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Sickbay Ho!

Posted on Sun Sep 18th, 2022 @ 12:07pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Lieutenant Seth Travis

Mission: Time Bandits
Location: USS Washington


The small group left Shon and Seth's quarters and their way slowly, stealthily toward Sickbay. Jon was in front followed by Shon, then Callie who was followed by the Vulcan priestess with Seth bringing up the rear.

Lodzhal was concerned, Shoniara T’ghann-Travis and, her young child Shasta where beginning to show great mental capacity. The problem was neither had yet to discipline their minds, then there was the problem of T'Plana-hath; her mind was shattered once. She and the adepts under her were able to repair that, but she had missed the very ancient Katra that had been hiding in her mind. A very ancient Mind-master and Weapon-master.

Shon followed Jon quietly her mind on her job. Now she was pain free she felt her strength flowing back bodily and mentally although she felt her Vulcan side especially strongly having difficulty remembering she was half Risan. She turned to look at Callie feeling very protective of her. Despite, or possibly because of the fact that she herself was pregnant she felt an empathy for her friend and was determined to protect her although she knew Callie was very capable herself. She noted her husbands quiet strength as he brought up the rear. Lodzhal was quite a different entity however. Just then she hear running towards them, she lifted her phaser and waited for Jon’s signal.

Callie too heard footsteps coming their way, last thing they needed was to get caught out by the Romulans.

Jon held a hand up, signaling the others to stop. "He turned and whispered, "Up against the walls." It was the best they could do has the doors to crew quarters were locked.

Shon obeyed Jon’s directive her back flat against the wall hardly breathing as the Romulans came nearer. They did not seem to care, probably confident in their hold on the ship. they were talking quite loudly as the approached the junction. If they turned the Washington party would be seen. She held her breath ready to fire.

The four Romulans had almost passed the opening, then one dropped something. Bending to pick it up he looked straight at them. Shouting a warning to his companions pointed his weapon straight at them.

“ Na' Yel-Halitra” Shon yelled as she threw herself forward taking him out with a blast from her phaser.

Jon fired instantly at the Romulans. He hadn't wanted a confrontation but he wasn't going to shy away from one either.

In sickbay Shran took the time to reach out to Jon, =^=Shran to Grayson. Sickbay under our control, but Romulans have transported T'Plana off ship. Do you have Shon and the other Vulcan?=^=

With Jon busy with the Romulans Callie answered Shran’s call. “Jon is busy right now Sir, we have Shon and the Vulcan mystic. We’re on our way to Sickbay, but have encountered resistance!”

=^=Very well Callie. Are you trying to reach me? I'll have Celes send security reinforcements.=^=

The sound of phaser and disruptor fire was loud and the air was hot. Shon’s Vulcan blood was hot as she fired and struck another Romulan who went down across the stunned body of his friend.

She turned to try to see if Seth was safe and felt the heat of fire just inches from her face.

"Shon! Get down!" Seth shouted as he pushed her down and fired at the Romulans striking another and then the air was still as the four Romulans lay stunned on the ground. Jon tapped his combadge, "Grayson to Celes. "Deanna can you transport these four Romulans to the brig or another secure location where they won't cause any more trouble?"

Celes was working frantically on the computer in engineering having just finished a quick conversation with Shran when Jon's call came in. =^=Transporters are limited right now. I am battling the Romulans for computer control over systems. The captain said you required assistance. I have security control and can open up the quarters of all security and direct them accordingly if that helps.=^=

Callie was amazed it was all over so quick, she hadn’t even had to use her phaser, which she was pretty grateful for.

Shon looked up at Seth prone over her, a slight smile played on her lips. “Thank you” she said and stood. “Callie, are you injured?” She asked concerned

Callie smiled. “I’m fine Shon, you all kept the Romulans busy. I didn’t have to fire a shot!”

Shon nodded, “ Nam-tor du dash-tor Vuhlkansu trensu?” (“Be you hurt Vulcan master?) She asked The Vulcan Healer.

Lodzhal looked at Shoniara "I am fine." she replied. Then in Vulcan asked "Vi's katra tor currently svi' tash? {Who's Katra is currently in control?}" She was very concerned.

Shon brushed herself down. She felt strange, totally in charge of her mind and her body, precise and thinking two steps ahead. Her thoughts were in Vulcan and she had to think before she spoke. She looked at Jon. “Is there any point in going to sickbay now, perhaps Callie and Seth should go…I..need” she paused. “I need to go hunt Romulans!”

"Yes. The point is, we meet with the Captain. We come up with a plan for retaking complete control of the ship and getting T'Plana back from the Romulans as well as keeping you Shon and Lodzhal from them." Jon replied decisively.

Shon nodded, “then let’s pick up the pace and get there.” She was about to push past Jon and had to pull herself up short wondering what she was doing. Jon was her Commanding Officer. She shrank back beside him and waited for his order.

Jon looked at her but said nothing. Finally, after a few seconds he said. "Let's get to Sickbay."

Then to Deanna he said. " Deanna open up all the security quarters and get them here and to other critical areas where we have control. Can you raise a forcefield around carbo bay three? We can use that a temporary brig."

=^= Yes, I can do all of that. Where do you want security sent? And just tell me when you are ready for me to seal the cargo bay.=^=

"Sent part to cargo bay three. Send some to Sickbay to augment the Captain. Once you have security in place beam the Romulans into the cargo bay." Jon replied.

