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Completing the Tasks

Posted on Sat Mar 4th, 2023 @ 11:27am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: Living History
Location: NASA Facility

Deanna made her way to the server rooms with Phoenix to search for any additional technology that shouldn't be here at this time. She was aware that Shon had begun to rig things the same way as the SpaceX facility, so this thorough check was all that was left to do.

T’Plana looked at Commander Grayson, Lieutenant Commander Celes, and Ensign Phoenix; she then asked Ensign Phoenix “Do you know anything about the underground experimental engines and fuels lab underneath the fuel storage farm off of Ransom Road. We will need to get access to it to remove several experimental impulse power prototypes from there. It would appear that the estimable Mister Maddison provided the people at NASA with early prototype examples of crude impulse power engines.”

"We need to contain this and do it now before any of these prototypes or their designs gets up and walks away. All our would be for nothing if that happens. Need to do away with the fuel as well." Jon stated.

James looked at T'Plana. "I'm not completely sure. Do they have anything to do with the Alpha Three mission? Because that used many experimental technologies that took up many of NASA's resources. At least in the correct timeline."

"Are you saying we have noticeable alterations to the timeline ensign?" Deanna asked.

T’Plana, with a calm detachment replied “These are not the crude and rudimentary fusion reactor drives that will be used in the Alpha Three missions, Ensign Phoenix. These designs are true, but crude impulse drives capable of impulse speeds of about warp .025; just under the impulse drive standard of the Enterprise NX-01 which was capable of a speed of about warp .05. So, as you can see this is serious matter that needs to be dealt with.”

Deanna shook her head in disbelief. "This is serious. They should barely be creating ion drives, not impulse reactors. That is going to require some serious clean up. It won't be enough to simply wipe computer systems, we will have to eliminate and physical prototypes to ensure nobody has access to that technology at this time. While it might cause a stir, our best bet would be to transport such physical material to the Washington cargo bays and dispose of it once we return to our own time frame."

"Take it all, don't leave a trace. best way to contain this, is to leave no trace." Jon replied.

After that, Phoenix looked at Jon. "Sir, could I have a word with you for a second."

Jon nodded and moved a few feet away from the others. "What's on your mind James?" He asked using Phoenix's first name.

Phoenix had saved the file for when he showed it to Jon. He removed it from his jacket and handed it to Jon. "I didn't find any noticeable changes besides this. I was going to show you earlier but I didn't want to distract you from finding Callie. Its my- err, this timeline's NASA personnel record for me" he stopped talking to allow Jon to read it.

Jon took the file from James and read it. When he finished, he looked at James. "Correct me if I am wrong but you were the flight mechanic for the Alpha Three mission, not a base mechanic for trainer jets. Correct?"

"You'd be correct sir. Which means that this change in itself isn't good. Everything that has happened to this crew since I came to the Washington could be affected. Odds for various events could be better or worse. I-" he stopped himself. "But there are also our other issues at hand and I can't take away from that" he sighed.

"Hold on now, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves." Deanna? Could you come over here for a moment?" Jon asked. When Deanna had joined them, Jon explained the situation to Deanna. "So, what do you think Deanna?"

Deanna considered the situation as described to her along with the other information they had on hand. "We have to do everything in our power to correct the timeline as much as possible. T'Plana will wipe the computers clean, and if we can locate and eliminate and technology that shouldn't be here as we planned, that should go a long way to repairing the damage. We can't do anything for the global situation in general nor anything regarding the changes to Ensign Phoenix's timeline. When we return to our time period we will simply have to see what changes occur. I don't believe the Washington itself would be in any danger, but the fate of Phoenix and perhaps others might be changed." She remained quiet for a moment before returning to a stony resolve, "We have tasks to complete Jon, and we shouldn't delay."

Jon sighed, he knew Deanna was right and that they needed to remove as much of the contamination as they could. He just worried about changes to himself or Callie and Harry and of course his friends. "You are right Deanna." He said after a moment. "Let's get this done and return to the Washington."

T’Plana, with her acute Vulcan hearing, overheard the conversation; "Perhaps I have a solution to Ensign Phoenix’s problem. It would be a simple matter of me altering his NASA personnel record. I can have him promoted to flight mechanic for the Alpha Three mission and the individual assigned disqualified for some errant reason. I would use code that the current administration and computer technologist of this time would be unable to crack or even detect, especially since it would be written in Vulcan coding form.”

Deanna cracked a smile. She looked at T'Plana and then back at Jon and Phoenix, "You know, that might just work. She'd have to be very careful about what she input, but it would be little different than a standard black op for her. She'd need Ensign Phoenix with her to provide relevant information, but that could be something they could do now. I would just have you come with me Jon to check out the servers for any technology we need to remove while they dealt with that operation, and then we can deal with the impulse engines issue, if that works for you Commander."

Jon grinned at Deanna and T'Plana as he spoke. "I was going to suggest that, but I figured you both would laugh at me." He glanced at T'Plana and James, "You two get that done, while Deanna and I take care of the servers and removing technology."

Deanna returned the smile. "Nobody is going to laugh at the XO" she teased.

"Yeah?" Jon questioned. "Tell Callie that." He bantered back to Deanna.

"That's different" Deanna replied. "That is a wife's privilege."

"Uh huh." Jon replied with a smile.

"Alright, I suppose we should get a move on. Don't want to be here any longer than what we need" Deanna stated flatly as she began to make her way down the corridor.


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