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Desperate Journey

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2023 @ 3:54pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Damn Dirty Apes
Location: Ape Planet
Timeline: Current

As Jon and Ayana were tied and thrown onto their horses by the apes, he noticed most of them were gorillas. *They must be the might of the military.* He silently thought as the party moved off from the ruined lab He and Ayana had found.

Jon tugged on his bound wrists, but it was no use. The ropes were too tight. He could see Ayana also struggling with her binds with the same negative results. He let his horse fall back to Ayana where he could talk to her. "You okay Ayana?" He quietly asked the security officer. His eyes wandering over the apes surrounding them. The apes had a casual but alert manner to them as if daring the human pair to make an escape attempt. One he wasn't going to take them up on. At least not yet with their hands and feet bound in the middle of nowhere. A better opportunity would present itself later. He was sure of it.

They were taken from the wastelands, past the orchard, and into the jungle. They were taken to what looked like a forward command post, definitely a military layout from Ayana's vantage point. The gorillas took them from the horses and marched them towards what looked to be a leader's tent. As they neared the entrance they stopped, an evil looking ape, a chimp from the looks of it, with a pair of gorillas stood before them. "So these are the strange humans. Besides their clothing, they look as harmless as the rest of the slaves."

"Commander Thade, they are expected by the general" one of the gorilla escorts informed the chimp.

"Then by all means, let us not keep the general waiting." He sneered and gave a vile look at Jon and Ayana as he led them in to see the general.

Jon looked at the chimp. It seemed bad guys were all the same whether they be humanoid or ape. He was sure Thade was a bad guy; the general he didn't know but was sure he would know within minutes of meeting him.

After being ushered in, Jon and Ayana stood in front of the general. Jon noticed he was a big silverback gorilla who was pointedly ignoring them as he talked to someone. "Yes, yes." He said impatiently. "I will, they are here now. Goodbye.' Putting the field phone down. He now looked at Jon and Ayana.
Before glancing at Thade. His gaze squarely on the pair. He stood up and walked to stand before them. "So, you're the pair that stunned my troopers and led them on a merry chase before escaping only to be captured at the shrine of Caesar. I am General Athos. Answer my questions and you'll live as slaves. Resist and you will be punished but will still answer my questions.

He paused as he let what he said sink into the human's brains. After several seconds he spoke again addressing Ayana first. "Where is your tribe? Where are they located? They must be somewhere in the Unknown Zone." He waited for her answer.

Ayana glanced at Jon before looking at Thade and Athos. "Hillis, Ayana. Rank, lieutenant. And yes, my tribe is located in your unknown zone."

Thade backhanded Ayana across the face. "Insolence from you will not be tolerated" he snarled.

Ayana picked herself up off the ground, her cheek slightly swollen and a bit of blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. She offered a wry grin as she looked defiantly at Thade, "Somebody seems to be compensating for something. I'm guessing you aren't too popular with the ladies."

Thade grunted aggressively, obviously angry. Athos however was not about to allow Thade to usurp his authority. "Thade, stand down. These humans are obviously from a more advanced tribe than most. Don't let a female bait you so easily." He looked over at Jon, "And you, what do you have to say for yourself? The same insolence, or are you willing to save yourself and your comrade a great deal of pain?"

"Good advice "General. But then good help is hard to find, so you make do with what is available." Jon bantered before answering, Grayson Jonathan. Rank commander. My tribe is also located in the Unknown Zone."

Athos snorted. "You are capable of speech, and you are capable of thought, and the reports say you have weapons that launch lightning, yet you refuse to tell me of something as simple as the true location of your tribe. You show honor and courage, both I respect, but I have no time for. Perhaps I should allow Thade to loosen your tongues."

Jon nodded eyeing Thade before replying to Athos. "You can certainly try that General but know this. We are not your enemy. We only used our weapons to stun and in self-defense after your troops attacked us. As for our location, telling you would not be the wisest decision. We have seen how you treat humans."

Thade howled. "The insolence of this worthless human! He thinks himself an equal to apes."

"We are equals, at least here" Ayana said in a defiant tone. "We have been sentient for millennia before you."

"Sacrilege!" Athos exclaimed.

Jon nodded to Ayana before looking at Thade. " What the Lieutenant says is true. However, small minds fear what they either don't know or what they are afraid to know Thade. Which category do you fall in? I wonder or perhaps it is just closed to new thoughts for they could shake up your place in all this."

