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A Return to Normality

Posted on Sat Jul 15th, 2023 @ 11:56am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign Kate Kono

Mission: Writing the Q Cards
Location: USS Washington

Q flashed into sickbay. "Sorry to intrude aunt Kathy, but I need to get everything back to normal, and that starts with sending you back to Earth."

Janeway gave a small smile. "I am glad you are showing responsibility, but I must ask what you mean by getting everything around here back to normal?"

"While I haven't been responsible for the disease or death around here, I did do a few things that require rectification. As I said, that starts with you aunt Kathy" Q replied as he looked in the direction of Julia, Linds, and Jan.

Janeway looked at the women, "Well, it was nice meeting you all. Tell your captain I'll be in touch." She looked back at Q, "Ready when you are."

"See you soon aunt Kathy" Q said as he snapped his fingers. Janeway disappeared in a flash and he looked at the trio of women. "You three have handled yourself well, though not perfectly. But perhaps you might have a better understanding of your personas here now. Ready to go?"

“NO” Linds stood forward. “Q I want to stay. For so many reasons. You know you can do this for me, let me stay and have a life rather than…..” she stopped talking and shrugged her shoulders. “Get on with it then.” She said sadly looking at Julia and Jan.

Julia watched on, regret in her eyes as Linds begged to stay here in the future.she could completely empathised with the situation. She herself was happy to go back to reality, having seen the darker side of the fantasy they all played in. At least in reality there wasn't any omnipotent brings trying to toy with you for their own enjoyment. "Ready" she said simply.

"I told your captain I'd fix this properly. You may prefer this reality, but it isn't where you belong. Time to get you all back to your own reality and let your personas return to this one" Q replied, a tinge of sympathy in his voice. With that he snapped his fingers and in a flash Julia, Linds, and Jan were gone and replaced by Samantha, Shoniara, and Callie. Q smiled and then disappeared, having one last group to change.

Joe had left Chris's quarters, or rather Phoenix's quarters and made his way to the turbolift to get back to the bridge. On his ride up the turbolift had stopped and picked up Jeff and Kate. The turbolift continued its journey to the bridge. Joe looked at the others, "Q has begun his process of returning us to our reality. Phoenix is back to normal, and I figure he'll do the same for everyone down in sickbay next. That would leave just the three of us."

Jeff nodded in agreement. "Makes sense. Time for him to put things right. I hear you had Admiral Janeway in Sickbay. I wish I could have met her." he shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well."

"It was quite a treat, albeit out of the blue. I actually met Kate Mulgrew once, even have a picture at the Janeway monument in Bloomington. To actually meet the real deal though, it was special. I suspect it gave the biggest thrill to Julia. I'm more of a Sisko guy" Joe quipped with a smile. He looked at Kate, "And I assume you have found everything well in order."

Jeff nodded. "I bet it was. I have autographs of William Windom as Commodore Decker and Morgan Woodward as Captain Tracey."

"Impressive. I don't have either of those. I have the entire original cast, a few multiple times, and then a slew of others from the others series" Joe replied gleefully. "I was a big convention goer in my younger years."

Kate nodded in reference to Jeff's original question.
"Yeah. I'm still going to be in here when you leave so don't kill me with those keyboards. Q did me a favor since life out in the reality out there was tough. So all things considered, I even have a version of my family here, too. The way I think it works is that there's a version of me out there that never left." She shrugged her bony shoulders and shook her head. "Temporal Mechanics? I think this might cause my eyes to cross." Kate added.

Joe gave a soft chuckle at Kate's temporal mechanics remark. "You are young, and you haven't had an opportunity to study such things. It isn't as difficult to understand as it seems. Trust me, I am horrible at math in reality but I can do quantum physics and quantum mechanics all day with relative ease."

"I never met the woman that played Janeway, nor have I seen that series yet but I'll get around to it -- oh, wait... That's right. I guess I'll never see that series since I'm going to be here..." She sighed. "Dang. But hey! I'm in one, so..." She trailed off and smiled sheepishly.

"Technically you will have the opportunity to see it, in your real life in the other dimension, which will control your persona here. Don't worry, it'll make sense to you in time" Joe replied simply, trying not to cause a mental meltdown on his new player.

As they reached the bridge Joe spotted Q sitting at the science station at the back of the bridge. He knew it was time for them to all leave. A moment please Q" he said as he looked at the omnipotent being. He looked over at Jeff and smiled, "Never going to have a chance like this again. Carpe diem, right?" He marched down and took Deanna in his arms, dipped her and gave her a passionate kiss, reminiscent of the famous WWII era photograph. He looked her over once more as he broke the embrace and then looked back at Q with a smile, "I'm ready now."

Q gave an approving smile and then snapped his fingers, and the trio vanished in a flash, replaced by their personas who were none the wiser of the change not what had just occurred. Q gave the bridge one last look around, "You Federation types are fun. I'll have to come back." With a snap of his fingers her disappeared in a white flash, leaving the Washington to return to its normal business.


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