutenant JG Tarja zh'Rhun

Mission: Time Bandits
Location: USS Washington

Dr. Tarja zh'Rhun looked stressed as she checked on her patients, most notably Ensign Phoenix. The EMH had done good work, but she knew he'd be tender for a while. Shran could see the concern on her face, "Everything alright doctor?"

"Yes sir. Just a lot more action than I am used to."

"A part of wearing the uniform. This is hardly anything compared to some things we have dealt with in the past. You'll manage, Samantha will expect nothing less" Shran replied. He turned and waited on the incoming; Jon and the others should arrive soon.

The others soon entered Sickbay, with Seth leading them in and Jon covering the rear. As they were in Sickbay, Jon made his way to Shran. "Good to see you sir. We've got the Vulcan priestess with us, but I'd like Shon checked over, she isn't the Shon we're accustomed to.

Shon had removed herself into a corner and appeared to be talking to herself. Her Risan side was now seemingly buried inside the Vulcan Katra that was overtaking her. Since T’Plana -hath had melded with her the Katra that had been her own was now fighting internally with another that had duplicated within T’Plana and passed to Shon, it was telling her to fight. Shon looked at Seth and picked up the phaser she had left lying on the biobed.

Lodzhal spoke in a loud, clear and firm voice to Shoniara "Shoniara t’ghann-travis shi wuh wek-zehlek ne' heh hoknau nahp. Ngiq'e wuh meditative posture. Ri tor tan-tor ish-veh kashek abru' {Shoniara T’ghann-Travis place the phaser down and gather your thoughts. Assume a meditative posture. Do not give your mind over.}." She used all the force of her considerable psychic abilities to reenforce her command. Turning to the rest of the crew in the sickbay she inquired "Has anyone seen T'Plana-hath mind meld with Shoniara T’ghann-Travis or even use any of her very acute and powerful mind abilities, psychic abilities as you know them?"

"I have seen T'Plana use mental abilities that seemed unlike anything a Vulcan should be capable of" Ayana mentioned.

Shran chimed in as well, "I've seen them meld. I've also seen T'Plana use abilities that are outside the norm for a Vulcan." He turned to Jon and spoke in soft tones, "Every time a meld happens around here things seem to go wonky. Let's hope whatever the situation is with Shon, it doesn't veer into the bizarre."

Lodzhal nodded, "Well then captain you are most correct, the mind meld that T'Plana-hath performed most certainly went 'wonky' as you would say." She said with a smile. " T'Plana-hath is a warrior mind master in training who's mind was shattered after she went to Da’Kum’Ulcha the 'City of Shadows'. The other Masters and I of Nirak thought we had fully healed her mind, but it would appear we missed an ancient Katra, perhaps two, that attached to her when she went to Da’Kum’Ulcha."

Shran sighed. "I appreciate your honesty about the situation. Most Vulcans aren't so forthright when it comes to mental matters. I hope you can fix Shon at this time. Maybe use a mind meld to fix a mind meld. I would think a Vulcan mystic such as yourself would be capable of dealing with a wild katra."

Jon was skeptical that the Vulcan priestess could help Shon but he was willing to try anything.

For a moment Shon seemed to be listening, her eyes following Lodzhal and she began to lower her weapon. She looked for her husband her hand outstretched and then her eyes became once again hard and unyielding. “Nash-veh wuh katra t' wuh lucan fainu u' shoniara t’ghann-travis kling dungi sarlah be' fi' kusut t' tevakh” (I am the Katra of Shoniara T’ghann-Travis, no one will come near on pain of death) her phaser once again in her hand she moved towards Lodzhal.

Shran looked at everyone as they watched Shon, a look of concern on his face as he saw Shon still acting strange while armed. Suddenly a phaser blast rang out and hit Shon and she fell slowly to the ground, the phaser sliding out of her hand. Everyone seemed shocked at what had just occurred and Ayana holstered her phaser and looked towards Tarja, "Your patient is ready for your evaluation doctor."

