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Meet the Kilrathi

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2023 @ 9:22pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant JG James Phoenix & Ensign J.B Dersch

Mission: Unknown Colony
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: Current

After disabling the Kilrathi ship. Jon tapped his comm badge. "Grayson to Phoenix and Dersch. Meet the Captain and I in transporter room 1. Set your phasers on heavy stun.

James was in the middle of his rounds around the ship when he got the call. He quickly paged another security officer to take over his rounds before heading to the amoury to pick up a phaser rifle. Once he entered the room he moved over to one of the lockers and pressed his finger on the control panel and the locker opened. He set his current phaser pistol in the locker to recharge and grabbed a fresh one to put on his utility belt. After that he grabbed a phaser rifle and slung it over his shoulder. He closed the door shut and it locked automatically. He made sure to set both weapons to heavy stun and he left for transporter room one.

Minutes later after a short walk and a turbo lift, he entered the transporter room, nodded towards the transporter chief and waited for his colleagues.

Jon turned to Shran, "Phoenix and Dersch will be waiting for us in the transporter room sir. We can bring the Kilrathi over when we get there. I think we should have Deanna join us as well."

Just as Jon finished speaking the turbolift opened and Deanna stepped out, "Have we encountered the Kilrathi?"

"It would seem so. We have neutralized their vessel and we are going to bring the bridge crew over. I don't think they have the technology to be of danger to us really, but we'll have security with us. Come along and let's take a look at these Kilrathi" Shran replied as he and Jon walked to the turbolift.

"Yeah, going to meet the neighbors." Jon smirked as the trio walked to the turbolift.

Reaching the transporter room Shran saw security was in place and the transporter chief was standing at the ready. "Alright everyone, no telling what to expect. Based on the information we have been given, expect them to be aggressive, and as they likely have never encountered transporter technology it will likely spook them."

"Seems straightforward enough, so I expect something to be out of sorts" Celes said half tongue-in-cheek.

"Good one Deanna." Jon quipped before turning to the security detail. "Have your phasers out and ready to use. We don't want this going to hell when they get over here."

"Aye sir" Phoenix nodded before slinging his rifle off of his back and holding it at rest.

Shran looked back at the transporter chief, "Alright chief, how many are in the target area?"

"Detecting 5 life forms" the chief replied.

"Alright, bring them over. Deactivate any energy weapons." Shran looked at Jon and the others, "Here we go. First contact at phaser point."

Dersch had been a Little Late, But he had already entered as they began the Transport

The transporter came to life with its familiar hum and suddenly the blue hue appeared as the Kilrathi materialized. They were humanoid, standing between 6-7 ft. in height, and they looked like Terran lions wearing plate armor and sporting bladed weapons sheathed and disruptors holstered. As the transporter finished its cycle the Kilrathi roared, and one immediately pulled its disruptor and attempted to fire, but the weapon had indeed been disabled. One Kilrathi roared loudly and the others jumped off the transporter towards Shran and the others, knives drawn.

Dersch rasied his Rifle and Fired Shots into the One that Raced towards the Captain, The Kilrathi hit the floor in a Sleeping state

Dersch "Lets see i that gives the idea that we are not gonna fuck around"

One of the other Kilrathi had pounced on Jon, unleashing a wild roar as it slashed at him as they wrestled on the transporter room floor.

Dersch slung the Phaser rifle behind his back and ran up to the Kilrathi and picked him up and off the Commander and threw him up against the wall and then fired a Stun round, Adding yet another Sleeping Crew member to the floor, As it sild to the floor he helped the Commander Up,

"You Alright Commander?"

Jon nodded gratefully to the younger officer. "I seem to be in one piece. Thank you Ensign. What of our other guests?"

Dersch turned to the others with his Rifle Up and ready.

Shran saw one of the Kilrathi in his peripheral in front of Phoenix and the other was sparing with Deanna. He looked over at Deanna who was expertly parrying every thrust and slash the Kilrathi made before she knocked the blade from its hand and then hit it with a spirited combination of punches and kicks which knocked it to the ground, when she then fired her phaser into its chest.

The Kilrathi began to charge at James. Before he could fire the Kilrathi swung his blade at the Ensign. To block the blow, Phoenix raised up his rifle to which the blade made contact with. James pushed the blade out of the way with his rifle, but the Kilrathi did not drop it. With this advantage, Phoenix managed to get a hold of the enemy's arm and twist it behind his back and slowly forced the enemy to the ground. James almost had him. Key word being almost.

The Kilrathi overpowered him but pushing his own arm out of the lock and pushing his rifle out of his grip. He then turned around on his back and kicked the Ensign to the ground with his feet. He jumped up and began to charge James with his weapon raised up. He let out a battle cry as he was doing so. Phoenix quickly fumbled for his pistol and fired his pistol at the Kilrathi's legs as his phaser was still connected to his utility belt. The enemy fell over next to the Ensign. James took a sigh of relief and caught his breath before grabbing his rifle and getting up off of the ground.

Shran took in the scene and then looked up at the final Kilrathi which remained on the transporter pad. It roared and extended its claws, which appeared razor sharp. Shran stepped forward. This was likely his counterpart, and Shran wasn't going to back down. The Kilrathi swiped at him and Shran leaned back to dodge the blow, the fabric of his uniform across his chest being shredded open. As a second swipe came at him Shran blocked it and slammed a fist into the Kilrathi's jaw and then flung the large creature to the ground with a shoulder throw and pointed his phaser at him. "Well, certainly aggressive. Seem a bit like Klingons in their battle tactics." He looked at Jon, "Seems like we have guests to interrogate. I believe Deanna and T'Plana should be able to help you with that. I think we should get Sam and Shon back up here as well, get a medical officers perspective."

Jon nodded. Nice moves sir, Deanna. I think I need a refresher course" He said as he looked at his shredded shirts and some scratches on his arms and chest though none appeared serious.

Dersch kept his rifle ready and watched the Kilrathi with close eyes while speaking to the Captain, "Captain, permission to be in room, for safety."

Shran grinned, albeit a tad sheepishly. "If Cmdr Grayson feels it necessary, by all means." He looked over at Jon, "You aren't alone in need of a refresher. I seem to have slowed a bit. Deanna on the other hand seems as capable as ever. I honestly think she was toying with that one."

Dersch nodded and still watched them

"Not toying sir, giving false hope" Deanna quipped.

"Do you think you and T'Plana will be able to get these Kilrathi to tell you anything?" Shran questioned.

"Depends on what Jon allows us to do. Eventually yes. I'm sure T'Plana will have their language figured out almost as quickly as the universal translator, which should speed things up a bit" Deanna replied.

Shran looked at Jon, "Perhaps put the lot in the brig and deal with them one at a time. I'm sure you can handle it. Would you prefer Sam or Shon with you for the medical representative?"

"She was making us look bad." Jon quipped with a smile at Deanna.

"Yes Ensign I want you there when we question our guests." Jon replied firmly.

"Deanna you and T'Plana have free rein in finding out about them." Jon looked over to Shran. "They all go in the brig sir and we'll take them out one at a time to ask question and see if we can get some answers." He paused, "I'll take Shon. She's insightful. She may see something we haven't."

"I'll send her your way once she is back up here" Shran replied.


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