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The return

Posted on Fri Feb 24th, 2023 @ 9:33am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath

Mission: Living History
Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Callie sat next to BJ in the front of his car, having seen someone else in another car flick down the visor mirror she flicked hers down to take a look at her head. Besides some bruising, and a small lump she looked okay, which she was thankful to BJ for. As he pulled up opposite the entrance to Cape Canaveral she gave him a warm smile. “Thank you so much for your help BJ, I appreciate it more than you know.”

BJ smiled at Callie. "My pleasure ma'am. Glad I was able to help you." He looked at her head. "The bruising and the lump will disappear in a day or two. In the meantime,...." He reached over and into the glove compartment of his truck and pulled out a small rectangle box. He handed it to Callie. "Crack this open later. It will get cold and then apply it to your bump. It will keep the swelling down."

He leaned back in his seat. "I hope you have someone special. Someone who loves you and treats you like the lady you are." he smiled again. "Hope if I have grandkids and they have children of their own. They meet someone as nice as you. Your special."

Callie smiled warmly. “Thank you, I have no doubt you’ll find someone who’ll make your life just as special.” She leant across and kissed him on the cheek. “That’s to say thank you for being my saviour.” With that she checked to make sure it was safe before opening the door ready to get out. “Take Care BJ.”

BJ blushed furiously at Callie's kiss. "Heck ma'am. I was glad to do it, honored to do it. I wish you clear skies and smooth sailing. You take care as well Cassie. I hope you find someone special; you deserve it."

‘If only you knew’ Callie thought as she stepped out of the vehicle. She gave BJ a smile before walking towards the entry doors, she was hoping Jon and the others were still there and hadn’t gone looking for her. As she approached the doors she focussed on Jon hoping he’d pick up on her thoughts. **Are you still here Imzadi? **

Jon was beginning to go and 'question' the security guards when he 'heard' Callie in his mind. *Callie! Where are you darling? Been worried sick about you* The relief in his thoughts evident. Callie was safe.

Callie heard Jon’s voice in her mind. **I’m right outside Imzadi, I just got back.**

Jon was already moving toward the front doors. *I'm on my way.* He answered as he burst through the doors and saw the most beautiful sight in the world. Callie, standing before him safe and sound. As he got closer he could see the bruising and small bump on her forehead. "Callie! Are you alright? Who did this to you?"

Callie smiled the biggest smile of all as she set eyes on Jon. “I’m fine, I just got side swiped by a car and hit my head when I fell. I awoke in a house not far from here, a gentleman passing by saw what happened and came to my rescue.” She wanted to hug and kiss Jon but right here, and now wasn’t the place. “I’ll have Shon check me over.”

"I'd like to thank this gentleman and his rescue of you." Jon replied. "You sure you are alright? What about the baby?" Jon asked anxiously. Giving Callie a quick hug with the promise of more. much more to follow. He nodded, "Yes, good idea. Get Shon to check you over."

“Shon warned me to avoid hospitals, luckily I didn’t need it. The man who helped me was a medic. I’ll tell you more about him when we get home.” Callie motioned to the doors. “Let’s get inside, I want Shon to check me over. Just to put both our minds at rest.”

"A medic? You were extremely fortunate Callie. I can't wait to hear your story. I am sure it is quite interesting." He resisted holding her hand but did put his hand at her waist as they walked back to the doors. "Yes, I will feel much better knowing you and the baby are fine and I know you will as well." Jon replied with a smile.

Callie nodded, she was itching to ask Jon about BJ but for now that would have to wait. “It’s a story you’ll find most interesting.” She grinned.

"I see that smile. That means this is going to be a humdinger of a story and one I can't wait to hear." Jon replied now even more intrigued by the story Callie was going to tell.

In the security office Ayana and Sam were confronting Maddison. Despite the seriousness of the situation and the threatening nature in Ayana's voice, Maddison showed no fear. He was in fact showing amusement as a smirk came across his face. Suddenly Ayana felt something, a feeling she was familiar with, and she quickly attempted to engage Maddison as she yelled to Sam, "He's a Betazoid!"

"Well then, that makes things a little more interesting" Sam dug into her bag and retrieved a hypospray and a small device. "This should neutralize that little particular detail" she held up the loaded hypo and a neural inhibitor "you can't get into anyone's head whilst unconscious and wearing an inhibitor" she moved closer to him, intent on incapacitating him.

Maddison began to struggle with Ayana, the two of them in a grapple that caused them violently dance around his office, aggressively knocking into the furniture. This made it nearly impossible for Sam to get close, let alone to use the hypospray to incapacitate Maddison. "Shoot him!" Ayana finally shouted as Maddison looked to toss her aside.