Tarja came over with her tricorder and scanned Shon. "She is stunned, but I don't see any detrimental effects. We can move her to the biobed and this elder Vulcan may do whatever she thinks she needs to do."

“First I must determine if Shoniara T’ghann-Travis is actually Val'reth, one who holds a katra against his or her will. If this is the case then I must perform an ancient ritual called Dashaya-Ni'Var to separate the foreign katra from Shoniara T’ghann-Travis. Understand the last known time this was tried and was successful was in 2267 on T’Prynn by the Healer Sobon.” stated Lodzhal.

"If it can fix whatever is wrong with my officer, I'm for it. Proceed." Shran turned to Jon, "You didn't happen to see Sam while you were on your adventure?"

Jon shook his head, "No sir, we did not. You don't think the Romulans grabbed Sam as well do you?"

Shran had a concerned look, "I sincerely hope not. We may need to send a party out to locate her."

Callie was listening intently to what Lodzhal was saying, her attention was only drawn away when Eislyn approached her.

Eislyn walked over to Callie, "Are you doing alright Callie? Perhaps we give you a chance to rest."

Callie nodded. “To be honest I could do with it, but right now Shran needs all the help he can get. I’ll take a break while we’ve got the chance, but I want to help where I can.”

"Get some rest. I'll keep things in check. We appear to be in a hold position right now anyway" Eislyn replied.

Callie nodded. “Okay, I’ll use one of the offices for a few minutes.” She offered Eislyn a warm smile, before looking over to Jon. “I’ll be in one of the offices if I’m needed.”

Jon looked over to Callie, gave her a wink and nod as she headed for a nurse's office.

Callie smiled before heading to the nearest nurse’s office, making sure she wasn’t going to be in anybody’s way she curled up on an examination bed for a few minutes shut eye.

Seth meanwhile was at Shon's side, he glared at Ayana, "Was it really necessary to stun my wife Lieutenant?"

Lodzhal looked sternly at Lieutenant Seth Travis, “The ‘stunning’ of your wife caused no harm and was, necessary in my opinion. In her current state she is extremely dangerous. Now step aside and allow me to do what is necessary.”

Seth met Lodzhal stern glare. "I'm not interested in your opinion. I am concerned about my wife's well being as you have no idea if stunning her did more damage." He countered angrily.

"According to the doctor no harm befell her from my stunning her, and I agree, at the time, it seemed most necessary" Ayana replied. "I understand your concern for your wife, as you are her husband, but I responsible for people's safety, most notably the captain's safety, and she was a potential threat to the captain and everyone else. With luck this Vulcan woman can fix whatever is wrong with your wife mentally and then the doctor's can treat any further physical wounds."

Seth was undeterred. "Is that a fact? Commander Grayson didn't fire nor did the counselor, or I dare say the captain. Only you Lieutenant decided that Shon was a threat. This isn't over Lieutenant."

Ayana didn't reply, only offering a look of unconcern. She did what she believed to be right, what was her job to do. She understood Seth's irrational reaction, but she wouldn't be deterred. She walked away standing tall, he focus tactical as always.

Lodzhal again stared Seth directly in his eyes, as if she were a giant spider about to pounce on its prey. “Very well Komihn {human}, since she is your spouse you may join me in the mind meld, and if necessary the ritual of Dashaya-Ni'Var. I must assume that you have mind melded with your wife in the past? I believe the contact of you mind with hers may sooth her agitation. As for her ‘potential’ threat, she could as easily snapped your neck or fired the phaser at you, she is no longer in control of her rational thoughts.” She stated in a calm and even tone, with a slight undercurrent of the potential threat she could deliver if she chose.

Seth stared daggers at Ayana's back. He would file a formal complainant, but he doubted it would do any good. He had heard the lieutenant and captain were friends. He turned his attention to Lodzhal. "Yes, we have melded." He answered simply and to the point.

