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Puzzle Pieces

Posted on Sun Sep 11th, 2022 @ 2:14pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix & Lieutenant JG Tarja zh'Rhun

Mission: Time Bandits
Location: USS Washington

Tarja with the help of the EMH had managed to treat the wounds of those who had been hurt in the Romulan incursion in sickbay. They had been huddled together into the surgical bay and a forcefield put in place to keep them in confinement. Tarja leaned over slightly and whispered to Jortho, "Any idea why they want to keep us here rather than in the brig or locked in our quarters?"

Jortho tried to respond in the most nonchalant manner she could muster, "I don't believe they control the whole of the ship. I'm guessing the captain and others are causing problems."

Tarja believed this to be the case as well. She didn't wish to cause any more trouble than necessary with T'Plana, but she knew she needed to talk with her to see where her mind was at. "Are you feeling any better ensign?"

T’Plana-hath looked at Lieutenant Tarja “I am fine. You should have allowed me to finish them. The calculations of lose versus gain was in our favor. They now have the advantage.” She replied in a calm and steady voice.

"The loss of life would not work in anyone's favor ensign" Tarja stated flatly. "Sometimes the best option is to surrender to the moment and allow things to play out. The Romulans had the element of surprise in their favor. I assure you that turnabout will be just as sweet when the moment comes." Tarja gave a reassuring yet devilish smile.

Eislyn leaned over to check on Phoenix, "Feeling better ensign? I imagine you are a bit soar from the surgery."

"One should never surrender to the Rihansu. They are treacherous." replied T'Plana-hath "I am also concerned that...." as T'Plana-hath was speaking she suddenly began the green twinkling of being dematerialized, someone was transporting her away from sickbay.

Being shot in the liver by a Romulan Disruptor was no fun at all for Phoenix. He looked over at Eislyn. "A bit soar is an understatement. Honestly, I'm just peachy" he quipped in a manner of sarcasm.

Eislyn nodded reassuringly, "You'll be fine. The doctor patched you up." She turned to look at the others, Eislyn looked shocked as she watched T'Plana dematerialize before her eyes. "Where have you taken Ensign T'Plana!" she exclaimed in outrage.

The Romulans were in two groups, a pair close to the surgical bay acting as guards, and a trio using Sam's office as a meeting place. The leader was communicating with someone elsewhere as the other two kept lookout. Finally, he emerged from the office and the other two followed him, as he directed them towards the entrance of sickbay. He moved towards the others guards and spoke with them in hushed tones, being sure to not allow the StarFleet personnel have a line of sight as they spoke.

Meanwhile Shran and Ayana slowly made their way through the corridors towards sickbay. Ayana looked to Shran, "How many do you think we have to deal with?"

"I don't think more than 5-6, though they'll put up a fight" Shran replied. The two continued forward cautiously.

The Romulan leader looked at the others in the surgical bay and then focused his attention on Eislyn. "She is safe. That is all that concerns you."

Tarja wasn't convinced. "You have a ship nearby. You'd be wise to return the ensign and leave now."

"Quiet Andorian" said one of the Romulans.

"I was only looking out for your safety. I told you, I'm a doctor, I cherish life, even yours." Tarja gave a devilish smile, "The captain won't be as accommodating."

"Your captain won't be coming here. He will be going after the other Vulcan's in a feeble attempt to keep them from us. He fails. On the good side though, you survive this."

Eislyn had heard enough, "Time travelers. You play a dangerous game messing with time."

"We do what we must for Romulus."

Suddenly, phaser fire rang out and the two Romulans at the door feel to the ground. As the others turned Shran and Ayana rushed in and opened fire, hitting two more Romulans. The leader looked back at Eislyn and Tarja, "How did you know?"

"The captain doesn't play by your rules" Eislyn said confidently as a phaser blast from Shran hit the Romulan.

Ayana quickly moved to the computer console and lowered the force field. As it dropped you looked back, "Is everyone alright?"

Phoenix, who was still recovering and still in some sort of pain or soreness, spoke up. "Aside from being blasted with a disruptor in the liver, I've been through what some would consider worse" he said honestly.

Shran looked around, "Where is T'Plana?"

"I am sorry to report the transported her away only moments before you arrived captain" Tarja replied.

"Damn!" Shran exclaimed. "They must have a ship nearby."

"I came to the same conclusion captain" Tarja said.

Shran looked around and saw the bloody mess that was sickbay. "Would you say things are stable here doctor?"

"Yes sir. We area bit frazzled, but we'll get compose ourselves. Sadly we lost both duty nurses when the Romulans initially entered, but thankfully that was the extent of loss. As you can see, sickbay will require some clean up."

Shran looked at Phoenix and then Ayana, "Get a phaser for Phoenix. Ensign, you remain here and secure this area. I'll send additional personnel down here as soon as we can." Looking at Tarja and Eislyn, "I want you both armed as well, phasers preferably."


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