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Prep and Go

Posted on Mon Nov 14th, 2022 @ 1:32pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: Living History
Location: USS Washington

Deanna and Ayana downloaded the schematics and sent the request for their period specific attire. They were looking for something that was, based on their research, something called business casual. They were waiting for Sam and T'Plana to join them so they could pick out their attire as well.

Sam finished tidying up after her last patient and jogged to where she was meeting the others, still trying to wrap her head around the fact they were stuck in 2023. At least Earth was still Earth, more or less. "Is that the attire of the era?" She asked as she looked after Ayana's shoulder.

“I’m glad you asked” Callie smiled as she appeared alongside Sam. “Saves me asking!” She looked at the clothing, it wasn’t quite as bad as she’d been imagining it would be.

T’Plana-hath made her way to the meeting of the others. She had stopped by the materials engineering section and shown them a diagram of a Terran ‘smart’ phone and had requested they make some tricorders for the crew based of two of the best-known models of the era an ‘Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max’ and a ‘Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G’ according to her research based of a ‘Consumer Report’ article of the era. She also insisted on them having a high security protocol with a self-destruct mechanism and be able to be used as a communicator. Once the devices had been made to her satisfaction she reported to the others and presented the devices to them. “These are what the Terrans called ‘Smart Phones’ of the era. They were very crude communication devices as well as crude CPU’s. I had these made to resemble two of the most popular devices of the time frame, but ours are actually tricorders and communicators. Very strict security protocols have been added, to include a self-destruct.” She then handed each of the crew one randomly. “Rest assured that my research shows the majority of the Terrans of this time had one.”

"Interesting" Deanna said. "I believe most humans of adult age had one of these devices. These should be excellent for our cover." She took the Samsung model, "I think I like this one." She looked to T'Plana, "You'll have to adjust your how you speak about humans. They don't refer to themselves as Terrans in this period."

"Your speech needs to be more informal, less structured." Jon added. He looked at the phone he was handed, "An iPro 14. What's it a pro at?" He wondered looking at the others. He looked over to Callie, ''What did you get?"

“I think I’m going for this one” Callie picked up an Apple iPhone, it was her kind of style. “I think I can work with this.”

T’Plana nodded and replied, “I will endeavor to remember that. The past few days have,” here she paused “affected me more than I thought. She then kept one of the ‘Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G smart phones for herself. She did a quick demonstration of how to use the devices.

James accepted the iPhone 14. He actually used to own one before he was frozen. Given its what he knew, he probably would have an easier time getting to know it versus the Samsung. He looked at Jon. "It is the higher end model of the base iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 mini. Apple, the company, made "pro" versions of their later technology products" what he just said sort of surprised himself, as it had been a few hundred years since he had seen a smart phone. It had only felt like 8 years for him, however, and even that was a long time. "In other words, it just had better screen and camera quality, and maybe better processing speeds than the base models."

Ayana figgetted with hers. "I would say it is still quite a bit more efficient that anything they had in this time period. It is still ultimately a tricorder, just one in disguise." She looked over at T;Plana, "An excellent cover ploy. I've done something similar with a few phasers." She walked over to the industrial replicator and brought back what appeared to be weapons of some sort. "These are meant to appear as a pistol known as the Sig Sauer M17. It is the standard issue for all military personnel at this period of time in the United States. While it looks like the weapon, it is in fact still a phaser, though modified. Think of it more as a phase pistol if you will. It has two settings, stun and kill, equivalent to a level 2 stun setting and level 10 dissentagration setting. I have made six of these, three for each team."

"I'll take a phaser, give on to Phoenix and one to Callie." Jon answered."Shon is a doctor and Seth a diplomat." He went on explaining his reasoning.

Callie gave Jon an uncomfortable look. “Do I need to take one Jon? I’m not comfortable with having a weapon.”

Jon shook his head, "Of course not Callie. give it to Seth." He said with a smile.

“Thank you” Callie nodded and looked towards Seth. “Hope you don’t mind Seth?”

Seth accepted the disguised phaser from Callie, "I don't mind Callie, not at all."

James accepted the weapon and set it down in front of him. One concern traced his mind. "What do we do about documentation for identification of ourselves and our weapons, if anyone asks to see either? Especially since we are going into a government agency? I mean, I may be fine since I was alive during this time, but what about you guys?"

"Let's keep this simple, we're government agents sent to investigate reports that an attempt or attempts may be made to sabotage the mission. Everything else is classified." Jon answered looking at the others.