Lodzhal clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth “Very well, let us begin.” With that she pulled a small idol looking device from her robes made of black and red Vulcan Jasif crystal. It was shaped in an androgynous Vulcan in flowing robes. “This is a Vre'katra, or katric ark, if there is another katra with Shoniara T’ghann-Travis katra I will attempt to draw it in to the Vre’katra. You must prepare yourself Seth Travis, for this will not be like any experience you have been through.” She then turned to the rest of the personnel in sickbay “We will require privacy and absolute quiet. We are not to be disturbed once we begin.” She then guided Seth’s left hand to the right side of Shon’s head, placing his fingers delicately along pressure points of her face and skull. Lodzhal then placed the Vre’katra dead center of Shon’s chest. Finally Lodzhal grasped both Seth and Shon in the pressure points of their face and skull. “Repeat after me, and do as I say Komihn, your life as well as your bond-mates rest on it.” With that Lodzhal began to chant “T'nash-veh kashek tor ish-veh kashek. Nahp tor t'nash-veh nahp. Etwel kashkau nam-tor merging, etwel kashkau nam-tor becoming veh.”

Shon’s lips began to move soundlessly “Nash-veh bind nash kashek tehnat du du dungi ri svi-tor” (you will not enter this mind it is closed to you Vulcan) The Katra inside Shon began to push into Seth’s mind, sending visions of violence and suffering in the hope he would break the meld she was attempting.

Seth repeated the words Lodzhal had spoken. “T'nash-veh kashek tor ish-veh kashek. Nahp tor t'nash-veh nahp. Etwel kashkau nam-tor merging, etwel kashkau nam-tor becoming veh.” He winced at the images Shon was pushing into his mind. He would not break the meld. He needed to save Shon.

Kuv du svi-tor nash kashek seth travis she dungi tev-tor (If you enter this mind Seth Travis she and the children will die) again images of loneliness, desolation and death of a broken heart lanced into his brain.

“T'nash-veh kashek tor ish-veh kashek. Nahp tor t'nash-veh nahp. Etwel kashkau nam-tor merging, etwel kashkau nam-tor becoming veh. Nekhau ish-veh kashek tor t'nash-veh kashek. Tu'ash ish-veh kashek. Var-tor nash-veh thy ahm {Submit your mind to my mind. Open your mind. Tell me thy names.}” pressed Lodzhal. She increased her mental will upon Shon “Tu'ash ish-veh kashek tor ish-veh bond-mate shoniara t’ghann-travis. Kal-tor nash-veh tor deal k' wuh vath katra { Open your mind to your bond-mate Shoniara T’ghann-Travis. Allow me to deal with the other katra.}”

Nash-veh wuh katra rik' ahm, rik' shid wuh alpha heh omega. Nash-veh tevakh svi' ha'kiv (I am the Katra without name, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. “Shon’s hand moved to touch Seth lightly. Tu'ash ish-veh kashek tor nash-veh (Open your mind to me) images of happiness with their daughter, their wedding and love making entered his mind gently. “Seth it is me Shon, give in my love and be with me” Shon’s voice enticed him in.

Seth spoke softly to Shon, "Tu'ash ish-veh kashek tor nash-veh." (My mind to your mind my love, Shon." As sent images of Shon, Shasta himself and happy times from their camping trip and coming closer as a family.

Shran walked away from the Vulcans and made his way over to Ayana. "I need to know where all my senior officers are before we make an attempt to retake the remainder of the ship. I want you to take a few others, people who can handle themselves in a tactical situation, and go find Sam."

Ayana nodded. "Perhaps I take Jon and Eislyn" she replied.

Shran motioned towards Jon and they walked over to where he was near Callie, "Jon, I want you to take Ayana and Eislyn and find Sam. Bring her here or take her to Engineering, whichever is closer when you find her."

Jon nodded, "Certainly sir. We'll back track to her quarters and hopefully we'll find Sam along the way." Jon answered. "He glanced to Ayana and Eislyn. "Check your phasers, heavy stun and lot's go find Sam."

Ayana smiled, "Ready to go Commander."

Eislyn set her phaser to level 3 as instructed and looked at the others, "I'm ready."

"Good luck. Find Sam, and be safe" Shran said solemnly.


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