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From This Day Forward

Posted on Tue Apr 5th, 2022 @ 3:47pm by Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Aiko Kato & Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign Zack Ravencroft & Lieutenant Seth Travis & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Dex’s quarters/Arboretum USS Washington

Early in the morning Dex was up in the arboretum creating a rustic arch intertwined with Lillies arched over the grass triangle beneath the trees in the middle of the space. At short notice she had asked Lieutenant Filey from astrometrics to play her oboe prior to and during the ceremony. She had not had time to ask for anything special so they had settled for an old Earth composer Frederic Chopin and his nocturnes, soft but engaging. Happy with her handiwork she left to tackle the large smelly animal in her quarters.

Shon stepped out of the shower exhausted having just showered a very grumpy Sehlat. She looked at him as he looked at her hurt and betrayal in his eyes. “Look I’m not having that, think of this as your one yearly bath, anyway you smelled!, think yourself lucky I am not cleaning your teeth. Not because you don’t need it but because frankly you’ve tired me out and it is my wedding day.” She bent down to look into his golden eyes as he rubbed his head on her face and licked her. “Now I have to have a shower.” She said and smiled as she clicked his ruby collar on.

She showered and dried herself, laying out a white Vulcan silk sheath gown buttoned up the back with 100 Venusian pearl buttons and her House of O’Kaan midnight blue and gold robes.
She had picked herself some trumpet lilies from the arboretum so she had something to hold. She wished her bond brother T’Ghrek could have been here, she had sent him a subspace message to inform him of her intention to marry and she knew there was a very large and involved ceremony awaiting them on Vulcan, but she had decided not to let Seth know about that particular joy yet.

She sat down with a cup of Earl grey tea to calm her nerves as she waited for Callie to help her get into her dress and wondered how Seth would look in his dress uniform and smiled wickedly as she thought of him taking it off again.

Callie arrived at Dex’s quarters wearing the dress Dex had chosen for her, she had to admit it was lovely in midnight blue. She wore her hair long with a shining tiara, and also wore gold high heeled shoes. Pressing the chime she entered when she heard Dex answer the chime. “Hi Dex, sorry I’m a little late, I had to help Harry into his suit.”

“How is the little prince?” Dex asked as she kissed Callie on the cheek.

“He’s fine, thank you Dex. “Right now he’s finding it very odd being in a suit!” She grinned.

Shon took out the dress and slipped it over her head, the silk shirred to the floor accenting her figure. “I’m sorry you have to do all the buttons up, by the way you look beautiful and I love your shoes. I myself will be going barefoot in Risan tradition. How do you and Jon feel about the patter of tiny female feet?”

“To be honest it’s still sinking in!” Callie grinned. “I never thought I’d be expecting a baby so soon, and here I am!” She started on the plethora of buttons on Dex’s dress. “You look gorgeous by the way.”

“Thank you Callie, I hope Seth thinks so. I love him so very, very much, was Jon there when you left?

“He was just about to head out to Seth” Callie smiled. “Don’t worry everything will go just fine!” She kept on buttoning section of dress that needed buttoning, she was glad she didn’t have to do them all. “This dress is incredible Shon, you look amazing!”

Shon’s long hair was swept up in cascading shiny dark curls interspersed with pearls showing her Vulcan ears . Her Lillies were tied with gold silk ribbon. She put on her long blue robes with the Vulcan House of O’Kaan sigils embroidered in scarlet and gold thread on the back.

“Did you have your own vows when you married Jon, Callie?” She asked.

Callie nodded and smiled. “It seems like such a long time ago now but, yes we did. Do you have vows, or are you just saying what you want to say from the heart?”

“I thought long and hard about that, in Vulcan weddings there are no vows but at Risan weddings, well it’s is completely the opposite. The whole ceremony is dependant on them. So, yes they are pretty short and there is one line taken from my favourite book.” Suddenly she took Callie’s hands in hers “Callie am I doing the right thing?” She asked uncertainly.

