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Two Teams Better Than One

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2023 @ 9:28am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Lieutenant JG James Phoenix

Mission: Living History
Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Deanna, Sam, T'Plana, and Ayana materialized near the Kennedy Space Center in an isolated location where nobody would see them. Ayana quickly looked around to confirm that they had managed to transport unseen and was glad they had pulled off this little trick. "So, where is Jon and the others?" Ayana questioned.

About that time Sam's 'phone' rang. "When you arrive come to the main administration building, we're inside." Jon told her, keeping the conversation brief, to avoid any possible detection.

Deanna heard the beep of the communicator indicating a message. "What new information have we gotten?"

Sam returned her device to her satchel and looked around. "He said to go to the main administration building" She commented, hoping it wasn't the very complex looking building she was looking at.

"That appears to be that building over there" Ayana said as she pointed to a building to the northeast of there location. "I believe our FBI covers will be of even more use here thankfully."

"Works for me" Sam pulled her badge out of her satchel and tucked it into a pocket for ease of use. " Then we just have to find them, that place looks huge. I may be able to get a trace on Jon's combadge to guide us, or at least give us an indication."

Shon continued to monitor the whereabouts of Maddison as his behavior and attitude towards the team had become a matter of concern.He seemed to have settled, at least for now in his office and was concerned with communication of some kind. She went back into the area the team were working in and noted that Callie was nowhere to be seen. She approached Jon. “Callie still not returned Sir?”

Jon looked up from his search. " What? Oh no, not yet Shon. She wanted to get some fresh air, clear her head. I imagine she'll come back in when the other team gets here."

Ayana took the point position as they made their way into the building, flashing her badge to the security personnel. The security officer noted the badge and was able to inform where the others were, which was a bit of good news. They made their way to them, keeping an eye of everything as they walked the hallways. This facility was different than the SpaceX facility they had been to only hours ago.

Deanna smiled as she sensed Jon and the others as they turned a corner, noting they were nearby. When they finally reached them she tried to keep up appearances, "Good to see you. What is the situation?"

Jon smiled warmly at Deanna. He liked her. "Agent Celes." He answered warmly. "Good to have you and the rest of the team here. The situation is the administrator a Mr. Maddison resents us being here. Tried to prevent us from conducting a search of the records of recent arrivals. Say, did you see Callie outside?"

"No, we didn't see Callie" Deanna replied, hearing a touch of concern in Jon's voice.

Ayana was in a more confrontational mood. "Perhaps we should have a conversation with this Mr. Maddison. We don't have time for such stonewalling."

To his credit, Jon kept his opens under control, but Deanna would feel his concern go up several notches. "What? She said she was going right outside." He replied. "Be my guest Ayana." He replied wondering where his wife was.

Maddison walked into the room and made straight for them. “I just received a message, one of your agents, the pretty one was seen to be hit by a car outside a little while ago.

Jon moved to Maddison, stopping inches from him. "You received a message? Why the hell did you receive a message? Why did you get a message? Where's my agent?"

Maddison moved into Jon’s personal space. “I received a message from one of the security people, he was going to help but she got into a car with some man, he said she didn’t seem much injured and I thought maybe it was her boyfriend or something. After all a good looking dame like that shouldn’t be on her own. If I wasn’t married! Well….. I hope you’re not going to be much longer, you are disturbing my staff.” He walked away.

Shon nodded, I’ll go see” she said and hurriedly left.

"Pompous ass." Jon muttered. "Next thing I disturb won't be his staff." He nodded to Shon, "Thank you Shon."

Shon hurried down the corridor, showed her pass and walked outside. The sun had begun to burn down and the humidity was growing. She reckoned it was at least 80 percent. She fingered her collar as fine beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. As she looked up and down the narrow street she began to worry, what if Callie had been taken, was injured what about the pregnancy? She hoped Callie had not ended up in some hospital. As she turned to re enter the building she saw a security guard watching her. Not that it worried her, a place like this had much security but it was what he was doing that bothered her. He was talking to someone but her enhanced sight saw not a phone but a communicator of some sort, however he was just out of earshot. “HEY” she called. “FBI, STOP!” He ran, Shon followed but he was fast. A few hundred meters he entered what looked like a back alley behind the main building. She was only seconds behind him but when she rounded the corner there was no sign of him. There was no exit to the alley and no external doors to the building. “What the” Shon exclaimed and walked slowly back to the building.