Sam wouldn't have the opportunity however, as Maddison tossed Ayana off him and into Sam. He quickly bolted toward the door to make an escape, but just as he reached the doorway the sound of a weapon being discharged rang out and he felt a stinging sensation in his back as he fell forward to the ground. Ayana slowly stood, her phaser disguised pistol in hand and trained on Maddison. "Hope you are alright Sam" she said as she slowly moved towards Maddison. As she reached him she looked out of the door and saw security personnel approaching, along with members of the away team. She looked back at Sam, "We need to make this look authentic" as she pulled out her handcuffs.

Sam had a bruise to her cheekbone that was already beginning to darken. She touched the skin and winced. "That'll do for a start" she admitted as they turned Maddison over and cuffed him. Sam injected him with a mild stimulant. Enough to wake him but hopefully keep him in enough discomfort to prevent him from doing too much.

Walking in on the developing scene Callie looked at Jon as she picked up on Maddison’s previously hidden secret. She lowered her voice as she spoke. “Maddison is a Betazoid! I didn’t sense it before but I’m sensing it now. Which means he’ll have picked up on me from the start.”

Deanna approached with T'Plana and saw Ayana and Sam arresting Maddison and then she sensed it. She sent a telepathic message to T'Plana, They have found the operative, and he is Betazoid. She rushed past Jon and Callie to get a closer look, scanning him. She then walked back to Jon, "Something familiar about him. I think Sam needs to do a medical work up on him once we get back to the shuttle. We also need to do an extensive search for any technology that might have been integrated here. T'Plana and I can handle whatever we might find."

T’Plana had been furiously scanning and marking certain data points in the NASA computer system that did not belong in this timeframe, while simultaneously scouring the video feeds; a feat being done at an incredible speed, something every Vulcan child learned from their time in the Vulcan Learning Center. She was suddenly distracted by the scuffling coming from the office of Mister Maddison. She quickly brought the computer system to its screen saver mode, and got up, following in the wake of the security guards and Commander Celes. Upon hearing Commander Celes comment T'Plana smiled, "I have located and documented the programs and hardware. Also it appears that on the video monitors that Miss Raven-Grayson was diliberately targeted by the driver of a vehicle."

Jon looked at Maddison then back to Deanna. "Sure thing Deanna, have Sam run a complete exam on him, so we know for sure who we're dealing with."

Deanna looked at Jon and T'Plana both, "Perhaps some of us should remain here to complete the technology sweep while others return to basecamp. Who stays here is certainly your call sir, though T'Plana and I certainly need to remain here to finish any clean up. Mr. Phoenix may be of benefit to us here as well considering his knowledge of this facility. I'm certain Ayana will accompany Sam, and perhaps it may be best for Callie to return with them for a proper check up as well."

Jon listened to Deanna's recommendation and replied, "Deanna, you, T'plana and Mr. Phoenix and myself will stay. Everyone else transport back to the ship."

Callie nodded. She wasn’t going to argue given her healing head wound.

T’Plana, upon hearing Commander Grayson’s subtle command, returned back to the security station she had been working at; there was a security guard there and he was struggling to get the screensaver mode off. “Please step aside sir, I have not concluded my investigation using your computer, any attempts by you or any other staff member to interfere with the investigation will have you cuffed just like Mister Maddison.” She watched as the guard moved away from the security desk. T’Plana smiled at him and took his seat, a few quick keystrokes and she was once again deep into the NASA mainframes.

Deanna looked to Jon, "Perhaps you can work here with T'Plana while Phoenix and I check out the control center and server rooms."

Ayana did her best to move Maddison in a professional manner. With Sam by her side she felt like things were under control, though she was upset seeing the injury to her face. She needed to keep her cool, Deanna had mentioned something familiar, and that made her wonder what that might be from this guy.

Sam kept at beside Maddison, keeping a hypospray handy in case she needed to 'drop' him if he started to misbehave. She wanted to get him back to the shuttle for a full medical workup, having a hankering that he may be hiding other gems like the other operative. They walked casually out of the building and towards a secluded location where they could transport to the shuttle.

Callie looked towards Jon. “I’ll see you when you get back, be careful.” With that she followed on behind Sam ready to return to the ship. Given their cover she couldn’t kiss Jon goodbye, no matter how much she wanted to.

T'Plana looked up, finished with her search. She had already tagged the advanced programs not native to this time period with Vulcan level viruses and worms. She had also located where the advanced server was, as well as the new space craft fuels were being stored. "Sir I believe we will need to go to the server room in Sub basement eight golf to examine them, we will also need to go to the fuel storage farm located off of Ransom road."


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