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Bringing Them Home

Posted on Tue Aug 16th, 2022 @ 8:52am by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Ensign T'Plana-hath & Ensign James Phoenix & Lieutenant Seth Travis & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: USS Washington

Celes looked back at Jon, "Ready commander."

Jon nodded, "Alright, let's bring our people home." He looked to Deanna, "Begin Deanna. Callie, you monitor the captain and the rest of the team for any signs of undo emotional stress, anxiety."

Deanna began working on the controls. "Locking on to the various patterns inside the holodecks. Holodeck 4 empty. Holodeck 3, two people, crewmen Lynch and Andrir, filtering out omicron particles, initiating transport."

In the holodeck a somewhat familiar scene was playing out. Shran remained defiant in his stance with the Balrog as it roared once more before lurching forward. The ground shook with each step it took, and Shran noticed that some of the ground was looking weak, a deep chasm possible lay beneath them. He took his staff and raised it vertically, "You shall not pass!" he exclaimed and slammed the staff into the ground.

Shon felt the ground shake and a crack like thunder that hurt the ears. She was astounded to see Shran taking a stand against the dark demon and a light suddenly went on in her brain that, he had entered the game as a wizard without telling the group. She whooped, raised her sword and cried “ALL HAIL THE GREAT WIZARD SHRAN!” She turned to Sam, “we now have a chance Sam. SAM!” Where Sam had been stood an oily helmeted Orc bearing a staff with a wicked serrated edge.”ORCS FROM SARUMAN” she screamed and drew her sword.

Sam had been forced backwards against the wall, sword shaking as she attempted to defend her continued existence. Inside she was terrified but dire situations could do strange things to a person's psyche. She fought for all she was worth, managing to land a strike to the orcs head and sending it into the lake below them. Her sword clattered to the ground and she fell to her knees, torn apart by the whole experience. Her view of the battle completely obscured by the rocks around them she desperately fought the primal urge to flee.

T’Plana sensed the approaching enemy coming from their rear, just as Shon screamed “ORCS FROM SARUMAN”. T’Plana immediately spun and took a knee and fired off two arrows catching one orc each in their mailed torso’s, they fell. She saw that Shon was engaged with another orc but did not see Sam. She reached out with her mind in a desperate attempt to contact anyone on the bridge to alert them of their desperate need of help, she felt the one mind that she sensed earlier and another mind as well, putting all her psychic energy into her thoughts, and knowing it would cost her dearly she sent a disciplined mental yell The Captain and his party are in desperate need of help, one crewmember unaccounted for, the rest are in a desperate battle. T’plana could feel darkness trying to close in on her and she was dizzy and sick to her stomach. She steadied herself as best she could and tried to focus on the enemy.

Somewhere in between Callie and T’Plana-hath’s minds intersected as Callie picked up on some of what Hath was sending. “Hurry Jon! They desperately need us!”

"Transport complete" said Celes. "Both crewmen have been transported to sickbay safely. Locking in on holodeck 2. Detecting 4 crewmembers, life signs fluctuating. Initiating transport."

Jon nodded, "Very good Deanna, very good indeed. Keep it up and let me know how this transport goes and when we get to the captain and the others."

Ayana looked at the captain and then looked back at the new threat. Her instinct was to remain close to the captain, but she had a duty to the rest of the crew on the holodeck. "Phoenix, stay here and protect the captain. I'm going to help the others." She turned and charged towards the Orcs.

T’Plana was so dizzy and nauseous she fired her bow and took out another orc. Then three broke free and charged toward her, she thrust out with her bow catching the lead orc under its chin region and thrust forward, impaling it in the throat. She swept out with her right leg and pivoted in a crouch on her left leg, catching the second orc’s legs and causing it to fall forward. The action however, caused T’Plana to swoon in dizziness and vomit. She barely rolled away from the third orc’s swing of its deadly axe, it catching her on the right hip. She drew her sword and swung, while still on her back at the orc’s knees, just as the second one picked itself back up from being tripped. Great going to die in some foolish Holo Novel thought T’Plana. The orc she swiped at jumped back giving her just enough time to pull herself up to her knees, green blood flowing copiously from her right hip, it burned and her right leg was completely numb. Well so much for me standing and fighting, thank you Master I’Vashen for insisting we learn how to fight from all positions. she thought as she prepared her final defense against the two orcs.

