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Of Men and Gods

Posted on Fri May 20th, 2022 @ 1:16pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: USS Jupiter

Ayana and Shon slowly made their way out of the shuttle, unaware that Jon and has team had returned only a few minutes prior to them. Ayana looked to Shon, "We made it back without Samantha going ballistic, so I guess that is a good thing. We need to tell someone of what we saw, and what we may have unleashed."

"What are you two doing down here?" asked Celes.

Shon looked askance at Ayana, “we went back down to the planet to try to find some more out. We had a….meeting with Loki and Lugh.”

"You encountered who?" questioned Celes.

"The Norse god Loki and the Celtic god Lugh" replied Ayana.

Celes looked at Jon, "Perhaps that is what the settlers were worried we might encounter."

"A valid point Deanna." Jon replied, "What did Loki and Lugh tell you?"

Ayana looked almost guilty. "Honestly, they didn't say much. Mostly just grateful that we seemed to have freed them."

“You freed them?” Amethyst looked worriedly at Jon. “Why were they locked up in the first place?”

"You went back to the planet and freed a pair of prisoners that identified themselves as gods of ancient Earth. Am I alone in being concerned?" questioned Deanna.

Shon looked at Ayana, “they cured us of our inability to be on the surface without suits and I had torn mine. They did not seem aggressive in any way. They do have something to do with this. They talked of their followers having lived on the planet and had perished because they were imprisoned.”

Celes looked at Jon, "Perhaps we should inform the settlers about this. It certainly sounds like something they were referencing and it could be something we have to worry about."

"I think we need to make it a priority Deanna. They need to know about this development and it does sound like something
we need to worry about." Jon answered crisply.

Ayana looked at them with amazement, "What settlers?"

"On the sister planet to the one the Jupiter was orbiting. There are settlers there. Quite advanced." Jon answered.

“We must go there at once Commander Grayson!” Shon said. “Maybe they can shed some light onto this for us and for them?”

"Calm yourself Shon. We'll all go and warn, talk to the settlers. Give them everything we know and maybe they can tell us what they know and what this all means.' Jon answered crisply.

"We should get underway immediately" said Celes. "If these persons you freed are indeed what they claim, we haven't time t waste. We can update the captain along the way."

"Agreed Deanna, alright everyone into the shuttle. We have a trip to go on, a story to tell and answers to get." Jon said as he turned to go back to the shuttle.

Ayana walked over to Deanna, "Who are these settlers we are going to see?"

"Humans" Celes replied. "Time travelling humans I think, or at least humans outside their own time, difficult to be precise about it honestly. They seem to be of Norse and Celtic background, but they are quite advanced, having technology that is decades or perhaps even centuries ahead of anything we have."

“Could they have been the ones that trapped our two gods?” Amethyst looked at the others. “They may not be amused to learn that they’re free.”

“Did anyone perform a medical assessment of any of the settlers?” Shon asked climbing into the shuttle.

Amethyst shook her head. “I didn’t, I wasn’t willing to risk causing any problems. They didn’t trust us as it was.”

She smiled at Amethyst. “Don’t worry, I will be able to do so without them finding out. It’s something we learn to do very well over the years.” She produced a small chip and showed it to Amethyst. “This, if placed within a small distance, say twenty feet will, when activated read the medical status of anyone nearby and transfer it to my tricorder. It is a fairly new technology but works well.”

Amethyst nodded. “Looks like I need to brush up on the latest medical innovations.”

Shon laughed. “There are few things I could show you once the mission is over. I have decided to make you Head Nurse and give you the power to make unilateral decisions. I have had nothing but good reports about you and your handling of Zack Ravencroft has been exemplary, considering your feelings for him. Anyway back to this technology. Once activated it breaks down into natural components so there is no need for recovery."

"I'd be cautious using that doctor. You have no idea how advanced these people are, nor their reaction to such an intrusion" Celes chimed in. She sat in the copilot position and began all the necessary system checks for preflight. "I have the feeling nothing we have as far as technology comes as a surprise to these people. Despite their preference to live in a more primitive manner, they seem to have access to technology that far exceeds anything we have or possibly could imagine."

"In addition, we don't want to do anything to possibly antagonize them and make the situation worse." Jon added as he looked over to Deanna, "We ready?"

"All systems online. Prelaunch complete. Ready to go when you are commander." Deanna replied.

Jon nodded, brought the power to full as the shuttle burst forth and once again headed to the settler's planet.

"ETA to the planet, 15 minutes. I'll inform the captain of the latest information" Celes said.

“This is not my first rodeo Jon, I will be careful. What May I ask was the ‘situation’ that could be made worse?”

"The situation was we left in one piece and on good terms. Now with Loki and Lugh free the settlers may not ne inclined to help us or the Jupiter's crew."

