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Posted on Tue Aug 15th, 2023 @ 9:41am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant JG Kate Kono

Mission: Damn Dirty Apes
Location: Planet

The group of Apes on horseback watched the strangers flee towards the treeline, their noble steeds pawing at the earth in anticipation of the chase. Intruders into their land would not be tolerated, particularly if they chose to hide rather than confront. With a motion of a weapon high in the air they thundered forward, the lead rider tracking the away team with scent and the marks of their footsteps.

Since Kate was the one left behind to guard while the others moved on, she was the first to see them as they approached her position. Kate scrambled out of the mud soaked hole she was in and tapped her combadge as she scrambled through the thick brush knowing they'd soon catch up to her. Once she stumbled to her feet she tapped her combadge.

=^= "Hey you guys! There's like, a bunch of apes on horseback coming your way and they're going to find me before they find you. So, should I like, you know, shoot them? A little bit? Or preserve the prime directive as best I can and NOT shoot them? Let me know in like sixty or so seconds. In the meantime I'm running parallel west from you to throw them off..." =^=

Kate pushed herself harder as the branches of trees and bushes slapped her silly the harder, she went into the thick of the woods in an attempt to find places the horses couldn't go. It'd only slow her pursuers down but at least she was leading them parallel to her crew rather than right at them where she would have made their life difficult. So far, they didn't see her, but she knew they could hear the branches and see the trees react to her movement through the brush. The prime directive was imperative in her mind, and she didn't need primitives seeing a young Starfleet Ensign with a tailored mud-soaked modern Uniform running around with a comm badge and a Phaser. She had already hidden her duffel bag and it got beamed away with the shuttle thank goodness but she herself was a walking talking prime directive violation and so would shooting them be.

"Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap...." The young girl whispered to herself as she rushed through the thick terrain and squeeze her skinny body through the thickest of woods and undergrowth while hearing hooves and feet close behind her. For sure they were getting slowed down but her stamina wasn't endless. She waited for the reply for a confirmation on fight or flight. She was ready to either use or destroy her phaser at a moments reply. She stopped for a moment to use the phaser to vaporize her tricorder before blasting back off deeper and deeper into the woods. Kate could her them galloping closer.

"Do not engage unless absolutely necessary. I'll double back for you" Sam ordered, motioning for the others to continue whilst she headed west to try and provide backup for Kate. Phaser drawn but set to stun she ran fast, hearing the thundering of hoofbeats only very slightly slowed by the density of the forest. "Hang on Kate, I'm nearly there."

=^= "Okay gotchya Sam, thanks!" =^=

"Absolutely necessary." Kate repeated to herself as they nearly caught up with her. She couldn't think of anything else better to do so she pulled her shoes and socks off. "They're never going to let this crap go." She said to herself as she ripped her clothing to pieces where the stitches weren't visible. Kate tried to make the clothing looks as primitive as possible. Thanks to the mud, that wasn't too hard as she re-attired herself to look indigenous. Kate wondered if being Asian was going to be a problem whether she was scantily clad or not. She then took the receiver chamber panel off the back of the phaser and wiggled the emitter crystal out of the device and threw the phaser onto the ground. She took a rock and two-handed smashed the device until it busted. She took the power coil out of the device and threw it into the woods before throwing leaves over the remains of what couldn't be vaporized. From there, she took the comm badge and placed it into her mouth. The badge was large for her mouth but once she seated it between her outer gums and her inner lip in the back near her jaw, it simply looked as if she had a broken jaw. The tip of the badge hurt a little, but she moved it with her tongue until it wasn't digging into her mouth as hard. She also couldn't complain to herself anymore.

From there, she streaked through the woods while the thought came to her mind about 21st Century Sports Games where people would streak across British football fields just to see how long it would take Security to chase them down. Only, this wasn't a soccer field, and the Security guards were apes that she couldn't shoot with a phaser because it would change the course of history for their entire planet. It was official, she wasn't having the time of her life anymore. For now, she wanted to run away from the apes as well as the crew before they saw her.

As soon as she could take the comm badge out of her mouth, she wanted to request that they beam her directly to her quarters at the earliest convenience. Otherwise, the next thing she might replicate for a uniform for the next few weeks would be a paper bag for her head. The last thing she wanted was for the crew to see her in a loincloth.

It wasn't long before Kate found one of the other natives in the woods and walked alongside them after quickly slowing her pace at the same time the apes caught up with her. Kate pointed her finger East to get the search party on their way to the latest Snipe-Hunt. As they passed by, the native looked oddly at her as he had never seen her before in his life. Kate couldn't talk with a comm badge jammed in her mouth and it didn't look as if the native humans could talk, either.

