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Trick or Treat

Posted on Tue May 31st, 2022 @ 2:57pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: USS Jupiter

In the Jupiter sickbay, the EMH was working diligently with Samantha on Aiko and several of the Jupiter crew to revive them. The EMH was currently scanning a crewman who they had just given a counteragent to the nanotechnology when suddenly a pair of officers materialized in a flash in the surgical bay.

"I think the counteragent may be working, it's similar to the virus we found earlier, a form of natural protection maybe" Sam theorised as they worked through a process of trial and error. They'd forumalated several variants of the counteragent and were trying them to ascertain the results.

" Who are you?" Sam asked, half reaching for the sidearm and coming up with a medical tricorder instead. The weapon was discarded on the surgical trolley next to her. Rookie error.

"I'm Lt. Cmdr Logan, and this is Ensign Rixx. I'm the Chief Engineer of the Jupiter. Who are you? Why am I in sickbay?"

Sam stepped over to them, having retrieved her phaser. With her other hand she ran a medical scanner over the two to confirm their identity. " I'm Doctor Samantha Howard, CMO of the Washington, we were sent to find and rescue you and found the Jupiter in a decaying orbit." She started, still scanning the two.

"Was I dreaming when I spoke to a human who told me that I had been poisoned by an ancient plague?" questioned Rixx.

"That part is sadly accurate. Half your crew is missing and the other half are comatose, we're trying to solve the mystery" Sam replied, filing their medical scans for later comparison with the other crews.

"They said we were in something called a soul forge and that they had removed the offending aspects" said Logan.

Sam raised an eyebrow at the interesting metaphor. "A soul forge?" She repeated as she finalized her scans and analyzed the results. "Whatever it did you're both perfectly healthy, I wish we could say as much for the rest of your crew"

"What has happened to the rest of the crew?" questioned Logan. "Does this have anything to do with the signal coming from the planet? We sent an away team down, but something strange happened to them and they were brought back up after a medical emergency was declared."

"Those that are here are comatose, but most are still missing. We don't know where they are" Sam admitted sadly. " We are working on a treatment for those that are here, trying to bring them round with a combination of viral therapy and a combination of pharmaceuticals"

"I have a feeling the people who healed us know something about this situation" replied Logan.

Meanwhile, on the shuttle, Deanna gave a concerned look to Jon as the set the shuttle down in the Jupiter shuttle bay. She was uncertain what the next move was beyond compliance at this point.

"Take me to where your healer is located" ordered Loki.

"All of us?" questioned Ayana.

"Yes. I think that would be a good idea at this time."

“I can take you to her my Lord.” Shon picked up her phaser and turned it on the rest the crew. “MOVE” she ordered.

Amethyst reluctantly stood up, right now none of them had much of a chance against Loki. “Treating people like this isn’t going to get you anything you do know that right?”

Loki gave a soft laugh. "You humans always worry so much. You worry about yourself, otherwise I'm afraid something uncivilized might occur."

Shon suddenly turned “TRY THIS YOU BASTARD” she shouted and directed a full sustained phaser blast towards Loki.

The phaser blast hit Loki who smiled as he disappeared. Suddenly in the shuttle doorway Loki appeared. "I do enjoy these games, but I'm afraid you aren't playing by the rules." He snapped his fingers and searing pain consumed Shon and he laughed as he watched her fall to the ground convulsing.

"Stop it Loki! Stop it now!' Jon commanded the 'god' "Leave her alone."

Loki snapped his fingers ceasing the pain. "You might want to handle her. She seems to have become a bit jittery."

Celes rushed to her side. "Amethyst, I think we need to give her something. She looks to have been electrocuted."

Amethyst rushed to Shon’s side fortunately she was still wearing her medkit. She quickly pulled out a medical tricorder and ran a quick scan. Tapping the screen she swore quietly to herself before pulling out a hypo and pressing it to Shon’s neck. “This should help for now but she needs to get to sickbay.” She looked at Loki. “Perfect for you huh!”

Loki smiled, "Yes. Anyway, let's be off."