*This is it*thought Shon as the huge Orc and his companion lumbered towards her the white hand of Saruman on their rude helms. She took her great sword in both hands and waited for the first strike. She knew one was the master of the other as he kept sending glances towards the larger one. She thought to take out the larger one so to leave the other without direction. The Orc swung his serrated staff which already had blood dripping from it and Shon wondered in horror if it was Sam’s. She managed to parry the blow and danced around his side swiping and stabbing every thrust reaching its mark. She ducked as the next swing came and with one slash removed his legs. The Orc gave a terrible scream as he fell and from behind him she lifted her blade and decapitated him. Her mistake however was to misread the smaller Orc. She knew that when she felt his blade slip in between the mithril and her armor entering her side instantly. He pushed it in deeper chattering nonsensically. The last thing she thought was how bad he smelled before she fell.

T’Plana fended of the first orcs strike at her, her blade sending sparks out as axe collided with sword. She quickly wiped it around catching the second orc by surprise as it thrust its sword at her. She caught the orc in its stomach as its sword slide off her right shoulder blade. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Shon taking on two orcs a large one and a smaller one, she easily defeated the large one but made a fatal mistake of losing track of the smaller one, which landed a blow. T’Plana quickly dispatched the other orc attacking her, as it made the mistake of thinking her distracted, she whipped her sword around and up into its groin. With visible effort she raised to a standing position, vomiting again in the process and staggered over to where Shon was and Sam should be. Seeing more orc’s getting ready to swarm at her and Shon. Let them come thought T’Plana I’ll show them a fight. she thought with a grim smile as she slowly began to sing softly, falling into a Vulcan Battle Meld, knowing full well the consequences of using the last of her psychic will for the benefits of the psychic energy. She could already feel her mind giving its energy over to her body.

Shon opened her eyes wondering why her vision was so misty and so blurred. She felt no pain but then realized she could not move her legs, she touched her hand to her side bringing back green blood from the deep wound that had penetrated her spine. She tried to look for Sam in the melee but she could not see her. A peace began to steal over her as her hearing seemed to fade away and she knew their rescue would not come. It seemed appropriate that it had been her favorite book, she smiled but then remembered Seth and Shasta, what a life she would miss with them. She closed her eyes and saw their faces as she faded again into unconsciousness.

T’Plana grew stronger as she sang the song, her mind and body becoming psychically linked. She became a swirling and whirling dervish as the orcs charged her. Her free hand smashing into orcs vital areas, crushing chest or throats, breaking bones and joints. Her sword slicing and hacking off limbs, or simply punching a hole through an orc, with the occasional head flying off. Her legs where also flying about, tripping and kicking orcs, caving in body parts or allowing her to leap straight up. T’Plana knew she could not keep it up for ever, she was already exhausted both physically and mentally. She was also suffering the proverbial ‘death by a thousand cuts’ as some of the orcs attacks got through. The ground around her was slick with blood, both hers and orcs, and was piled high with the bodies of orcs as she tried her best to both protect Shon, find Sam, and hold of the orcs. She felt herself faltering and her vision was growing dim, she felt her brain slipping into the Battle Lust of Vulcans from ages past and knew that her mind was on the verge of breaking up yet again. Her only regret was she had failed her crewmates.

As the Balrog loomed ever closer the ground cracked beneath it, weakened by whatever mystical trick Shran had done. Suddenly the Balrog was falling down a deep dark chasm. Shran wasn't about to turn his back the way Gandalf had, and so he waited and watched to avoid any last minute footfalls. Once he was ready to turn around he felt the ground crack beneath him and give way. He leaped towards Phoenix, grabbing hold of the newly formed ledge.

Phoenix watched this unfold. "Captain!" he yelled out as he he intentionally fell to his knees so he could have more leverage and to help Shran. He reached out to him. "Grab my hand."

