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Curse of Loki

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2022 @ 2:47pm by Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: USS Jupiter

The EMH quickly made his way to Amethyst who suddenly looked panicked. He scanned her with his tricorder and took note to the immediate concern, her tongue was missing.

Celes looked at Amethyst and then at Loki, "What have you done?"

Loki smiled and gave a soft chuckle. "I believe the human adage is, cat's got your tongue. Well, that seems to be true in her case" he said as he pointed behind Amethyst in the direction of the office where an orange tabby cat could be seen laying on the desk pawing at something.

All Amethyst could do was stand trying not to overly panic at the sudden loss of her tongue, this was Loki trying to prove just what a god of mischief he was.

Celes tried to take Shon by herself over to the nearest open biobed, while Ayana moved towards the office to look in on the cat and see what exactly it had. "Here kitty, kitty" Ayana said softly as she neared it, taking a glance at what was the cat had, and almost aghast when she realized it was a human tongue.

Jon looked and saw the EMH had Amethyst, so he moved to Loki. standing right in front of him confronting him." "Enough of your antics Loki! For a god, your vain, an egomaniac and a bully."

The EMH quickly moved Amethyst over to a biobed and grabbed an instrument to try to deal with the sudden issue. Loki for his part continued to look over amused.

Ayana attempted to retrieve the tongue, but the cat quickly jumped off the desk with the tongue in its mouth and began to run away, doing its best to evade capture. Ayana began to chase after the cat, doing her best to trap it multiple times. Finally she lost her temper, "Enough of this!" she exclaimed. She pulled her phaser and fired at the cat, stunning it. She quickly made her way over and picked up the tongue and taking it over to the EMH, noting that Samantha was hidden away in the surgical bay.

The EMH took the severed appendage and quickly worked to reattach it with as little scarring as possible to avoid any loss of speech or taste.

Having heard the commotion Sam quickly finished what she had been working on and emerged from the surgical bay to see the EMH performing the delicate surgery.

"What the heck is going on here?" She exclaimed. Tricorder in hand she approached the other members of the away team to scan for their general well being.

Loki looked amused. "And what do we have here?" Loki slowly approached Samantha. "I must say commander, you seem to have quite an interesting group. Your females rival the Court of Odin. Yes, quite interesting."

"What the heck is he talking about?" Sam was concerned this lout was responsible for medical mysteries paying out before her very eyes. "Who are you and what have you done to our people?" She glared at him, eyes flashing with the injustice.

Loki smiled. "I am Loki of Asgard and you healer are one of my subjects. I do what I choose, you have no say in the matter."

"No say my arse, who made you God?" Sam retorted angrily, instantly disliking this being.

Loki looked at Samantha with scorn and disdain. "Don't trifle with me mortal. You are beginning to sound like my do-gooder brothers Thor and Baldur. I wasn't afraid to kill them, so imagine how insignificant you are to me in comparison."

Sam appeared unconcerned with the threat, continuing to scan Loki with her tricorder and gain as much knowledge as she could from it. Was there a way to negate his 'powers' so to speak? Or would goading him into doing something foolish be his own undoing? "Interesting" She mused, ignoring his tirade.

Suddenly Samantha's tricorder ceased working, though it remained looking like it had for the most part. It wouldn't matter though, as Samantha's eyesight began to get hazy and every one of her joints began to stiffen and feel like they were on fire. Loki looked at, "It really must be difficult getting old."

Sam schooled her mind away from the raging panic that surged, telling herself that whatever this was would be temporary. She had set up a data link from her tricorder to the medical database. Hopefully the EMH could make sense of it now her body wasn't cooperating.

"A true leader doesn't lead through fear and punishment. If you really want to lead, you need to earn the respect of your people" The fiery nature of her now pissed off attitude was running rampant in her stiffened body.

Loki laughed in Samantha's direction. "You are a defiant one."

Shon had recovered enough to nod at Celes in thanks. Loki was so involved with himself that she began to edge towards her tricorder and opening it she began to scan. She had an idea that introducing him to antimatter might disrupt his cell structure, if indeed he had one. She was shocked to find nothing of the sort, only pure energy. She had to alert the group to her findings. “He’s made of pure energy” she blurted out before he could stop her. She closed her eyes and waited.