Kate shrugged her bare shoulders and let him walk ahead of her as she did her best to hide the fact that she had been running for several minutes straight. As soon as the native stopped paying attention to her, she pulled in several lungsful of air and gasped to catch her breath as her body shook from a mixture of the breeze, adrenaline, and terror. Kate was quite sure those apes would have killed her had she not utilized her newfound intelligence talents to blend in under pressure. Kate allowed some space to build between her and the native before pulling the comm badge out of her mouth. She went to wipe the spit off on her sleeve but soon remembered that there was no sleeve anymore. Kate rolled her eyes at herself as she just tapped the tip of her finger through her saliva coated device.

=^= "Okay Sam, this isn't fun anymore..." =^= Kate said between sharp intakes of breath. =^= "I lost them but --- you guys just-- do your thing. I'm good. Beam me to my quarters when you get everything working. No need to find me. Just --- remember to beam me straight to my quarters after this is over. No transporter pad for me. Please don't find me... It'll be way too awkward." =^=

She whispered further into the badge.
=^= "And don't ask why..." =^=

Kate waited for a reply before sticking the comm badge back into her mouth because the last thing she wanted was for her teeth to start rattling when Sam replied. Plus, she wasn't too sure how well she could understand what was said if Sams words started coming out of her own mouth.

" As much as I wanna go with you on that one, I can't leave you out here on your own, you know the rules" Sam whispered back, her tricorder showing she was only 100 meters from Kate. "I'm at your 12 o'clock, 100 meters."

Kate's eyes narrowed at a spot on the ground, and she puckered her lips in aggravation because she knew that her life as a normal person was officially over.

=^= "I should have let the apes shoot me. At least I would have been caught dead in uniform. I'm on my way." =^= Kate met Sam but didn't say hello as she passed her. "I pointed them east. They'll eventually figure it out." Kate couldn't turn any redder in the face. "You don't have a bag I can put over my head by any chance?"

* Meanwhile *

"I have successfully created an uplink to the orbiting probe. Downloads topography and life sign data" Deanna announced as they continued to move towards the rocky hill. In the distance they could see Ayana, about 300 ft. away, in a crouched position, taking aim at something. Deanna's tricorder suddenly beeped, denoting the download was complete. She looked at the data and saw that they were being tracked, and those tracking them were only 75 ft. away. "Jon, we need to move. They are right no top of us."

"Deanna, you and Callie get into the trees." Jon ordered. "Ayana, create a diversion and then into the woods." He said via his comm badge to not give away team's location away. He turned and aimed his phaser at the tall grass and fired, setting the grass aflame and giving them a much-needed break from pursuit.

"Commander, considering our pursuers, I suggest we make for this nearby lake. If need be, we can use it as both an obstacle for them as well as a means for us to hide, albeit temporarily. Apes have a natural fear of bodies of water" Deanna suggested.

From the distance the sound of a phaser firing could be heard. Then suddenly several trees nearby were hit and began to collapse towards the grass fire. Ayana could be seen in the distance remaining in position, her rifle poised should anything attempt to breach the flames.

Jon considered what Deanna said. "You and Callie head for the lake Deanna. Contact Sam, so she and the Ensign know to head that way as well. We'll meet up there. I'll stay here with Ayana to cover your withdrawal." He tapped his comm badge, "Ayana fall back. I'll cover you."

Deanna nodded and took Callie with her towards the water, northeast of their current position. They would have to cross a small open field, but Deanna felt it was worth the risk. They'd reach the water in only a few minutes time, assuming they didn't run into any additional hindrance. She quickly contacted Sam while they hurried to their new destination.

Ayana looked confused as she got the order from Jon. Fall back? Where? She was at the base of the hill. She had the superior position at the moment. She saw Deanna and Callie running in a new direction. =^= Jon, are we changing destinations? I have a tactical view of the entire tree line currently. I am in position to provide cover to anyone at this time. =^=

"Deanna and Callie are heading towards a lake and crossing it. It is a natural obstacle for the apes. Sam and Kate should be heading there as well. Which leaves you and me to cover them."

Sam and Kate watched the flames take hold in the long undergrowth, impressive to see but easily traversable once a basic understanding of fire behaviour was achieved. She notes the message to move to the lake and looked at their options. Shucking off her jacket she tossed it to Kate "no bags required" she quipped as she headed towards the flames. A rally cry was heard only moments behind them along with the sound of thundering hooves and a spear that landed millimeters from her boot.

Kate zipped the jacket over her bare chest at the exact moment the arrow nearly hit Sam's boot.

