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Posted on Mon Mar 6th, 2023 @ 1:57pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Living History
Location: Sickbay

Ayana accompanied the prisoner back to the shuttle as security. Once he was secured she allowed Sam to perform her scans while Shon treated Callie.

Sitting in the shuttle while Shon ran scans and healed her head wound, Callie couldn’t help but wonder about BJ. Was he an ancestor of Jon’s? The likeness was uncanny. She was planning on asking Jon when he returned.

Shon turned her attention to Callie’s pregnancy. With a happy sigh and a smile she saw everything was fine. “No problems with the baby Callie but I would advise no more contact with the vehicles of this time.”

“Trust me I didn’t plan to come into contact with the last one” Callie smiled. “I was just unlucky I guess. Luckily I had a saviour who helped me, I’ll tell you more about him when we get home.”

Shon was so happy that she hugged Callie and then embarrassed she let go. “I will look forward to hearing your story my friend.” She said.

Maddison was trying hard to keep areas of his brain hidden. His hatred of them all however was not difficult to see, nor did he hide it. “Do your worst!” he spat at them and looked at Ayana vowing to kill her, kill any of them that stood against them.

Callie looked towards Maddison, she had a suspicion that she needed to check out. “Did you have something to do with the car that drove at me?”

Maddison smiled grimly. “You think yourself important enough for me to do anything to you and if I had why would I tell you. I demand you let me go. I have friends in powerful places who, even now will be planning a rescue.” He had been trying since he had been taken to activate a small chip planted in his fifth molar. however It did not seem to be working.

Ayana smiled at Maddison, "If you are trying to activate your tooth device, Sam has extracted it. We have extracted all your devices. And Sam is doing a full work up on you. Nobody is going to rescue you, your mission to alter history is over."

"And now, it's time for you to take a little nap. Your ego needs a break" Sam pressed a hypospray into Maddison's arm and injected him with a potent sedative that should give her a few hours of peace to get his scans done and the results interpreted. Picking up her tricorder she began with a basic DNA series. Uploading the results into the shuttle's computer she was midway through the next scan when an alert from the computer caught her attention. "Possible DNA matches found"

Ayana was the closest to Sam when the computer gave the notification. She looked at Sam curiously, "DNA matches found? Who is this guy related to?" she queried.

Sam paused for a moment to compose her thoughts "Jon, Callie and Deanna" She said cautiously "He shares common DNA threads with all of them"

“Wait...what!?” Callie got up from where she was sat and walked over to Sam. “Maddison is related to all 3 of us? How is that even possible?”

Ayana who was standing there dumbstruck from the revelation chimed in, "Perhaps he has an ancestor that is common to all three of you. A child of yours procreating with a child of Deanna's or something along those lines. Does that make medical sense?"

Shon interjected, “I think the probability is that you all have a common ancestor as Ayana says.”

"So a child or grandchild of Jon and Callie is going to hook up with a child or grandchild of Deanna's" Ayana said again in a deadpan way. "Who gets to tell them, and anybody want to take bets on who freaks out in a bigger way between the two of them?" Ayana looked at Callie, "Sorry, but I got to say this is a twist that just makes you want to laugh a little Callie, I totally understand if you don't see the humor in it though."

"There are fragments matching all three sequences of DNA" Sam said simply "Of course there are a multitude of combinations that could cause it but he is related to the three of you" Sam kept her expression deadpan and professional.

Callie stood somewhat bewildered for a moment. “But that means Maddison is from our future, so why would he want to change his own future? He could cease to exist.”

"Not necessarily" Ayana chimed. "This could be a paradox. My grasp on temporal mechanics isn't nearly as top notch as Deanna's, but this could be a predestination paradox, or perhaps a grandfather paradox."

Callie nodded. The whole idea that this man could be a future child of her own unborn child was unsettling. “Whatever it is I want answers, and the sooner the better.”

"Best place for answers would be back on the Washington where we can have access to the full array of resources there" Ayana said confidently.

“You mean take Maddison back with us, is that quite safe?”

"We already took his accomplice at the SpaceX facility to the Washington. Maddison can't be left here on Earth in any case, nor can anything else they may have brought here. The captain will want him brought to the ship, and this way we have resources to get the answers we need" Ayana responded.

"I agree, we have more resources and definitely more security on board the Washington. I'm sure the Captain will want to question both of them personally. I may also be able to get some better readings on exactly where and when these two came from" Sam agreed, placing her tricorder down on the bed next to Maddison. He was still sedated, albeit lightly now as she had finished her examination. She hadn't expected his hand to grasp onto her wrist in a vice like grip, his touch the beckoning of his mind reaching out.

“Sam!!” Callie was quickly at her friend’s side. “Let her go Maddison!”

Maddison began to reach out with his mind and what he found amazed him. Still in his sedated state he began to understand and let go of Sam’s hand.

Callie was surprised that Maddison actually let go. She gave him a brief curious look before she looked towards Sam. “Sam, are you alright?”

Sam had frozen for a minute, checking her faculties both mentally and physically before letting out an exhale. "Whoa, that was weird. He shouldn't be able to do that with the level of sedation he has on board. I don't know what he saw though, it was really weird."

Callie gazed at Maddison, now she was even more curious about him.

Ayana pulled her phaser and took aim at Maddison, "Do that again and I'll stun you into oblivion."

Maddison opened his eyes and spoke thickly “You think you are so clever, you need me to understand what is going to happen. You are all so far behind.”

Shon walked up to him. “Then tell us?”

"Careful Shon. He is likely baiting you" Ayana said cautiously. "We should wait until Deanna is here. She can handle him if he is another mind shredder." She looked to Sam, "Perhaps you should put him back to sleep, and dampen his telepathic abilities."

"You read my mind, he's going well under this time until we get him back on board" Sam reassured, heading over to her med kit and plugging in a powerful sedative into her hypospray.

Maddison turned his head and looked directly at Callie, “there are things you need to know about your child, the one you carry.” He closed his eyes.

“What!?” Callie couldn’t help but feel a moment of panic, what did Maddison know about her child? “Don’t go to sleep on me now Maddison! What do you mean? What do I need to know!!?”

Ayana moved to intercept Callie, keeping her away from the perceived threat of Maddison. "Put him out Sam, quickly."

Shon grabbed Callie and held her. Maddison sat up and looked directly at Callie. He held his hand out. “Hold my hand Callie, I can show you things you NEED to know.”

Shon and Ayana May have kept her from being too close to Maddison but Callie was close enough to reach out her hand, and grasp his. She knew the dangers, but if her child was in some kind of future danger she needed to know.



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