"Aye" Phoenix replied. However, he still felt uneasy for the fact that as much as he could help the group, he was just as much of a liability with his involvement with NASA and all. However the stakes were far too high for him to back out. He just needed to be careful as did the rest of the team.

Ayana pulled up information on the computer and then pointed it out to Deanna, who nodded in agreement. Ayana looked at the group, "As a cover, we can be members of this organization, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They had multiple divisions at were the top security unit inside the United States, or so the history says. Deanna can fabricate the needed documentation."

"Will that work for both teams? From what I have read SpaceX is a private facility owned by a billionaire." Sam rubbed her chin as she looked at the assortment of bits and bobs they would need.

"They are the top security group. They ought to have access to any facility, right?" questioned Deanna, looking at Phoenix.

T’Plana-hath smiled a slight smile, “Yes, but we would require some more documentations, a Federal Search Warrant would suffice, it would allow access to the appropriate areas, and it could also include a clause that all ‘individuals’ that have contact or interviewed by the “agents must remain silent. I believe this time period had a law known as the ‘Patriot Act’ that gave the government a wide range of power to investigate possible acts of terrorism, so the search warrant would need to be coached along the lines of National Security and terroristic acts."

Shon had been quietly listening to everyone, she had not yet dressed in clothes of the time period as she prepared her ‘medical supplies concurrent with the time. “Phoenix I don’t suppose you have one of those phones I can use as a medical tricorder have you? she asked.

James scratched his chin and then looked at Shon. "Actually, it is a possibility. Both Apple and Samsung Phones had ways where you could input basic medical information, and they could even check heart rate, at least if you connected an Apple Watch to an iPhone, or a Samsung Smart Watch to a Samsung phone. If the phones we have have both Starfleet functions as well as the original functions these phones were designed with during this time, then we could use that to our advantage. If they aren't like that, then we may need to create another phone for medical use."

“That sounds good,” Shon said, “basic first aid is a given but the possibility of us contracting something, I believe there were several dangerous virus running unchecked throughout the world and I am pretty sure we cannot use hospitals. Please Ensign do what you can?”

"You are correct on your assessment. The early 2020s weren't the greatest, as I recall from my Academy classes, everything in general grew worse after I was frozen. But I digress. However, medicine and the medical fields are constantly evolving, even in our own time, just as engineering and various other fields are. 21st century medicine is certainly better than 20th century medicine, but of course 24th century medicine is far better. In other words, what I'm trying to say is while we should try and avoid it for our own benefit, for smaller stuff, and in a pinch, it could work."

"But unfortunately, I'm not a medical expert. However, with our medical technology, we may be able to come up with vaccines that could overcome these viruses. In fact, some vaccines do exist in the 21st century for many of them" the Ensign added.

“Understood Ensign, I will replicate broad spectrum antibiotics to give to us all prior to leaving. It would be impossible to vaccinate for everything but I know I can pre vaccinate for sars Covid 19 which was particularly prevalent during this period.

Captain, if any of us is struck down with anything I cannot treat are we able to beam our people up if they need lifesaving treatment? I am talking about devastating injuries, gunshot wounds, that kind of thing?”

Shran shrugged silently. "It would depend on the situation. We cannot risk contaminating the timeline more so than absolutely necessary." Shran remained quiet for a moment, "I believe your medical concerns are a bit over the top Shon. To my understanding, most of the possible diseases we all already have an immunity to or you can treat with a simple hypo. Now, possible violence leading to injury is a different situation, but again, we will have to take a wait and see approach regarding treatment."

Phoenix then looked at Deanna. "T'Plana is correct regarding the FBI. At least for the most part. In government organizations as well as the military, and Starfleet for that matter, there are always things that get classified. So depending on the clearance levels we are given as part of our "act", that could dictate where we have access to. But, as part of the United States constitution, if we have a Federal Warrant, we should be alright."

"In regard to a federal warrant, does it need to list a specific charge, or can we fake it by just giving some unspecified but general reasons as to why we're there?" Jon asked.

"If I recall correctly, a federal search warrant is supposed to show the specific things were are looking for, what and where we are allowed to search, and possibly a specific charge" James looked at Jon and answered his question.

"Sure you can create a warrant that is somewhat vague that allows you to search the premises" Shran chimed.