Loki looked at Shon, "Bravo on a statement of the obvious. I admire your bravery and you hint of treachery. Perhaps I misjudged you."

"You think?" Jon muttered.

Loki glared in Jon's direction. "You are becoming quite tiresome. You need time to contemplate your inadequacies." He snapped his fingered, and Jon suddenly turned a shade of pale blue.

Celes ran to his side. "What have you done?"

"As I said, I am giving him time to contemplate his inadequacies, which to you means freezing him in place" Loki said with a smile.

The EMH walked over and scanned Jon. "It appears to be some form of suspended animation, though he also resembles being frozen."

Shon stepped forward. “Loki, please we know what you are capable of, there is no need for all this, just tell us what you expect of us? And let the Commander go. You are only embarrassing yourself by not being the Loki of legend, Loki does not need to be cruel because you are clever and can outwit us without cruelty and this is cruelty to us."

Loki scoffed. "You still believe your opinion matters. How cute. You know nothing of cruelty. Would you like to learn?"

Shon said passionately “We know what cruelty is Loki we have seen it at first hand, those who would experiment on children, the cruelty of a mother loosing a child, the mechanisms of a universe set against itself where only the poor and feeble suffer. The cruelty of time and the search for love where there is none. That is cruelty and you can teach me nothing without balancing it with real love, something of which you seem to be incapable of.” Her voiced faded away, “Do your worst Loki!”

Amethyst shook her head as she looked at Shon, still recovering from Loki’s little trick on her she didn’t speak.

Loki looked at at Shon, "As you wish. Remember, you asked for this."

Shon stood in front of Loki, “no Loki, if that is indeed who you are, none of us asked for this. You revel in your cruelty to those you think are nothing and you are not real because you have no soul. Somehow we will find a way to defeat you because, ultimately, what you do will define your end. I swear I will fight with my friends to find a way to end you and we will, end you."

Loki stood without expression. A voice spoke out from behind everyone, "Mother? Is that you? It's Shasta."

Shon stopped, the voice she thought she would never hear again. Her heart went out to it and then she remembered. “Loki, this is your doing, my daughter is dead. I spent seven years getting over it and I am at peace. Stop this now.”

Loki smiled. "She looks very much alive to me. That simple thing you call life, so fragile. And getting over a death, especially that of a child, that is something quite difficult to do for you mortals. Are you so sure you are truly over it? Are you sure you don't want to see her one last time?"

“I see her every night in my heart Loki, I do not need to see her in the flesh again, she is in spirit let her rest.”

Loki smiled. "No. No I think I'll make her my play thing."

“She is not really here.” Shon’s voice wavered slightly. “Everything you do, everything you are is a well practiced sideshow. As someone once out it ‘full of sound and fury signifying nothing’.” She sounded very tired all of a sudden. “Go to hell Loki.” She whispered.

"No, I don't think so, but that does give me an idea." Suddenly the light and heat from an intense fire erupted, and Shasta began to scream uncontrollably in agony. Loki looked at Shon, "It would appear hell has come to you. Now, will you save her, or sit helpless once more as she burns to death?"

Ayana rushed to grab the emergency fire control unit, but when she took hold of it, she instantly froze and fell to the ground, looking much the same as Cmdr Grayson. Loki laughed, "Quite chilling over there."

Shon turned her gaze on Loki trying to invade his mind. * I WILL NOT DO AS YOU WANT LOKI* she screamed at him. If you want me to serve you then give me my child unharmed!"

Loki scoffed. "Serve me? I don't require your service, I only require you to kneel and obey. You understand so little." Loki looked around. "It looks like your daughter is once again turned to ashes. How sad" he said mockingly. "Now, you will all submit to my will or pay dire consequences. You healers, tend to you frozen comrades, they appear to require your attention." As he said this, Jon and Ayana returned to their normal unfrozen color and slowly began to show signs of life once more.


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