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A Pleasant Visit

Posted on Mon Apr 10th, 2023 @ 8:27am by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: Alien Colony

The away team materialized inside a large scientific center, computers and other electronics lining much of the walls. An amazed Cole Turner stood near what looked like possible communications equipment. "Amazing. Utterly amazing" he said as he approached the away team.

Sam let Jon do the talking as he was the senior officer, instead she cautiously looked around the place, gauging the general feel and health of the people. She refrained from pulling out her tricorders for fear that it may give the wrong impression.

"Mr. Turner?" Jon asked the man facing them. "I'm Commander Grayson and may I present Dr. Howard and Lt. Hillis." He said by way of introduction. "We intercepted your message, what is the nature of your emergency?"

Cole remained amazed at what he was seeing, humans materializing out of nowhere. He spoke with a slight New England accent, "I am very glad to meet you all. This is a miracle to be sure. We never thought in our wildest dreams that our message would be heard all the way on Earth. We assumed it would take at least 150 years before you would hear it, let alone that you'd answer back and even manifest yourselves. However you managed it, seems like magic." He shook his head in disbelief, "I apologize for rambling, I just can't believe you are here. The main reason for the transmission is of course to contact Earth, let them know we are here. As I was telling your captain, our ancestors were taken and marooned here. I think our community leader and the community historian should speak with you, give you more information. They would be the best to talk with. I'll have our chief scientist join us."

"We would like to meet your leaders both political, medical and science." Jon commented. "I'm sure Dr. Howard would love to talk to someone from your medical field." Jon commented.

Ayana remained silent as they followed Cole. She couldn't help but be suspicious based on recent experiences. She kept a keen eye as they walked, observing everything. The technology was advanced from what she could see, though she wasn't the person who could make a quick assessment of it all. Deanna would know what all of this was, she could read their minds to know if they were lying or if any subterfuge existed. The best she could figure was that this was technology roughly equivalent to the 22nd century, close to about the level they had when Archer first took the NX-01 out on its first missions.

They entered a stone and brick building. They walked through a large atrium and entered an office. Inside were three women. Cole walked up to one and kissed her. "May I introduce our saviors from Earth, Cmdr Grayson, Dr. Howard, and Lt. Hillis.: Cole looked to the away team, "May I introduce our chief political leader, Piper Wyatt, her sister our scientist Dr. Paige Matthews, and their sister and my wife, our chief medical officer Dr. Phoebe Turner."

Sam nodded to all of them with a smile, her eyes taking in all the details around the rooms. "How have you people been keeping? Marooned here as you say and cut off from everyone else?" The question was innocent enough, a doctor inquiring as to the physical and mental well being of the general population.

"I think you'll find our populace quite healthy considering our situation. We don't suffer from much disease outside of the occasional cold or flu. We have increased life expectancy to 86 years, which is much improved from when our ancestors were on Earth. I would much like to discuss medicine with you doctor" Phoebe replied.

"How is Earth? Have the countries finally ceased constant warfare? Is the United States still the dominant world power?" questioned Piper.

"Forgive my sisters. As you can see, their enthusiasm over your arrival is getting the better of them" said Paige.

"I'd be happy to discuss whatever you like regarding medicine" Sam replied with a smile. She wasn't sure how much she should say about the current situation on Earth and the powers that were more galactic than continent based in current times.

Jon was silent as Sam prepare to talk to the sisters on medicine. For himself, he was studying and he hoped not too obviously the computers and other electronic equipment in the room. He also had questions about the dome, who erected it? What was it made of? How did you repair it if a crack developed?

Phoebe was excited to discuss medicine with Sam. "What can you tell me about medicine on Earth? Have you found cures for the many ailments that humans encounter? I know one of the big medical advancements we have recently discovered was a cure to cancer. I'm sure you have found the cure as well."

Sam chose her words carefully "We have had some major advancements in the medical field over the years. Perhaps you could show me your medical facility and we could discuss them?" Sam offered, not wanting to talk openly about their advancements until she saw exactly where their own medical field was at.

Ayana was happy to try to talk with Piper and Paige. "Earth is likely very different than what you may think or know if it. Without knowing when your ancestors were taken from Earth it is hard to say what events they were aware of and which they were not. The twentieth century was filled with conflict, including two world wars as well as the Eugenics War. Going into the new millennium a general peacefulness permeated for a few decades until the last world war happened, which killed nearly a third of the entire planetary population. Parts of Earth are still barren wastelands because of this, particularly the Middle East. The various nation states ceased to be in the latter part of the 21st century after First Contact. A world government was formed and over time humanity went into the stars, though Earth is still home for most of us."