Shon returned to sickbay and replicated what she needed, dressed in her appropriate clothing which felt strange, too much. A pair of black trousers, the requisite bra felt quite comfortable along with a light shirt and jacket and low black pumps

She returned to the group and proceeded to distribute her vaccines. Callie and herself however were a problem due to their pregnancies. She approached her. “Callie how are you feeling?” She asked her friend as she quickly scanned her friends pregnancy.

“Nervous more than anything else. A little tired too, but given the baby that’s not unusual.” Callie offered a smile. “I take it everything is okay?” She motioned to the tricorder wanting to know what Shon was reading.

Shon showed her the readings indicating that all was well with the baby. “You should be showing soon Callie, awe are so excited for you although Seth is getting a little tired of baby talk. When we get back we need to have some girl time. Maybe when you come for your next scan?” She smiled. Shon had already run a scan on herself and both babies were doing well despite the trauma the Romulans had put her through.

“Right” she said moving amongst the away team with their Covid 19 vaccinations. She also handed out re-located masks. “Everyone put one of these in your pocket. A lot of people are wearing them to give them protection against the virus. I think if others are wearing them we should also. She reached Seth, “I wish you weren’t coming, your leg has hardly had time to heal. Do you need something for pain?”

Seth smiled and shook his head, "I will be fine Shon. I won't overdo it/ Besides you'll be there to make sure I don't overdo it." He finished with a smile.

T'Plana-hath replicated herself a black business skirt and a white blouse. She also replicated the necessary nylons and under clothing. Finally, she had a pair of Step 'N Flex Tavii Flats shoes. "If you will excuse me", she left and changed into her period specific clothing. She returned and inquired, "Does this suit my cover?". She was dressed in what twenty first century called business formal for females, her hair fixed in such a way as to hide her ears.

"Looks good to me" Ayana said flatly. "What do you think Sam? Any cosmetic alterations needed to further pull of the look, or you think her current ensemble is enough?"

Sam looked critically at all members of the away team, walking between them with the tools of her trade making slight adjustments to best conceal their identities. "There, I think that should do it, the changes can be easily reversed once we get back to the ship but according to any scanners of this time, you're all completely human."

Deanna walked off into the wardrobe area and changed. A few minutes later she emerged wearing a black with gold trim women's business suit along with all of the necessary accessories that had been created for her cover. Her long flowing strawberry blonde hair pulled back into a neat, tight ponytail that was professional and yet hinted at playfulness. She was even sporting a pair of simple yet tasteful gold earrings that she had replicated herself that served as tracking devices, and she had used make up to accentuate professionally her lips, checks, and eyes ever so subtly. It was a tough thing to do, trying to hide her sexuality as a Betazoid, but she tried her best to do it as her mission cover called for it. "Did I pull off the look?" she questioned.

It was obvious from the stunned looks of the others she had certainly done something right. "You look absolutely gorgeous..." Shran began, "in a completely functional way of course" he tried to recover.

Sam was sporting a fitted pair of dark black jeans, heeled black leather boots and a knitted was efficient, allowed her to move freely and looked the part. She carried a leather shoulder satchel resembling a laptop bag that housed the tools of her trade, cleverly disguised as time appropriate equipment.

Phoenix took his queue to go into the wardrobe area for his outfit. He returned to the main room a few minutes later. His attire consisted of a bronze colored bomber jacket with black accents, a black t-shirt under the jacket, with grey distressed jeans above a pair of brown high-top skate shoes. The jeans had a holster that connected to the waistband of the jeans, where he could place his weapon and keep it covered by the jacket. The jacket had two pockets on the outside, as well as two pockets on the inside, where he could put the phone he was issued and his badge if he brought it along, though he felt it wasn't the greatest idea to bring something that could risk changing the future any further. Either way, this outfit the type he would wear before he was frozen and even after. If he was recognized, he hoped that it would help avoid any suspicions.

James looked at the mask he was given. He had lived through most, if not all of those viruses and world issues. Especially Covid-19. It was a dark time for the world. While many of the issues didn't affect him directly, he wished he could do something about it and tell people that everything would be alright eventually. But he couldn't. He slid his mask into his front left pant pocket and let out a light sigh.

Ayana walked over to Phoenix, "Ensign, what is that odd look mask for?"

"From what I have learned at the Academy after I was frozen, and from what I have witnessed first hand, this mask represents a dark time. At least the purpose we are using them for. The world is going to get worse. Covid-19 was just one spark that led to a fire. I didn't lose anyone from this, but others did. This was one of the many things that led to the downfall of the world. I wish I could tell these people that everything was going to be alright after their hardships they will face. But I can't. All I can do is grit my teeth and do what I can to help prevent the future from being altered" Phoenix stated.