Shran held onto the ledge as best he could as he tried to reach for Phoenix. He felt his hand brush against Phoenix, and then take hold. He reached out with the other, and as he did, arrows began to bounce off the ground all around them as Orcs from all over began to shower them as if a penalty for defeating the Balrog. Shran looked up at Phoenix, "Help the others ensign" he said plainly. He could see in his eyes that Phoenix wasn't about to let him go, though he feared that decision might be costly.

"Locking on to those in holodeck 1" Celes said. "Detecting 6 people, life signs fluctuating and weak. Filtering out omicron particles, preparing to initiate transport."

Shon’s life was almost spent, her eyes closed and her mind gone. Unconscious she was not aware of the scene of horror that was being enacted around her. The ground was filled with dead or dying orcs as T’Plana lay unmoving next to her. Phoenix desperately trying to reach Shran who was about to fall into the bottomless chasm that had opened up beneath him as the balrog fell. The adventure that had begun so happily was ending in death and disaster for the gallant players unless a miracle happened.

Suddenly the familiar blue hue and hum of the transporters began to overtake everyone, as they blue light overtook their vision for a brief moment as they cycled out of the holodeck and then, in an instant, they materialized in sickbay.

T'Plana had fallen, the psychic energy spent, her life blood was flowing from her. Her mind was retreating deeper into herself. She never even realized when she fell during combat. When she materialized in the sickbay, she was a wreck of green blood and gore. Her right hip was torn open to the bone, her right shoulder had a deep gash on it. All over her body she had minor cuts that were bleeding. The worst was that her brainwave activity was far below normal for a Vulcan.

Sam sat in a fear induced stupor, her arms wrapped around her legs and her chin tucked to her chest. The medical staff approached with caution, heading the signs of significant mental trauma.

"Transport complete and successful" Celes said cheerfully. "Ready to initiate part two of the plan on your order. Forcefields in place, emergency bulkheads down. Ready for explosive turndown of the holodecks."

"Wonderful. Excellent work Deanna." Jon replied with a relieved sigh. "Make it so Deanna. Let's get this over an done with." He ordered.

Deanna hit her commbadge, =^=LeFaye, ready damage control teams. Deactivating the holodecks now.=^= Deanna hit the command into her console. Suddenly the ship rocked from the explosions. Deanna looked to Jon, "It is done. Damage control teams moving in to deal with the damage on decks 4,5 7, and 8. Plasma fires burning but under control. Bulkheads are in place, forcefields held."

Jon took in the news Deanna gave him. "Could have been worse Deanna. Have repair teams expedite the repairs. How are they people that were trapped in the holodecks?"

"Sickbay is reporting that casualties are high and that several are in severe condition, but they haven't elaborated further." Deanna considered her words, "Perhaps you should go and take a personal look Jon."

Callie looked at her husband. “I’ll accompany you.”

Jon nodded. "You have the bridge Deanna." Jon said rising from the center seat. "Glad for your company Callie. Let's go see how it is.''

Callie nodded as she followed Jon to the turbolift, stepping in she waited for the door to close before turning to look at him. “I know this is all weighing heavily on you Imzadi, but you’ve done all you could do. At least the crew are out of the holodecks.”

Jon gave Callie a weak smile. "You are right Callie, it is weighing on me. I wish we had never seen the nebula and that I had never given the order to investigate it."

“We’re explorers Jon, you weren’t to know this would happen. None of us did.” Callie offered a comforting smile. “Don’t blame yourself.”

Shon lay on one of the surgical biobeds life support initiated. The Orcs blade had skimmed her liver and transected her spinal cord whilst doing other internal damage. Her right hand had been crushed by the Orc’s foot and she had a fractured scull with cranial swelling. They had been rescued just as she died so the resuscitation protocol had worked almost immediately and she was expected to live. She was still unconscious however and Seth stood beside her biobed holding her hand. He had been informed that the pregnancy had not been affected although none of the crew knew she was pregnant. However it would take some time before she would walk again. She was currently being kept in a coma to allow healing.

