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The Working Parts

Posted on Wed Apr 12th, 2023 @ 1:25pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: USS Washington, Bridge
Tags: Captain Shran dh'Klar, Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

With Shran’s orders to take over on the bridge, Callie made her way directly there. This was going to be one of the few times she’d been in charge since taking her bridge officer’s test.

Stepping out of the turbolift Callie smiled warmly as she made her way across to the Ensign who was sitting in the centre seat. “I relieve you Ensign.”

He looked over as the Lt. Commander stepped out of the lift and walked to him. He stood as she spoke.

"I am Relieved, Thank you Lt. Commander"
He then walked back to his station and continued his work.

Callie smiled as she took the center seat. “Ensign scan the area, I want to know if anything out of the ordinary shows up.”

Dersch Replied "Yes mam, Scanning now"

A Few Second later the scan finished. "Nothing has been found, but will run more for safe measures."

Callie nodded. “Thank you Ensign.”

As Dersch completed his response, the turbolift doors again opened and several of the alpha shift officers arrived to relieve their counterparts. Among them was Lt L'Rissa who was coming to take over at CONN, but stopped to speak with Callie. "The captain informed me he was on his way with Deanna, but has asked that we have Shon and T'Plana join us on the bridge, and for an ensign Dersch to remain at tactical for the time being." After relaying the message L'Rissa made her way to her station and checked to make sure all was well.

“Thank you L’Rissa.” Callie tapped the comms. “Bridge to Commander T’ghann-Travis, and Lieutenant T’Plana-hath, please report to the bridge.” She closed the comms then looked at Dersch. “Ensign Dersch please remain at Tactical.”

He nodded and went back to looking at his console.

Shon had just finished her day in sickbay. It had been pretty repetitive filled with yearly medicals. It was however satisfying to get most of them done but, the Washington was an ever revolving door so there were always more. She was just heading home when she received the communique to head for the bridge. Wondering what it was about she headed straight there. Callie was seated in the Captain’s chair, she smiled and nodded at her friend wondering what was going on. She noted there was an air of tension amongst the bridge crew, more than usual so she stood back just observing waiting for the reason for her call.

Callie smiled as Shon arrived on the bridge. “Hi Shon, the Captain wants your presence on the bridge, he should be here with Deanna shortly.”

Shon nodded.

T’Plana-hath appeared out of the turbolift, her uniform immaculate and her hair done up in regulation style. If she had been disturbed by the summons to the bridge o her off duty time she did not appear to have been bothered by it. Stepping onto the bridge she quickly surveyed it, “Commander you requested my presence on the bridge.” It was a statement more than a question.

Again the turbolift doors opened and Shran stepped out, Deanna behind him. Seeing that those he wanted were all on the bridge now he directed them all to follow him to his ready room. "Lt L'Rissa, you have the bridge" he said as he entered the adjacent room.

Shran waited for the others to enter and the doors to close. "We have ourselves a mystery, and we seem to keep having more questions than answers. As you all may know, we encountered a strange signal, a tachyon based communication signal. We followed it to this system which is supposed to be vacant and found a colony of humans. Jon, Sam, and Ayana are currently down there speaking with the colony leaders, and with a bit of luck, they will get answers to some questions we may have. Deanna discovered debris in orbit of the planet, and after an analysis she believes that while the debris is of an unknown craft origin, the weapon used to destroy it is similar to Romulan plasma torpedoes commonly used a little more than a century ago. T'Plana, I want you to work with Deanna to scan the debris further and discover as much information as possible. Shon, Sam mentioned that she had only been able to do a few simple scans of the members of the colony she has encountered thus far, enough to confirm they are in fact human but she mentioned a slight genetic drift that she could only assume was based on the necessary alterations of living on this planet for several generations. She uploaded that scan data, I'd like for you to look it over and see if you can find anything more comprehensive with our resources here. We don't have a lot of time. I expect Jon to check in within the hour. Questions?