=^=I'll send the security, but I can't transport anyone anywhere. I assume Callie didn't inform you that I don't have transporter control at the moment.=^=

"No, she probably did but i just missed it. Okay Deanna, send a detail of five to eight here to my location and they can get the Romulans to the cargo bay." Jon replied.

=^=Understood. Sending them your way now.=^=

Dr Sam Howard meanwhile was making her way towards sickbay, aware that something was wrong but not fully understanding the gravity of the situation. Hopefully it wasn't as bad as she feared.

Callie offered her husband an apologetic smile. “Sorry Jon I forgot to say about the transporters.” She sighed. “Baby brain! At least that’s my excuse.”

Jon shook his and smiled at Callie, "Forget it Callie, it's no biggie. We took care of the Romulans and no one got hurt. That's the most important thing." He tilted his head at her "Baby brain? I like it." He grinned.

Celes messaged Jon once more, =^=Commander, I have cleared a path for you all the way to sickbay. Turbolifts are under my control as are communications in case you need anything else. =^=

"Excellent work Deanna!" Jon exclaimed. "We're headed to Sickbay now."

Callie nodded to Jon as they started for Sickbay. “This is a small victory for now, our element of surprise is gone.”

"Absolutely right Callie in that our element of surprise is gone but we can still keep the Romulans guessing as what we're going to do next and where." Jon replied. "That will keep them on the defensive."

“That’s true.” Callie offered a smile. “Fingers crossed we can keep them guessing until we take back the ship.”

"Amen to that Callie, amen." Jon answered solemnly.

Shon needed to speak to Jon so she sidled up to him. “Commander” she whispered. “I need to apologize for my actions a few minutes ago. It was out of order. Since this Vulcan healer came on board I have been having strange feelings and I am aware I am doing things I cannot control. Jon, please forgive me.” She waited for him to respond.

Jon shook his head, "Forget it Shon. Nothing to forgive. This whole situation has us all on edge. However perhaps it is good we are headed to Sickbay, let Sam or one of the other doctor's give you a quick check up.''

Callie stifled a yawn as she stood alongside Jon, as he talked with Shon. Tiredness and morning sickness were the two major problems Callie was having with her pregnancy, though Shon’s recommendation of peppermint tea was helping to settle her stomach. “Sorry” She offered a smile. “Any physical exercise seems to take it out of me these days.”

Shon happened to note Callie’s stifled yawn. She turned to her. “My friend are you feeling tired all the time?”

Callie nodded. “On and off. Depends on what I’ve been doing. If I sit down too long I start nodding off, and if I run around it has the same effect. Tiredness is a normal part of pregnancy as far as I know.”

Shon looked at her friend closely. “To be honest Callie I think I had better take a quick look at you when we get to sickbay, check your blood stats. If everything is okay with them I have something that might help you. It is a Vulcan herb which, ground up and used in tea will stimulate your mind and body to wakefulness. You have to titrate it to yourself though. Too much and you will be awake day and night. I have some in the office.”
Shon turned away and then turned back her face changed, “ Ha-tor i'; tor i' kwon-sum wuh danik taluhk wak. I' dungi worla sarlah va'ashiv!” (Translation: “Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again!”) She said grabbing Callie by the shoulders and shaking her. Shon sank to her knees.

Callie was momentarily taken by surprise at the change in Shon. “Shon! What’s wrong?” She looked towards Seth and Jon. “Let’s get Shon to Sam, she maybe able to help her.”

Jon was at Callie's side in an instant. "Seth, take hold of Shon. We're going to Sickbay." His voice hard, it softens as he spoke to Callie. "Callie are you alright?"

Callie nodded. “I’m fine, really!” She looked at Shon, then back at Jon. “Shon wouldn’t have hurt me, I just wish I understood what she said to me.”

"I agree Shon would never hurt you but I don't know what's come over her." Jon admitted.

Shon stood stunned at what she had done, it was as if there was someone else inside her. She began to tremble, “Seth….help me?”

"Of course my love." Seth answered instantly, his hands coming up and placing them on her shoulders. "I am here for you Don't worry everything will be fine."

Shon looked at Seth her face full of worry. “I am becoming full Vulcan, something is happening to me.” She put her head on his shoulder for a moment then pushed him back. Her eyes looked as though they hardly knew him. “ Etek dang hal-tor wuh Rihansu dungi sarlah!” (Romulans are coming). She checked her phaser. “Commander we should get to Sickbay.”

Callie looked concernedly at Jon, whatever was happening to Shon it was definitely becoming more prevalent. “Agreed, we should get going.”

Jon caught Callie's concerned look and gave her subtle nod. Something definitely wasn't right with Shon and the sooner they got to Sickbay and could get her checked over the better he would feel.

Seth put his arm protectively around Shon. "Shon, come on, let's get to Sickbay so we can form a plan for retaking the ship." He said aloud while silently he wanted Shon checked over by the doctor's.

A slight echo began to be heard from the connecting corridor, then it began to morph into the sound of feet running towards them. “Commander we need to get going now!” Shon pleaded.

"Right you are Shon. Everyone one let's move it! Double time it to Sickbay. Jon answered. "Seth, you take the lead, I'll guard the rear. Now go!"

Callie waited for Seth and Shon to go first, following on behind Seth, and before Jon.

Lodzhal sighed inwardly, it is as I feared either T'Plana-hath had two Katra's in her mind or the ancient katra is split between her and Shoniara T’ghann-Travis. When we get to sickbay, I must ascertain which is the case, and if T'Plana-hath mind melded with her, or used any of her other mental abilities. She fell in line with the others as they made their way to sickbay.


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