Callie smiled. “If you love Seth and you feel it in your heart and soul, then yes you are doing what’s right for you. Only you truly know that Dex.”

“Well it is nearly time to go” she laughed, “what are people going to call me now? Shon, Travis, or maybe I should just keep Dex as a working name, it would save a lot of trouble but I think it will be just Doctor Travis, Shon to her friends.” She bent down to tickle Puss’s chin, “well old guy” she said softly, “are you ready?” Puss growled softly. She picked up the Lillies, “Callie shall we get on with this?”

Callie nodded as she straightened Dex’s dress. “Let’s and for what it’s worth Doctor Travis sounds good to me.”

Over in the Arboretum, Aiko arrived as part of a cohort of guests arriving. It was not often she got to wear her dress uniform these days, but she was grateful for the opportunity. She was even more grateful to be invited to witness the joining of two souls.

It was a special and joyous occasion, and she was glad to have witnessed, if at at the periphery, the culmination of the blossoming of the love of the couple.

Lieutenant Filey had arrived and began to play softly the subtle notation of the music flowing upwards towards the ceiling and seeming to fall like rain on the heads of the listeners.

Deanna slowly made her way into the arboretum with the captain. Shran was in his dress uniform, Deanna though was wearing a beautiful lilac colored dress that seemed to shimmer in the light as she walked. She made her way with Shran up near the front and Shran walked her to a chair on the "bride's side" while Shran made his way up to the front to his officiant spot. Deanna turned and looked at Amethyst and Ravencroft, "This is certainly a nice change of pace. These are always such elegant events compared to our standard fare."

Zack had been surprised when he was invited to the wedding, he was just a simple security officer. Now he was waiting in a corner wearing his full dress uniform and feeling extremely out of place.

Amethyst had arrived at the Arboretum, and was sitting next to an empty seat. Looking around She offered Zack a warm smile knowing that he wasn’t that at ease around her at the best of times, but she hoped he’d sit beside her nonetheless.

Zack saw the redhead and she looked as good as ever, he was surprised she had a vacant seat next to her, he was sure anyone would swoop in at the chance if they could. He had been ashamed about what had happened with the slavers, he had made things worse and she had been tortured. The mark around her neck from the shock collar had earlier been a mark of his shame. He couldn't see it from where he stood now though. After a few moments he sighed and eventually sat down next to her, but he said nothing. He didn't even look at her out of shame.

Amethyst didn't say anything instead she made the gentle gesture of taking hold of Zack's hand, hoping he wouldn't mind.

This whole thing was a double edge sword for Zack. He got to spend time with the beautiful redhead next to him. But his anger, loneliness and sorrow of his past flooded him. He knew he should be happy for the bride and groom, but to zack this was a reminded of how broken he was.

Sam stood nearby, dress whites a little out of place but it was what she felt most comfortable in. Not really the Girly girl she rarely wore dresses but could rock a dress uniform like few others.

Jon was with Seth who was pacing the floor. He was dressed in a dove grey tuxedo, with a dove grey vest. black shoes and a box tie of the same dove grey color. "I've held talks with Klingons, Romulans even Tholians and I've never been as nervous as I am now." He said to Jon. "Want to leave? Not too late." Jon told him. Jon was dressed in the same color outfit as Seth. "NO!" Seth shouted then in a more normal voice. "I love Shon with every ounce of my being. Did you feel that with Callie?" Jon nodded, "Did and still do. Callie is my soulmate such as Shon is yours. Callie still makes my heart beat faster and my pulse race."

Seth nodded, "That's how I feel with Shon." He looked at Jon, "You have the rings?" Jon chuckled, "Yes, for the hundredth time I have them.... I think." He teased then saw the panicked look on Seth's face. "Relax, I have them. Now lets get you to a wedding."