After showing her pass once again she re entered the large room and noted Maddison watching her once again. He smiled nastily and she smiled nastily back. Finding Jon looking worried she knew she couldn’t reassure him. Whispering she told him what had happened. “There was no sign of her, no blood, no sign of an accident, whilst I was outside I noticed a man watching me and talking into what I would have sworn was a communicator. I ordered him to stop and gave chase. He disappeared into a blind alley. There was no chance he could have escaped me but he had gone. I immediately thought some sort of transporter technology.” She looked at Seth, “would you get me a cold drink please?”

Jon took Shon's report silently but his concern for Callie grew. Where was she? Was she alright? Shon said there was no blood. or sign of an accident. Had she been abducted to slow their investigation?" Finally, he spoke. "Thank you Shon. We'll look into this security guard you saw. As well as begin a search for Callie."

Seth stopped his search, nodded ans spoke and walked over to the nearest vending machine. When no one was looking he slapped the machine once, twice hard on the side, pressed a button and a Pepsi rolled. He walked back to Shon. "Here you go darling." He said with a smile.

Ayana went after Maddison, with full intent to wrangle information out of him. They hadn't informed Jon and the others about all they had discovered, and the information had made her quite angry.

Phoenix had been relatively quite for this whole ordeal after his discovery. He had set the file regarding himself aside so he could show Jon later, who was dealing with the fact that Callie could have been abducted. He didn't want to give Jon another burden right away. However he'd have to tell Jon either way. James had become a little distracted by the file for a bit and thus, he was continuing to look through the rest of the files that he was assigned to look through so he could distract himself from the file for the time being and so he could get back on track with the files. He was also listening to the situation around him, in the event that any more confrontations or issues arose.

Deanna was concerned with all of this talk between Jon and Shon regarding Callie and security. "Perhaps it is a good thing we are here now" she said to Jon.

"It is a very good thing you are here now Deanna, very good indeed." Jon answered somberly.

"Perhaps I can assist you with questioning the security guards so that we can find Callie" Deanna replied.

"Your assistance is most welcome Deanna." Jon replied maintaining a professional air though he was worried about Callie.

Deanna leaned in close to Jon and whispered, "Thankfully, nobody here is aware of what it feels like to be scanned by a telepath. We'll get to the bottom of this, I promise."

"I know we will Deanna." Jon replied and then answered, "Thank you for your help."

Deanna spotted T'Plana walking away from everyone back towards the security area. She looked to Jon, "We should catch up to her. She isn't the most tactful in this timeframe."

Jon nodded. "No need to tell me twice Deanna. Let's go and stop her before she does or says something rash." As the pair started after T'Plana as she moved down the hallway.

Ayana made her way with Sam to Maddison's office, intent to get some answers. She felt all sorts of emotions at this point, but tried to keep a lid on it as they entered his office.

"Let's get some answers so we can wrap up this mess and go home. As much as I did enjoy the shopping" Sam quipped as she followed Ayana into the office.

T’Plana listened to all that was going on and decided to step away from the group. She walked up to the security guard at the main entrance desk, there was an old fashioned computer and a panel of screens showing various areas under surveillance by security cameras. “Excuse me, I need you to step away from your desk and stand by the door over there. I have a warrant that allows me to access your security system and computer. Failure to comply will have you charged with obstruction of a Federal investigation, to which Mister Maddison cannot protect you from.”
The young security guard sputtered and replied “I really need to clear this with Mister Maddison.” T’Plana left eyebrow raised and there was a slight twitch of her mouth; she leaned down, slightly touching him with her left index and middle finger near the base of his neck, and in the merest of whispers said “So you wish to obstruct a Federal investigation. I believe I am going to have fun arresting you.” As she said this she projected the slightest of mental contact urging the guard to move. The guard gulped and immediately jumped from his seat. T’Plana smiled at him and sat down, “Thank you for your cooperation.” She then quickly began typing on the old fashioned keyboard, her hands flying. Information was flowing so fast that even the security guard was unable to follow what she was doing on the computer. T’Plana had linked her tricorder, disguised as a “smartphone” to the computer and was now deep into the NASA mainframe, at the same time she was rapidly flicking through images on the video security system. In the background she heard footsteps approaching.

Entering the office Ayana made a beeline for Maddison. "Good day sir. I understand you have some disagreement to our being here and have been less than cooperative. I am here to make you reconsider, one way or another."


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