"I apologize that was a long and drawn out answer sirs, and sort of a rant. But when you live through history like that, its hard to forget. Especially when you know the outcome and somehow avoided it" James added.

Ayana raised an eyebrow and scoffed, "Surely they can't be so paranoid as to believe that the mask would actually offer them any real protection. It wouldn't be something I would see as useful at this point. Besides, we are all immune to the disease."

Shon bristled, we will be entering their timeline just at the height of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people died unable to be with their loved ones. Just do it Ayana!” She exclaimed.

Deanna nodded in understanding. "Look on the bright side ensign, you missed the real horror. Remember, in a few years the nuclear horror of the third world war will begin. Over 600 million will die, and much of the planet will be a radioactive hazard. As bad as things may look at this time, that is certainly worse, and you managed to avoid it."

Shon looked at Ayana, “Actually Ayana indications that a good fitting mask reduced considerably transmissibility per contact. Remember we need to fit it. And I would not be too sure we are immune to the diseases of the time. I will be keeping an eye on that.”

Ayana was unconvinced. "You are the doctor, but as I remember in my Academy training and history, cures were found for all of the diseases of this time period within twenty years of First Contact. You seem rather worried about things that shouldn't concern. The danger we have to worry about is violence occurring, nothing more."

Shon wondered why Ayana would not let it go. “Let me be in charge of that Ayana, just you worry about the mission and do not tell me what the dangers are, I am well aware of them.”

"I am aware of them as well doctor. I have to be. Biological warfare is not my concern here from a tactical situation, but unnecessary worrying creates seeds of doubt, which leads to second guessing, and that leads to mistakes being made, mistakes that can lead to situations that do need to be dealt with by a tactical officer. If you feel you have the situation under control, I'll leave it alone." Ayana was obviously beginning to appear emotional, but took a step away as she saw Shran give a concerned look.

“THATS RIGHT AYANA STICK TO TACTICAL AND I WILL STICK TO MEDICAL AND THEN MAYBE WE CAN GET THIS DONE! Shon retorted loudly back. She could feel something, fear and anger sticking in her craw and threatening to explode. She left the room and stood in the corridor fists clenched, her breathing ragged and a red mist in front of her eyes.” Nothing like this had happened to her before and she felt ashamed of her outburst but if she had stayed she might have even struck Ayana. She shivered and almost thought about recusing herself from the mission on the grounds of illness.

T’Plana-hath had listened to the exchange between hear comrades, Commander Shoniara was showing the strain of maintaining her emotions under the new neural pathways and with the addition of the hormonal changes her twins were causing. She wanted to offer her help but was reluctant to step in and offer her advice, as she was not sure how it would be received.

Seth went out into the corridor and stood beside her, "Shon." he said quietly, "Are you alright? What was that outburst all about?"

Shon was glad to see her husband. “I don’t know Seth, it felt like a lava flow of hatred and anger directed towards Ayana to the point of getting physical. Maybe it is some residual ‘Vulcan’ thing but I don’t know if I can do this Seth?” She looked questioningly at him.

"I know you can do this Shon." Seth answered his quiet confidence in her coming to the forefront. "We'll watch over each other." He told her.

Jon went off to change and when he came back, he looked the part of a federal agent. He wore a three-piece suit of dove grey, with black shoes. A shoulder holster under his jacket to house his weapon and a inside pocket to hold his ID and badge. He looked over at Callie, "What do you think Callie?"

“You look very handsome” Callie smiled as she walked around Jon brushing off his suit, not that it really needed it. “I have no idea why I’m so nervous, I’ll be glued to your side the whole time.”

Jon squeezed her hand, "Thanks Callie. You will do fine, no doubt in my mind. "Don't you need an outfit to wear, while we're down there?" He asked with a smile.

“I wish I knew what to wear” Callie looked around the others before she headed in to change, she re-emerged a few minutes later in smart trousers, a neat blouse, and business suit blazer. If they were to look like federal agents the clothing had to match. She also wore comfortable flat black shoes. “How do I look?”

Jon nodded in approval abroad smile on his face. "Callie, you look fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!"

"I'd say you all look ready to go" Shran said in a stern fashion. "T'Plana, is the shuttle ready?"

T’Plana looked at Captain Shran, “The Nightstalker is ready as requested Sir. I just need to know who will pilot the vessel. There are a few things I need to go over with the pilot.”