"It doesn't happen to the nudists it seems." Kate said. "The moment I put something on this happens!" She started running with Sam. "Thank you though." Kate heard the zip of another arrow as they ran for dear life!

"Did you know that the direction at which the arrows point just so happens to be the direction we need to always run?" Kate joked as they ran. It kept her mind off of the idea that the next one might actually hit someone, and she didn't want to think about that at all as she worked her way toward the lake while attaching her comm badge back to the coat that Sam had let her borrow.

The primitives had scattered thankfully, and left Ayana alone with Jon. The two of them began traversing up the rocky hill, as the top would provide them with an excellent vantage point to see the entire valley and provide any sort of covering fire that might be needed. Ayana only hoped Jon wouldn't stop her from doing anything based on the Prime Directive.

They were midway up the hill when the sound of gunfire could be heard, and then suddenly projectiles hit in rocks near them. Ayana too a look and saw a couple of apes on horseback firing what looked to be rifles of some sort. They looked similar to weapons used in the early 20th century. Those weapons fired bullets, and accuracy wasn't something you got without a lot of training. Her thoughts were now on protecting the senior officer, which at the moment was Jon. "Permission to return fire?" she queried.

Ducking behind a large boulder and bringing Ayana with him, Jon didn't hesitate. " Be my guest Ayana. Let them know who they are dealing with." He answered with a smirk. "Show them how good a shot you are."

Ayana took aim and fired, hitting the lead ape, a gorilla from in appearance, and sending him tumbling to the ground. She took aim and fired and again, this time at the other ape which looked a bit like a chimpanzee, but it leapt from the horse and dodged the shot. Ayana looked astonished seeing the ape move with such agility. She fired again, and again the ape dodged the phaser blast. "Commander, would you mind firing at this ape. I don't want you to hit him, aim a bit to its left."

Jon pulled his phaser and did as Ayana instructed, aiming slightly to the left of the ape, he fired.

As Jon fired, Ayana let loose a volley as well only a half second afterwards, and this time her shot rang true, hitting the ape as it attempted to dodge Jon's blast and jumping directly into her shot. She smiled a wry accomplished smile, "Agile, but not tactically adept" she muttered. "We should hurry to the top. I'm sure our fire fight will draw attention."

Jon smiled as a second ape fell to Ayana's marksmanship. "Nicely done and no not tactically adept. Let's go." He said as he gave a glance back down the hill at the apes and saw more apes arriving. gathering around the two downed apes and pointing to their current position.

Kate and Sam kept their flight onwards towards the summit to which they had agreed on earlier. The pursuers were on their tail still, firing arrows from bows whilst mounted on horses. Sam dared to risk a glance back, pausing her flight to get a better look on their attackers. They were holding their lead, the density of the forest slowing the horses just enough for them not to close to much distance. Their arrows however were finding their mark. Another whizzed by her face and a second dig into the flesh of her shoulder. Instinct caused her to grab and yank it out before the pain took hold. A cursory medical inspection at her resumed run indicated for now it shouldn't hinder them too much. She still had her medical lot and could treat it once they were safe.

Ayana and Jon were at the top of the hill now and in a fire fight. They were grossly outnumbered, but they held the high ground and had superior weapons and tactics. From this vantage point they could see everyone, albeit at a distance. Callie and Deanna had reached the lake with no trouble. It appeared that Sam and Kate were breaking out of the jungle near a summit, and they were engaged with primitive humans who were firing arrows at them while also dealing with a few of the apes who had rifles and spears. If she wasn't already preoccupied Ayana would happily force a retreat of those chasing Sam and Kate, but at the moment she had to keep her fire aimed squarely at those after her and Jon.

Five apes lay on the ground severely stunned, but nine more were attacking them as they fired their rifles and slowly climbed up the hill. "Don't worry about the gorillas" Ayana said as she continued firing. "We need to incapacitate the chimps first. They are the real threat at the moment." She was right of course; the gorillas were large and obviously powerful, but they were slow and somewhat easy targets. The chimps however were agile and quick, difficult to hit and rapidly moving up the side of the hill. "I've got a pair of photon grenades in my pack if you are so inclined Commander. But to be honest, I think we are in desperate need of a beam out. I know Deanna wanted us all together, but it appears only Callie and Deanna are currently free of danger."

Jon made a command decision. "Give me your rifle Ayana. You prepare one of the photon grenades and contact the ship. Tell them the situation and to beam Deanna, Callie, Sam and Kate out. We'll be the last to keep the apes interested in us." He gave her a humorlessly smile. "Then toss the grenade right into the middle of the apes."

