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Posted on Sat Sep 10th, 2022 @ 10:32am by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Time Bandits
Location: USS Washington

Shoniara did not recognise the elderly Vulcan but bent forward in a small bow and gave her the veneration she obviously needed. “Na'shaya lo'uk veh!” She intoned.

“Don’t move or I’ll shoot!” A small voice came from the door to Shasta’s room. The small child held the cricket phaser that her father had given her in her wavering hand. Beside her the large Sehlat growled a low throaty warning.

"Shasta sweetie, its okay. Thank you for and Puss for protecting us." Seth said gently. "Go ahead and lower your phaser....please?"

Shasta lowered her weapon and went to hold Seth’s hand, Puss following her and placing himself in front of the child protectively.

Seth took Shasta's hand in his and brought her close to him. Puss followed dutifully.

“Please, tell us why you are here?” Shon asked respectfully.

Lodzhal looked down at the child and the Sehlat, totally calm and placid. She then simple said to the child in t had been schooling the child in the Vulcan language. She then turned to the woman who had greeted her and studied her thoroughly before speaking “I am here to heal two individuals, my great grandniece, and a Ulef kosh-ves vuhlkansu, K' wuh disciplined kashek, per the request of her Sa-mekh, Shoniara Adenka.” Replied Lodzhal in a calm and serene voice. “Seeing as your ship’s ‘sickbay’ has been overrun and I am unable to assist T’Plana-hath, I came here instead. I see you have suffered a physical injury. May I assist with relieving your pain, and generating your nerves back to health?”

Shon lowered her phaser and stepped painfully forward. “ T'nash-veh ko-fu tor ri ken-tor wuh Vuhlkansu gen-lis. Shah ri wu vesh' fun-tor tor etek hi nash-veh dungi saven-tor ish-veh kuv she ni istau” she replied to the Vulcan Healer. “I have not taught my daughter the great language of Vulcan..she has” Shon paused, “only just recently been returned to us after a long..…absence she looked at Seth. “Healer I will speak to you in Federation Standard so my husband and daughter can understand. However I would gratefully accept your help.” She bowed slightly again. “I need to be able to find out what is going on?”

Lodzhal nodded “I will endeavor to speak in ‘Federation Standard’ in deference to those around me. As I have said your father has asked that I help you if I can. I believe he has come to the logical conclusion that you will never be a student of Tu-Surak, the way of Surak, he thought maybe you would except the school of Nirak, and if not Nirak, Tu-Jarok, the school of Jarok. I told him I would speak with you and assess your mental stability. I told your mother, Liara Adenkar, that I would do nothing and not force you into any path.” With that she gestured to Shoniara

Shon was confused, “you spoke to my parents?” She said. She moved back to Seth and Shasta feeling for the reassurance of his hand as Shasta grabbed her leg. “I try to resolve to follow a more Vulcan philosophy as, I believe it would help stabilize the over emotional side of me but I have found it….impossible at times. But Healer I need to know what is happening on this ship! I had been headed to Sick bay.” She knew she had sounded a little sharper than she had intended.

Lodzhal looked at Shoniara “Does it surprise you that I would speak with your parents? As for what is happening on the ship, I only know that their appear to be hostile Rihansu, Romulans in Federation Standard. As for the Sick Bay it has been overrun and taken. Before you ask I sensed it from my great grandniece, T’Plana-hath, most troubling though is I sensed another Katra in her mind. Now let me examine you and see how I may help with your physical impairments.”

Shasta suddenly ran forward. Shon tried to stop her but she escaped her arms. “Lodzhal, this is my mothers sehlat but I love him. I know you do not wish me any harm and I would speak with you later as you say. I did understand most of what you said.” Shon looked nonplussed, she had never taught Shasta any Vulcan.

Seth watched as Shasta stood before Lodzhal. He was proud of Shon's and his daughter. She would grow up to be a strong, beautiful woman.

Shon moved towards her daughter and Lodzhal. “ Mokuhlek du hakau nash-veh Lodzhal?” She asked the Healer if she really could help her.” Shon led Shasta back to Seth. “Whatever happens take care of her, any sign of Romulans put her back in the Jeffries tube. I love you” She whispered.

"Wait, you aren't going anywhere without me." Seth answered stubbornly.

Shon looked at them. Turning back she said “my husband and daughter are both as stubborn as one another, that is why I love them. Please, if you can help me do so? I need to get out of here.

Lodzhal smiled “I can temporarily make it so you can move with applied Vulcan Pressure Points, it will last about twelve standard hours. I can also help with the long term healing, but we do not have time for that right now. “ she replied. She then looked at Shasta “I am pleased you understood me. You are gifted and touched. You are also mentally bonded to the sehlat are you not, you understand it mentally? We will speak later of this for now I must help your mother.” Again Lodzhal looked a Shoniara “Step forward and turn around, I will be honest you will feel pain from this but it will pass, and you will have freedom of movement.”