Piper and Paige looked shocked. "A world government?" questioned Piper. "First Contact?" questioned Paige.

Ayana suddenly felt like perhaps she had jumped into something a bit more complex than she had intended.

Jon heard some raised voices, not in anger but more like disbelief or confusion. He walked over to Ayana. "Something wrong Ayana?"

Ayana looked at Jon a tad sheepishly. "I tried to answer questions but seem to have told them about certain things that have intrigued them."

Paige interjected, "We aren't afraid of what she told us, merely curious. It sounds like Earth has made great strides and we just want to hear about them."

Jon gave his best diplomatic smile. "I understand you aren't afraid and that is good. However as we just got here and this is essentially a First Contact visit, we don't want to overwhelm you with too much information all at once."

Paige was confused, indignant. "How does this constitute a first contact? We are human, just as you. We may not have been born on Earth, but our ancestors were. They were forcibly taken and enslaved. We sent out a distress call which you responded to. This is a rescue, perhaps a reunification, but not a first contact."

Phoebe continued to speak with Sam, "I would be happy to show you our medical facilities. I'm sure they aren't nearly as advanced as yours, but if you would like we can go review them now."

Sam looked over at Jon with a question in her eyes. "With your permission of course Sir" she said, knowing that heading out to the medical facility on her own would be a 'risk'.

Suddenly Shran voice came across the communicator, =^=Shran to Grayson.=^=

Jon smiled at Paige. "Excuse me for a moment please." As he moved a several feet away so he had some privacy for his conversation with Shran. =^= Grayson here sir. Go ahead.=^=

=^=How are things down there? Have they spoken of any sort of violence?=^=

=^= No sir. However, our talks are just getting started. Why? What have you discovered?=^= Jon's voice took on a guarded edge as he looked back at Paige and the others.

=^=The debris that Deanna found in orbit based on her initial analysis indicates that it is from a ship of unknown origin and that it was destroyed using plasma based weapons, something akin to old style Romulan torpedoes. It begs the question of who this ship was and who destroyed them. The plasma decay shows that this debris is only a year old.=^=

Jon resisted looking back at Paige and the others as Shran relayed the news to him. =^= I see. That is interesting sir. I would have thought they would have mentioned it.=^=

=^=They may be hesitant to speak of it. I assume Sam has confirmed they are indeed human, and you have made contact with some sort of civic leadership.=^=

=^= Sam is talking with two of the three sisters who make up the ruling leadership. I was talking to the third sister. One moment sir, I'll get Sam to join the conversation." Jon turned to see Sam in conversation with two of the sisters. "Sam? Sorry to intrude, Captain would like a word with you." He said politely. Then spoke Shran. =^= I have Sam with me sir. You can ask her directly.=^=

Sam excused herself from her current conversation about medicine and headed over to a discreet distance where they wouldn't be overheard.

=^=Sam, I need an update. Can you at least confirm that these people are who they say the are? Are they human?=^=

"Whilst I can't confirm their backstory yet, I ran a discreet scan when we first arrived and they are reading as human. There seems to be a little genetic drift over the years as they have acclimated to their environment but they are human." Sam explained, casting an eye back to the group. "I was planning to visit their hospital, I may be able to uncover more information whilst I'm there."

=^=Find out what you can, both of you. If you think it safe, we can beam their leadership up here. We have a lot of questions, but few answers thus far. =^=

=^= Certainly sir. they seem friendly enough and are inquisitive about us and Earth. Though the information about the ship debris is a mystery.=^= Jon admitted.

=^=Friendly and inquisitive. Sounds like a recipe for really great things or disaster=^= Shran replied.

"We'll let you know when we find out some more" Sam signed off and headed back to the gathering, looking forward to the visit to the colony's hospital.

While Jon and Sam had been speaking with the captain, Ayana had been trying to deal with the civic leaders. Her only option was to try to answer questions as best she could, within reason. "As I said, what you know of Earth and how it is now are different. The nation states no longer exist as they did when your ancestors were there. It is a united planet under a united government. This happened after a great deal of strife, which included great wars and death. Humanity came together after First Contact, which is the event in which we learned as a planet we were not alone in the universe, which in our case was meets a species known as the Vulcans. Within a century humanity had eliminated war, poverty, disease, and we had gone to the stars. Humanity created the Federation with a few other races and as you can guess, we have expanded our reach far from Earth. What can you tell us about those that brought your ancestors here?"

Piper, Phoebe, and Paige looked at each other in awe as Ayana spoke, and a look of trepidation when she asked about those that had brought them to this planet.


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