Ayana handed over the rifle and hit her comm badge, =^=Washington, priority transport requested. Commander Grayson wants the rest of the away team out of here now. The Commander and I are currently under assault and keeping hostiles occupied. Get the others out immediately. =^=

=^=Understood lieutenant. Locking on to the first group, syncing up with the probe, and energizing=^= the transporter chief said over the comm. A moment after he finished talking, Deanna and Callie dematerialized.

Sam and Kate made slow progress, the primitive weapons being fired towards them made it almost impossible to just run without a predetermined evasive pattern and seeking the cover of the trees. This environment was home to the natives of this planet, and they moved a lot quicker through it than the Starfleet crew. "Come on Kate, they're gaining!"
What she didn't realize was that there was a group of chimps and apes in between them and where Jon and Ayana were, effectively surrounding them.

=^=First transport cycle complete. Locking on to the second group. They are mobile, it is making getting the lock more difficult.=^=

As Ayana was in contact with the Washington and had transported Deanna and Callie bac k to the ship and was working on transporting Sam and Kate. Jon kept the apes at bay. He had gotten better at picking off the chimps. As once they jumped right or left he fired two quick shots. One to where they jumped to and one where they came from. As a result, more apes lay on the ground and their climb to get to him and Ayana had slowed considerably.

Sam and Kate were close enough to hear the melee and head for it, knowing full well it would be the rest of the away team under siege. Their own assailants still shooting at them they headed towards the fighting, Sam's shoulder beginning to burn with the effort.

"At your 3 o'clock Sir" She puffed into her comm badge as they got closer.

=^=Initiating transport in five seconds =^= said the chief.

Ayana fired her smaller phaser while she grabbed the photon grenade. "They are about to transport Sam and Kate. We should increase our diversionary fire" she said informatively to Jon.

Jon didn't bother with an answer, she just selected targets and fired again and again to keep the ape's attention on himself and Ayana, while Sam and Kate were transported to safety. "Toss the grenade Ayana. Light em up."

Kate pulled her fist back on a chimp that lunged at her and Sam. Just as she was about to throw the punch, everything around her went white, followed by darkness. It was a strange thing, being transported. Kate wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to the idea of her atoms being taken apart, rebuilt, and placed back together again at the other end of a safety buffer. It was another thought she had — the fact that every part of her was somehow transported over two-hundred miles away to a point in orbit in a confined stream. She wondered if all these thoughts came before or after she was torn apart and put back togheter; they certainly couldn’t have happened during transport when her atomic structure was in billions if not trillions of pieces.

Kates' mind, wherever it was — here nor there, was full of thoughts, questions, and emotions about the past hour. Did she do the right thing on her first mission? For sure, she did what she was told to do — she didn’t fire a shot, she attempted to protect the prime directive, and she even destroyed her phaser when told she couldn’t shoot back.

… yet, everyone else opened fire, created a prime directive nightmare, kept their phasers, didn’t try to blend in. ‘Did I do it all wrong?’ She thought to herself. She didn’t even know who to ask. It was all so exciting, confusing, and somewhat embarrassing. She didn’t know what to expect once reality came into view after the transport. All she knew was, she was so happy to get off that planet.

Exactly 5 seconds later Sam and Kate were beamed back to the Washington, Sam's tunic bloodstained and Kate's uniform mostly missing. They would have made an interesting sight on the transporter platform. Sam took a few a moment to yank an emergency lightweight foil blanket out of her medkit - enough for Kate to cover what she felt she needed to.

"I need you in sickbay for a once over when you get changed" She said to the younger officer.

Kate didn't hesitate to wrap her bottom half up like a walking-talking Starfleet Burrito.

"Me? You're the one that got shot." Kate pointed at Sam's wound. "That looks like it requires at least an aspirin. Are you okay?!"

Sam looked critically at the blood oozing through her undershirt for the first time. Adrenaline had kept them going for the last few hours. "Nothing a dermal regenerator, and the galaxy's strongest antibiotic won't fix. I hope there wasn't anything funky on the tip..." Her words trailed off. "Best get it looked at."

Ayana tossed the grenade while Jon kept firing. The explosion took out 3 apes, one chimp and two gorillas. It also had the secondary effect of startling the others, which was fortunate as several more had arrived. Ayana hit her comm badge, =^=Transport when ready chief. =^=

=^=The EM field is disrupting your signal. The probe has lost contact with the ship. Having to compensate...=^= The signal from the ship cut off.

Ayana hit her comm badge several more times as she continued to fire. "Commander, I believe the ship has lost the ability to contact us, and that means we aren't getting transported anytime soon. So, the choice is yours sir, keep fighting or surrender."



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