T’Plana stepped into the ready room and listened intently to what the captain was detailing out for their mission. She was intrigued, tachyon communication signals were spotty at best unless one had extremely powerful computer receivers, like Starfleet Intelligence and certain Starfleet vessels. Add to it the debris in orbit it did not add up. She acknowledged the captains orders to her “Aye Sir.” She then quickly stepped over to Commander Celes “Do you wish to use the Intelligence Suite for this?

"That may be a good idea. You go and get things set up and begin analyzing things and I will meet you there once I run a second standard series of scans" Deanna replied to T'Plana.

T’Plana nodded her agreement and did an about face and began to make her way to the Intelligence Suite. She had heard what she needed to know. Her mind was already formulating what she would need. The first priority was the current and known data and intelligence on the Romulans. This would include all known data of ships, weapons and deployment of forces from first contact with the Federation to now. She knew that the Romulans were known to occasionally use their older designs and weapon systems to confuse other galactic powers. Her second priority was gathering all known data on tachyon communication signals, which galactic powers were using them and how often.

“Yes Sir I will get on to it immediately” Shon said taking a space up by the science station.

Callie noted that Shran hadn’t mentioned her name. “Is there anything I can do Captain? Can I be of use on the surface at all?”

"I am sure that once we send additional personnel down to the surface you'll be included Callie. Until I hear back from Jon the main thing I need from you is helping others however possible. The little Jon has reported back thus far makes it seem that these people are happy and enthusiastic about our being here, but they haven't provided much in the way of information about how they got here or how they have managed to survive for so long. We know they were brought here over 300 years ago, but beyond that we know very little. Humans from the 20th or early 21st century would have a very difficult time surviving on a planet like this without either a lot of technology or outside assistance. I haven't a clue what to make of these people from a psychological perspective."

Callie nodded. “I understand Sir, I’ll go over what we have so far and see if I can get any information from it. I’m not sensing any kind of threat as yet, but I’ll keep my senses alert for any changes.”

Dersch then spoke up, "Captain, may I suggest we keep track of our away team for safety if its not already being done? Something doesn't feel right."

"We are doing so ensign" Shran replied. "Remember away team protocols from your Academy days." Shran was then contacted by Jon who suggested beaming up colony reps to the ship. Shran agreed that would be a solid plan and told him that they would be waiting for Jon's signal to bring them up. Shran looked over at Callie, "Seems Jon will be back soon. I'd like you with us in the conference room when we meet with these representatives. I'd like to have Shon, Deanna, and Seth in there as well. Will you have them meet us in the conference room?"

Callie nodded. “Yes Sir.” She turned to Shon and Deanna. “Shon, Deanna, the Captain wants you both in the conference room when our guests beam aboard.” She tapped her comm badge. “Bridge to Lieutenant Travis, Seth please report to the conference room.”

Deanna nodded her confirmation and then walked over to Shon who was at a science station. "I am getting residual bio signatures in my scans from the debris. It is only a few stray cells and the bio signs show they the creature was likely killed by a plasma weapon which has left a residual plasma charge in the cells. They are similar to Caitian cells, but I am seeing differences. I thought perhaps you might be able to at least confirm what I am seeing before we meet with the colony reps."

Shon left what she was doing in order to check Deanna’s findings. She scanned the PaDD and looked at the data, transferred scans on the science screen. Her eyes narrowed, “I can see where you are going with this and yes, there are many similarities to Caitian cells. The differences could be due to genetic drift that is very old. Or it could be denuded or mixed with other cells. I cannot give you a definitive answer Deanna. Maybe after a few hours work but I agree with you on the similarities.

Deanna considered something and then leaned in to speak to Shon is a low voice, realizing L'Rissa was currently at the CONN. "Do you think this might be a cousin race to Caitians, similar to that of Vulcans and Romulans?"

In the quarters he and Shon shared, Seth heard Callie's call. "On my way Callie." He answered and prepared to leave. He stopped and wrote a note for Shasta, explaining where he was. So the girl wouldn't worry. That done he placed the note on the dining room table and left, heading for the conference room.


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