Seth held Shon's hand and said every prayer he knew and invented others. His eyes were moist from tears but he was composed. His lips moved as he spoke softly to Shon. "Shon darling, it's Seth. You are going to be alright, you hear me? You are going to be alright. You gave everyone a scare though. baby is fine as well. Now, you just have to get well." He bent down and kissed her forehead. I love you Shon. Come back to me and Shasta."

Shran sat on a biobed as a nurse tended to his injuries. Sam was on the biobed next to him having been given basic care by Perrim before having to move to treat Shon. Perrim looked a bit frazzled being the only doctor currently working as Shon was unconscious and Sam was in no condition to work either.

Jon saw Shran sitting on the biobed and he moved to the bed, Callie alongside him. "Captain." Jon spoke "Are you alright?" He asked his CO.

Shran looked at Jon with his usual stoic gaze, "I'm doing better than some. Nothing wrong with me that this nurse can't handle. Sam and Shon took the brunt in our little foray into Middle Earth. My understanding is that Ensign Devi didn't make it. What happened to cause us to be trapped in the holodeck with the safeties off?"

Jon had a haunted look on his face. "We discovered a new nebula with some very different characteristics. I'll let Deanna give you the particulars. Needless to say, I gave the order to investigate, and the omicron particles got into the buffers for the holodeck and took the safeties offline and trapped you and the others inside."

Shran saw and could hear the guilt in Jon's voice. "You made the same call I would. We are explorers after all, or at least we are supposed to be. Risk is part of our job. Sometimes the most benign situations lull you in before springing something unforeseen. Don't be too hard on yourself. The main thing is that the ship is in one piece and and we are all out now."

Jon was silent for several seconds before he spoke in a dull, flat monotone. "Easier said than done sir especially when my decision gets people I care about hurt or worse."

"You know this, but sometimes a reminder is needed" Shran replied. "If you are going to wear the uniform, you have to be prepared for everything. Risk is our job, injury and death are our companions, whether we like it or not. These things happen, even more so as you climb the ranks. Don't let your emotions get the better of you."

Jon looked at Shran. His expression neutral. Finally, after several seconds he spoke, "I'm glad you are alright sir."

The nurse that was attending T'Plana had begun to clean her patient and was unsure how best to treat the Vulcan. She had stopped the bleeding from her many cuts and was frantically working on the ones to her hip and shoulder. What concerned her the most was the fact that T'Plana's brain activity was so low. What little she knew of Vulcans, it should be steady and at baseline for a healing trance, this though was way below a baseline healing trance. "Dr. Perrim, may I suggest we activate the EMH, I have done all I can for this patient."

"Computer activate EMH" Perrin called into the comm system, the hologram coalescing a moment later.

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency " the bald EMH announced.

"Multiple casualties, trauma, we're understaffed to deal with everything" Perrim retorted.

"Status of your CMO and ACMO" the EMH looked Perrim up and down and realized how stretched the team were.

"Biobeds 2 and 3..." Perrim's ire was starting to rise.

"I see" the EMH swung into action.

He approached Sam who was swatting away any hands that tried to touch her. He pulled a sedative hypo and applied it to the traumatized CMO’s arm. As she relaxed it allowed the bio bed to assess her medical condition. She had no physical injuries apart from cuts and bruises but her mental condition was giving him cause for alarm. He spotted Callie across sickbay and approached her. “Counsellor, I would appreciate your assessment of our patient’s mental condition. I have given her a sedative but she is unresponsive to me verbally?”

Callie was standing beside Jon looking around those being treated, noting Shon’s condition she turned to the EMH and nodded. “Of course Doctor” moving across to Sam with the EMH she offered a kind smile. “Sam, can you hear me?”

Sam looked at the counsellor with haunted eyes, her mind struggling to come to grips with what had happened, coupled with the trauma of previous away missions gone wrong.

Suddenly the EMH began to shimmer and flicker. The panels on the walls began to glow white. Ayana called out, "Everyone down!" The holoemitters in sickbay exploded, power to sickbay completely knocked out.

Shran looked up, smoke and debris all around. "What the hell just happened?"

"Omicron particles in Sickbay's buffers hadn't been cleared out yet. They caused the explosion when the EMH was activated." Jon replied. "Repair teams to Sickbay on the double, bring portable generators!"