Shon did as she was asked,” Nemaiyo lo'uk healer” she said in thanks her motor assist bands creaking as they tightened around her spine and legs.

Lodzhal waited until Shon had turned around, then in two quick jabs of her hand struck her in her back in two strategic areas. She then reached down and gently began pushing in strategic areas along her hips, and lower back. This was again followed by two more lightening fast jabs to her mid-back in other strategic areas. It would be obvious to anyone with proper combat training or hand to hand experience Lodzhal could just as easily kill someone using pressure points as heal them. She then spoke “Take those assistant bands off child, you should be free of pain and able to move.”

Shon had internalised the pain when it came, sudden and severe but as she straightened her legs felt strong and sturdy again. She quickly took off the restricting bands as the pain that had darkened her features of late was gone. A momentary worry flashed across her face, “will that do any harm to my pregnancy?” She asked Lodzhal.

Lodzhal let a small smile appear “You honestly think I would harm unborn children?, No harm will come to them from what I did. Remember the effects last about twelve standard hours, then you must rest for at least four hours.” She then looked at Shasta “So child do you and the sehlat think I harmed your mother, or your brother and sister?” she inquired.

Shasta boldly walked up to the Vulcan followed by Puss who sniffed her robes and then rubbed himself in her leg in approval.
“Kuv du had klau t'nash-veh ko-mekh nash-veh woul stau du wilat du lamok healer!” Shanta blurted out.

Shon gasped, “Shasta where did you learn language like that!”
She turned to Seth, “your daughter just told Lodzhal she would have killed her if anything had happened to me or the pregnancy! And I do not understand, how could she know the Vulcan language…is Hela playing with us!?”

Seth glanced at Shon. "I want no talk of Hela! We're here to regain our ship. Let us concentrate on that." He looked at Shasta, " Shasta, sweetie and go get back in your hideout."

Lodzhal did something most species have never heard a Vulcan do, she laughed “I am sure you and the sehlat would have tried child, but I am far older than you and I have fought sehlat’s before. Relax Shoniara T’ghann-Travis I take no offense, your child is a very strong mentalist, and may one day be one of a very rare few mixed Vulcans to be a mind-master.”

Shasta smiled and turned to her parents. “I don’t think she will harm us if I am to be a mind-master.”

Shon sighed. “Shas I want you and puss to go back inside your hideout now. Your father and I are going to see what in Surak’s name is going on on this benighted ship! Gods and monsters, holodecks that try to kill you and now Romulans running amok.” She muttered as she scrambled into a clean uniform. She stood straight, strength regained. “Let’s go free sickbay!” She said.

Seth nodded, "Sounds like a plan to me."

Lodzhal looked about and the room and spotted Crewman Second Class Fletcher "Young man you will stay behind and guard the child. I and her parents will go to sickbay." She then turned to Shoniara "I will be needed to assist with T'Plana-hath should she lose control."

Suddenly Jon and Callie were there, standing just inside the doorway. "We would have been here sooner but we were dodging Romulan patrols. Luckily there aren't too many and they are made up of one Romulan. So their numbers must be severely depleted." Jon said to the group.

“Shon usually would have thrown her arms around Callie but there seemed to have been some change in her now. She was more reserved, more formal. "Commander, what is happening why are the Romulans here?"

Jon didn't reply immediately, he was studying Shon. After a moment his mind made up, he answered her. "Time traveling Romulans who seem bent on capturing you and Ensign T'Plana-hath. Who currently is in Sickbay." He stated matter of factly.

Shon looked to see if Shasta had gone back into her room which she had but the door was ajar. “Shas?” She said warningly and the door shut with a click. She addressed Jon. “Right Commander I presume we go and rescue T’Plana?”

"You presume correctly Shon. We go to rescue the ensign and also free the others in Sickbay." Jon replied firmly.

She holstered her phaser and placed her bat’leth over her shoulder. She turned to her husband, “Seth, are you coming?” Then looked at Callie, “I think you should stay here Callie. Shasta has a hiding place.”

Callie looked at Jon. “I’ll stay if you think it best, I can hide with Shasta if needs be.”

Jon shook his head, I'd love for you to stay Callie but personally, I think we're going to need every phaser we can get. Besides Fletcher is staying with Shasta."

Callie nodded. “In that case, let’s get going.” She offered Shon a curious look. “Shon are you okay?”

Shon looked at her whilst dialling back her phaser “Nash-veh muhl nemaiyo komihn kal-tor etek hal-tor rescue T’Plana -hath” she turned to look at Lodzhal expectantly.

Callie gave Shon a worried look. “I...I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you just said.”

"Don't feel bad Callie, neither did I.


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