Shran stood alone in front of everyone. He assumed Seth would arrive soon, and then it would just be a matter of minutes before Dex would enter. He used this time to go over everything in his head. Soon he would be required to go into a bit of a speech, something he had never gotten used to despite how often it was required.

Seth stood at the front with Jon as they waited for Shon and Callie to appear. His eyes were on the entrance where his beloved Shon would enter and then be at his side, to begin their life journey as husband and wife.

Callie and Shon began their long walk beside each other with Puss taking up the rear. Shon’s dress made an almost musical sound as it dragged along behind her. Eventually they arrived at the entrance to the arboretum and began to walk towards the group of friends standing on the lawn. Beyond that she could see him, waiting for her and she had to stop herself from running to him.

They entered the ceremony space now just yards from each other. She noted Shran looking every inch the Captain in his dress uniform and Deanna looking beautiful in a shimmering lilac dress. Her attention turned towards Seth unable to take her eyes off him. She was pleasantly surprised he had chosen a morning suit instead of his dress uniform and looked by far the most handsome man there. As she approached she smiled nervously at him.

Callie had her eyes firmly set on Jon, it had seemed a long time since she’d walked down the aisle towards him and it brought back memories of their happy day.

Seth's eyes were on Shon, she was beautiful! her dress highlighting her lithe, attractive figure. His heart beat faster as they were just minutes away from becoming man and wife and he couldn't wait.

Jon meanwhile had his eyes on Callie. She was breathtaking in her midnight blue dress. It shimmered as she walked and with the tiara atop her head she was every bit his queen and his smile and love for her grew, He could not imagine life without Callie there by his side.

Shon and Seth moved to stand together, she turned to give her lilies to Callie as Puss settled down on the ground looking expectantly at the Captain. Shon snuck her hand towards Seth’s as the lilting music stopped. All was silence.

Shran looked at the bride and groom and then began. "Since the ancient days on Earth when humans sailed the seas it has been the duty and honor of a ship's captain to carry out the joining of two souls in the bonds of matrimony. And so we are gathered here this day, in this place of beauty and life as we sail amongst the stars to join these two individuals now in those bonds."

He looked at Dex, "Do you, Shoniara T'ghann Dex take this man to be you husband, forsaking all others, in sickness and health, in good times and bad, until death do you part?"

“I do. and my vow to you.” She spoke softly but clearly.

“ Seth, I take you to be my partner for life,
 I promise above all else to live in truth with you
 and to communicate fully and fearlessly. 
I give you my hand and my heart
 as a sanctuary of warmth and peace
 and pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honour
 as I join my life to yours. Always remember my love I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this universe alone."

Shran turned to look at Seth. "And do you, Seth Travis take this woman to be your wife, forsaking all others, in sickness and health, in good times and bad, until death do you part?"

Seth nodded and with eyes on Shon spoke, clearly, "Shon, I take you as my wife as we begin this grand journey together, No longer is it you and me but us. Our love binds us together and keeps us strong. Along with the respect and trust we have to guide in this wonderous trip. My love is for you totally and completely."

Shran nodded approvingly. "The rings" he said simply. "Seth, repeat after me, with this ring, I thee wed."

Shon held out her left hand for Seth to take hold of. "With this ring I thee wed." Seth repeated as he slid the ring onto Shon's finger.

Seth took Shon's hand and held it gently.

Shran looked to Dex, "And Dex, repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed."

Shon took Seth’s hand warm and strong in hers. “With this ring I thee wed” she smiled and slid the ring onto his finger.

Shran looked at the two. "It is my honor, privilege and duty to pronounce you husband and wife." He looked at Seth, "You may kiss the bride."

Seth needed no further encouragement as he wrapped his arms around Shon and kissed her deeply, passionately and lovingly.

Shon held him close and responded with all the love she had. “I love you” she whispered into his ear.

The couple stood together as the music began again waiting for the congratulations to begin.