“Then the settlers may know of the lost crew?”

"They do know Shon." Jon corrected.

“Oh” she said sounding confused. “Was I there?”

Jon shook his head, "No, they told us."

“I…I can’t remember, I can’t remember anything.” Shon began to panic clawing at her throat. I can’t breathe…HELP ME.”

Amethyst was quick to help. “Doctor...look at me” She gently placed her hands on Shon’s arms. “You’re having a panic attack, I need you to slow your breathing. Slow deep breaths, I need you to be calm.”

"I wouldn't say she is having a panic attack" said a voice from nowhere. "I healed her, but not entirely."

Ayana murmured, "Loki."

In the back of the cabin Loki appeared. "I do enjoy making a grand entrance."

Shon’s breathing cleared as she looked at Loki, she grabbed her phaser and stood. She bowed towards Loki. “I am here my Lord, how can I serve you?” She moved to stand by his side aiming her phaser at the rest of the Starfleet team.

"So much better when one of you understands their place. Now, the rest of you, kneel" Loki said with a smile.

Ayana looked at Shon and Loki and then at everyone else before looking at Loki once more. "You can't believe we will do that willingly" she said flatly.

"Oh, but I do. You see, you are all beneath me, and your right and proper place is kneeling before me. Once you show me you are once again ready to be ruled, we can talk about privileges I might grant you. Now, I said kneel."

"Forget it Loki. Deanna and I need to pilot this shuttle and the others won't kneel. You have their undivided attention so just tell us what you want." Jon snapped at the god.

Shon looked at Loki and stepped forward. “When a God tells you to kneel, you kneel.” She pointed her phaser at Amethyst. “Kneel before Loki. NOW!”

Amethyst shook her head. “NO! Loki is no god of mine! Why should I kneel before him?”

"You are insolent creatures. Perhaps a demonstration of my power is in order to get you to understand." Loki snapped his fingers and the shuttle ceased moving, hanging dead in space. "I have no concern for your shuttle, and as you can see I have complete control over the situation here. Now, your choices are clear, kneel, or be made an example of" he said with a smirk.

"For the sake of the others" Deanna said softly as she got out of her chair. She slowly turned around, keeping eye contact with Loki. She slowly began to prostrate herself, her right hand slowly creeping to her hidden phaser.

Loki looked at Celes and grinned. "Well, this one appears to be as intelligent as she is beautiful. You remind me of Sif, and a bit of Aphrodite. I'll definitely keep you around."

Shon saw Celes hand move, aimed her phaser and stunned her. “My Lord she was going to shoot you.” Shon knelt in front of Loki. “If I did wrong punish me?”

Jon was out of his seat in a flash and kneeling beside Deanna, He glared at Shon and Loki. "Shon! Are you out of you're mind? I'll see charges on you for this!" He glanced at Loki "And you call yourself a god? You're an arrogant, psychotic psychopath!"

Loki appeared to glow and grow taller as he looked at the downed Celes. “I DID NOT TELL YOU TO SHOOT HER!” he thundered at Shon. She began to claw at her throat and gasp for air. She stretched her hand out to him. “My Lord!” She began to turn blue and stopped breathing.

Taking a moment to check on Celes, Amethyst rushed forward towards Shon. “STOP IT! You’re killing her!!” She looked up at Loki. “Please! You call yourself a god, now show mercy!”

Loki looked at her, “Very well, I will show mercy just this once.” He waved his hand over Shon and she took a deep breath in her whole body trembling as she lay on the floor curled round Loki’s feet. “You all need to know next time I will not show mercy.” He looked at Shon with distaste and kicked her. “Get up NOW.”

"Give her time to recover." Jon challenged Loki, while he muttered "Damn lunatic.''

Amethyst remained beside Shon. She nodded to Jon that Shon would be alright, at least in a physical state. Getting her free of Loki was another thing.

“What is it you want?” Amethyst looked at Loki curiously. “Do you plan to rule by making slaves of people?”

Loki laughed. "You live to serve, all of your race. You cower before power, and in the end, you all kneel. YOur race is born into slavery, you simply have forgotten that. Now, I see you have larger ships orbiting the planet. Take me to them so that I might meet more of my subjects."

Shon sat up and got to her feet slowly. “My Lord they have many weapons they can use if they know your plans. Better to try to trick them into taking us in then they can be made to understand that their lives are now yours.”

Loki laughed. "You think they can hurt me. That is adorable."

"Why should you care about any of us if that is your mindset?" questioned Ayana.

Shon burst out “How can you question a living God like that Ayana. What he wants to do with us is none of our business. We should worship him and he will look after us.” She held her phaser on them. “My Lord what do you need me to do?”

Loki looked at Shon, "As I said to them, I only require you to kneel."


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