A chimp entered and approached the general. He spoke softly, but Ayana could still hear the low voice tell the general that a Dr. Salos had arrived on the base and was requesting an audience, along with someone apparently revered called Zaius. General Athos' eyes grew wide for a moment before his face squinched, indicating anger and deep thought. He looked to Thade, "We have guests."

Thade understood the general. "Very well." He ordered that Jon and Ayana be taken to the side and kept quiet as the guests were brought in. Ayana looked at Jon, obviously intrigued by the development and the possibilities it might present.

Jon shared a look with Ayana as they were shuffled to the side. "Interesting." He whispered as he noticed Athos reaction to the mention of Salos's name as well as one called Zaius. Before he had a chance to reflect on what that meant. Another chimp came in, bowing before Athos. "General! I present Dr. Salos!" At that, a female chimp walked in. "Athos." She said without preamble, her attention on Athos and not seeing Ayana and Jon standing off to the side. I understand you have captured the strange humans."

"Yes" Athos grumbled. "My men just brought them in" he said, glancing in their direction. "I was attempting to give them a look over. They are quite different than the other humans. It appears these humans can talk and show the ability to have at the very least basic conversations. Your arrival coincides with my attempts to speak with them."

Salos looked over at them and took note of Ayana's swollen right cheek and the blood at the corner of her mouth. "Yes, I see you have been allowing Thade to do most of the 'talking' so far. I think we can agree that if what you say is true, it is imperative that they be transferred to my facility immediately for full analysis."

Thade was not about to take such a challenge of authority lightly and showed his distaste for this female ape, "We captured them, and they pose a military threat and as such are not for you. If you are so keen in studying humans, we have several others that you can have to dissect."

"Always so aggressive and shortsighted Thade" Salos teased. "I don't know what Zira sees in you. You'd be wise to use a gentler tone with me if you hope to marry my daughter."

Suddenly the entrance of the tent opened again, and an older more reverent looking ape entered, an orangutan from the looks of it, dressed in elegant priestly robes. "I see that my ears were correct, Salos and Thade are arguing once again as Athos attempts to remain diplomatically silent."

Athos rose from his seat, "Zaius, you honor us with your presence."

Ayana looked at Jon, giving him a look about what was going on before them. They appeared to be present for some sort of ape power struggle.

Jon caught Ayana's look and he nodded to her. The situation was certainly a fluid and rapidly changing one with the appearance of two more apes with Salos and Athos at odds over Jon and Ayana. As he stood there, he thought of something. Callie often said she could feel him, sense him and would know if something had happened or was wrong with him. He didn't know if she could sense him over so great a distance, but it was worth a shot. *Callie, Ayana and I have been captured by the apes. We're at some military compound. Tell Shran." He silently thought.

"I am certain both the military and science directorates want to examine these humans in more detail. I hear that these humans can speak, intelligently even. Is this true?" Zaius asked.

"They are capable of speech, yes" Athos answered diplomatically, as he pointed at Jon and Ayana.

"They speak only blasphemy" Thade interjected.

"They are humans Thade. Do you expect them to speak the words of the sacred texts?" Zaius mused aloud as he approached. He looked at Ayana and Jon, "This female is different than the majority of humans we see. I am certain Salos would like to study this to see if it is anything similar to our variations." He walked over to Jon and gripped his jaw and swiveled his head, "Are you the blasphemers Thade says you are?"

Jon pulled his head away from Zaius's grip. But kept his eyes on the orangutan. "Most revered one, my companion and I are strangers, visitors and we do not know your sacred texts." He answered he hoped diplomatically.

"Subterfuge and diplomacy, he is intelligent" Zaius quipped. "Perhaps we could satisfy both of you by bring them back to the settlement and you both studying them jointly."

"That sounds agreeable" Salos said begrudgingly.

"I agree to the terms" Athos replied as he gave a glance towards Thade.

"Revered one. Why must we remain bound? Are we prisoners? Is this the way you treat visitors?" Jon knew it was a longshot to get him and Ayana unbound but perhaps it would give the apes something to think about.

"You haven't been processed yet" Zaius replied in a matter-of-fact manner.

Thade looked incensed at Jon's gall and arrogance to ask such a question. Athos placed a hand on his shoulder to calm his junior, but Thade remained quite put off. The guards escorted Jon and Ayana out, and the apparent leaders followed close behind. Everyone was put on horseback, except for Zaius, who had a lounging carrier which 4 apes carried him in, and they began their trek to the ape colony.


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