Ayana leaned in and whispered to Jon, "He's a psychopath. We have to do something or he'll kill us all eventually."

"I couldn't agree more Ayana." Jon whispered back. "What I don't know is why the settlers we encountered haven't tried to help us. They contained Loki and Lugh once before."

Ayana quickly responded, "Well, where is Lugh? He hasn't appeared to us yet. Only Loki. Perhaps they are dealing with a threat of their own."

"A distinct possibility Ayana." Jon whispered. "Perhaps we can keep Loki occupied with us and give the settlers time to get involved."

Celes picked up Shon with the help of Amethyst and exited the shuttle. Loki kept his eye on them as they exited, and Deanna tried to hide her disgust as she felt his feelings towards her.

Amethyst looked towards Loki giving him a brief disapproving look before turning her attention back to Shon and Deanna.

Deanna and Amethyst led the way to sickbay with Shon, Loki waiting on Jon and Ayana before bringing in the rear of the group as they made their way towards their destination. Loki looked around as they walked, looking somewhat fascinated and amused. "You humans have certainly come a long way, and yet you are still so far away in technology from where you can be. Perhaps if you had a reason to force advancement you might actually move along. That used to work so well with you all. I suppose you think violence and war is something that is inherently evil and has no place in civil society.”

Amethyst looked towards Loki. “Violence and war just lead to needless pain and suffering. We have risen above the barbaric need for such cruelty.”

Jon groaned softly at Amethyst's reply. "Don't let him bait you Amethyst. He isn't worth it."

Shon began to moan, “Loki, antimatter might...” Loki turned to her. “Let’s put her to sleep again shall we.” He snapped his fingers and Shon began to convulse once again. Loki laughed, “such wonderful sport,” he declared.

"Damn psycho." Jon muttered, "But what had Shon started to say about antimatter and Loki?" He asked Ayana.

Ayana looked to Jon, "Not sure. Perhaps a way to harm him?"

“Will you stop doing that!” Amethyst shot Loki an annoyed look. “If you keep doing this to Doctor Travis you’ll kill her! You obviously don’t believe in treating those who have showed loyalty to you any better than you do your enemies!”

Loki laughed and snapped his fingers, ceasing the convulsions of Shon. "You mortals know so little about the realities of the universe. Loyalty is a fine thing, when it comes naturally. Her loyalty was purchased, and as such was ingenuine. She feels herself clever but has already turned on me like a cur might, so forgive me if I show no sympathy."

Celes looked to Amethyst, "He can't be reasoned with. We must choose our words and actions carefully around him."

Amethyst nodded before looking back at Loki. “So what if someone showed you loyalty? Would you stop hurting people?”

"True loyalty is rewarded. I don't believe any of you though have the humility needed" replied Loki as they approached sickbay.

“Humility my ass!” Amethyst shook her head. She didn’t put up with those who put themselves above others. “If you think that I’m afraid of you you’re very much mistaken.”

Jon grabbed Amethyst and pulled her back. He admired her courage but not her rashness. He wasn't going to lie prostrate for Loki nor was he going to openly challenge him not until he knew more.

Amethyst gave Jon a nod. “Sorry Commander, I just hate what Loki is doing.”

"Nothing to be sorry for Amethyst and you aren't alone in your thinking. Just be careful in what you say to Loki. We need a plan to take him. So, for now, we collect information and observe him."

As they entered sickbay Loki gave a long glance at Amethyst. It was obvious she had caught his eye, and not in a good way. "Greetings all. Your savior has arrived. We brought this injured woman for your healer to tend to."

The EMH walked over to the group, "Please state the nature of the medical emergency."

Loki looked amused and aghast at the same time. "What an interesting concept you mortals have here. YOu have created a medical golem." He looked at the EMH, "Tell me, are you capable of healing a variety of ailments?"

The EMH kept a stern and stoic look about itself. "I am programmed to handle a wide variety of medical problems. Few medical issues are beyond my ability to handle."

Loki smiled. "Oh, that is good, because you see, that one over there is having a medical emergency. I think you'll find that her tongue has been misplaced" he said with a wicked grin on his face as he looked at Amethyst.


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