Seth kissed her again. "I love you until the end of time." He whispered.

Shon stood with her husband and faced the assembled. "Seth and I want to thank you all for coming. To know we have so many friends, no, family that is how we think of you. We want to thank Captain Shran for taking the time out of his day and the current mission to perform the ceremony. As we are on mission we will have a celebration afterwards to which everyone is invited. I am now Doctor Travis, if you forget and call me Dex that is no problem at all.” Shon looked at her husband “Do you want to add anything Seth?”

Seth smiled, nodded and spoke, "I just want to add my thanks to all of you for coming to our wedding. I know I'm the new kid but it makes me feel good to see all the friends Shon has and the warm welcome you have given me. I feel like I'm part of a great big happy family. So thank you so much for that."

Sam watched on as the two pledged their lives to each other and a genuine smile crept on to her battle weary features.

Aiko joined the others as they applauded for the newest couple. She was truly happy for the couple and wished them nothing but the best as they undertook this new adventure together.

Callie applauded loudly as she smiled at the happy couple, and at Jon.

Amethyst added to the applause, she was genuinely happy for Dex and Seth.

Zack clapped as well, but his joy for them was only skin deep. He was struggling to not just leave as his own past and situation made his heart hurt.

Jon clapped loud and long. A broad smile on his face. He was happy for Dex who he considered a good friend as well as Seth who seemed like a nice guy and who genuinely loved her.

Celes clapped in applause along with the other fanfare that was commencing. She walked up to the couple, "Congratulations to you both. May your life together be filled with joy."

Shran looked at the two newlyweds, "I echo Deanna's sentiments. Marriage is a beautiful thing when you love one another. The Andorian tradition is to wish you a large family. May you both enjoy each other's company for the many years to come." He looked back seeing the rest of the crew lining up to congratulate the couple. "I don't want to monopolize your time. I'm needed on the bridge. Congrats to you both again."

"Thank you Captain." Seth answered simply but sincerely.

Shon whispered to her husband that she wanted to be alone with him.

Seth nodded and squeezed her hand, letting her know he heard and agreed with her.

They walked back to their quarters followed by Puss. Shon did not speak, she was just happy to be with her husband. They stopped in front of the door, “well?” she smiled

Seth needed no further encouragement. He scooped Shon into his arms and carried her across the threshold and into their quarters. Kissing her as he did with Puss right on their heels.

“Well” she said “here we are” for the first time she could feel herself blushing. “Seth take me to bed.” She whispered.

"Your wish is my command Shon." Seth replied, still holding her in his arms. As they headed for the bedroom, he glanced back at Puss, "You guard the door."

“Help me out of this damned dress, please” she begged, “it’s the buttons on the back, I should have worn a bag, it would have been easier to get out of.” She laughed a little unsure of herself for the first time in long time.

"Absolutely" Seth answered as he moved behind her and began to undo the buttons of her dress all while gently kissing her neck. "Nonsense Shon. You looked and you are gorgeous."

When the buttons were undone she turned and the silk fell from her. She began to unbutton his waistcoat and slip his suit off.
“Do you have anything else to do today?” She asked her eyes misty.

"Just spend the day with you my love." Seth answered, softly.

“Make love to me on our wedding day then she asked kissing him.”

"A task I am all too happy to undertake." Seth answered, his eyes on His beautiful wife.

She led him to the bed and pulled him down. She began to kiss him slowly “I hope this is for the rest of our lives Seth, I cannot wait to meet your parents, maybe we can go after this mission.” She continued to kiss him and disappeared under the covers giggling.

Seth chuckled and then gasped. "Why Shon, you naughty doctor! He exclaimed as he pulled the cover all the way up and over them and soon sounds of contentment could be heard.

Sleeping by the door Puss opened an eye and one ear rolled towards the sounds of pleasure coming from the bedroom. He rolled his eyes and put his paws over his ears and sighed.


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