"I have thought about this, and I simply don't feel that we should leave the shuttle in orbit. Equally, hiding it on the surface could be problematic. That said, I think the best option is for you all to have it as a quick getaway should it be necessary. I want you to pilot T'Plana, and have Deanna and Jon shadow you so they are familiar with everything should it become necessary for either of them to pilot the vessel. They are both excellent pilots and have the necessary clearance for the classified aspects of the ship. I am sure Ayana can help you find a proper landing spot for the ship that will keep in out of the way while you are on mission."

Jon spoke to Shran, "Sir what our names? Do we use our real ones or do we come up with aliases?"

"Shon, T'Plana, and Deanna may require aliases, the rest of you I think can stick with your names. I don't believe that should be much of a problem, do you Jon?"

T’Plana smiled and replied to the idea of aliases “Please use my former alias of Tanya Hathaway.” It amused her that the crew seemed to forget she was an Intelligence Officer.

"Normally no sir. However, what if someone decides to check out our background? There is no Special Agent Grayson."

"There will be" Deanna chimed in. "I'll create perfect covers including uploaded files on us as necessary."

Shran grinned. "Does that solve that problem?"

"Yes sir, it certainly does." Jon replied with a grin of his own.

James looked at Deanna and Shran. "Out of curiosity, how will my cover look? Given people know me in this time and know that I'm working with NASA. It would look odd if they saw me working with the FBI with FBI credentials? Unless my cover is that I am working with the FBI with temporary special agent credentials? I know I'm overthinking things. I just don't want to be any more of a liability any more than I am."

"Why can't you just be a consultant? No need for any FBI credentials." Jon suggested. Just keep everything simple, less to go wrong."

"You do have a good point sir. I just don't want to be the piece that tears the mission to shreds" the Ensign responded honestly.

"I think everyone is worrying a bit too much. We'll control what we can and the rest will just have to be, I believe the human phrase is a crap shoot." Shran looked to Phoenix, "I can understand you being nervous. Being so close to your time period must be jarring, especially when you know you are going to be going back to a place you are familiar with. You just have to put your doubts aside. Doubts cause problems. This mission will be a success, I have no doubt. If you take the same mentality, it will be so."

"I understand" Phoenix nodded. The Captain was right with everything he just said. It would be hard, but he had to get his doubts aside. It could very well be the difference between a successful mission and one that was a total failure.

Jon patted James on the back. "Don't worry, we'll get through this as a team or as that famous group the Mouseketeers said one for all and all for one."

Shran gave a dubious look to Jon, "I believe you mean the Musketeers. I have never heard of any group called the Mouseketeers."

"No, no. I've seen them on old vids. A bunch of kids. They were singing some song. What was it? Oh yeah! And Jon began to sing. "Whose the leader of the band, that's made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Mickey Mouse. See? This Mickey Mouse is their leader.' Jon explained.

Shran shrugged. "Sounds like a strange cult leader. You humans seem to have many of them in your history, especially during this period of time. A leader that has children chanting his name, sounds devious. I'll bet the children grow up to become all kinds of foul."

"Don't know sir other than he must charismatic. you know the big cheese? For these kids to sing about him." Jon replied.

Sam just observed and kept quiet, me tally preparing herself for what they would encounter. This time period was brutal and she hoped they wouldn't find out the hard way just how intolerant these people were.

Callie couldn’t help but grin. “Mickey mouse is a children’s cartoon character, made famous by Walt Disney! Admittedly Disney is very popular, I love the old films myself.”

Jon looked at Callie, " What? A cartoon character? Are you sure Callie" He asked but he knew she was. He was disappointed by this bit of news. "A cartoon." He mumbled, "Well, he's got a cool song at least."

Shran had a confused look, "A cartoon? I'm unfamiliar with that term. Is that some sort of leadership role?"

Ayana gave a soft giggle. "A cartoon was an animation, a popular entertainment type during this period of time, especially with children. Disney was a massive entertainment company that controlled the majority of the media market in this period of Earth's history. They owned the largest animation studio, as well as other fantasy story studios, amusement parks, sports teams, and a lot of other things. They helped to shape the culture, for better or worse. Disney was the most powerful entity since the Eugenics Wars, and perhaps more sinister."

"Well, I suggest you all avoid them and this Mickey Mouse" Shran replied, a bit tongue in cheek. "Alright, I think I'll let you all get to it. I monitor your progress from the bridge."


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