Shran slowly got up, new wounds visible. "We need to determine who is injured, and set up new medical facilities immediately. Who caused this, and why?"

"Whoever activated the EMH caused it." Jon replied before helping Shran to a biobed. "You need to stay put sir." He said, waving Callie over to him.

Callie had heard the call to take cover, but still ended up being caught in the blast. It was mostly cuts and bruises apart from a head wound. As the blast cleared she used her uniform sleeve to stem the blood from the cut on her forehead.

The biobeds containing the critically injured Shon and T’Plana began to shriek as their life saving functions were curtailed. Shon woke from her induced coma and began to scream in pain and confusion. T’Plana lay unmoving alive but with deep mental and physical trauma. Shon began to seize as medication was withdrawn and she grasped her husband’s hand drawing blood.

Seth, yelled "Nurse! Doctor! Anyone, need medical assistance here!" He then turned back to Shon. "Hang on Shon! Hang on! Help is coming." He told her, he only hoped it was soon.

The portable generators arrived and the technicians worked quickly to reactivate the bio beds containing Shon and T’Plana. Dr Perrim rushed over with a hypo and Shon stopped seizing. “She’ll be back asleep soon” he said to Seth who was bleeding from a cut to his forehead. Shon squeezed her husbands hand and slept as a tear trickled from her eye.

Perrim rushed back to T’Plana. “Nurse, prepare her for surgery, we need some more Vulcan blood”

Callie brushed her uniform down as she approached Jon, her head wound needed treating but right now there were more severely wounded who needed the help first. “What else could go wrong today?” She looked at Jon offering a smile despite a minor headache.

"Callie darling, are you alright?" Jon asked his eyes going to her head wound. "Get a nurse to take a look at your head. I want you to sit on the captain. Make sure he stays in that bed. I mean it." Jon finished before giving Callie a quick kiss, "I love you Callie Raven-Grayson."

“Love you too Jon” Callie smiled. “I’ll...sit on the Captain for you” She grinned as she was pulled aside by Amethyst.

“Let’s take a look at that head of yours Callie” She motioned to a clear space amongst the mess.

It didn’t take long to sort out the head-wound leaving Callie free to ‘sit’ on Shran at Jon had requested, even though she needed to talk to Sam.

“Captain” Callie offered a smile. “How are you doing?”

"Considering I am in sickbay being forcibly detained after nearly being killed on my ship twice, I'd say I'm doing alright" he said with a hint of a smile. "Honestly, I'm more concerned about Sam, Shon, T'Plana, and Jon. Especially Jon."

Callie nodded. “I know, I’ll talk to him later. Right now he’s ordered me to stay with you.” She offered a smile. “I’ll do what I can for Sam, it’ll take time but she’ll recover, as will the others.”

"My injuries aren't serious. Nothing a dermal regenerator can't repair, along with some rest." He looked at the wound on Callie's head, "I'd say you need a minute or two with a dermal regenerator yourself. You don't need to babysit me. I'd make it an order, but that seems like overkill."

Callie smiled. “It’s just left over bruising, Amethyst took care of the injury itself. Brushing I can put up with, Amethyst is needed elsewhere at the moment.”

Jon was moving through Sickbay, checking on the injured, offering words of encouragement where he could. He talked to Seth, told him Shon was going to be alright, that she needed him. Then on a personal level, Jon added how much he thought of Shon, she was more than a doctor she was his friend. Leaving Seth he walked over to Sam's bed, she was asleep. but he whispered to her anyways. "Look at you, asleep and lying down on the job." He attempted to tease but it sounded hollow and flat. Instead, he spoke from his heart. "You are going to be fine Sam just need to take it easy for a while. I'm sorry this happened Sam, so very sorry. I hope one day you can forgive me. You're my best friend Samantha Howard and we, I need you back giving me hell. but for now, you rest my friend." As he moved away leaving Sam to her dreams.

Sam lay still, drugged into unconsciousness and too deep for dreams. It allowed her body to heal, and rest, and quietened her traumatized mind. Somewhere deep down she knew she was safe, no longer in physical danger, as were the rest of the team. They would survive, they always did.

Ayana made her way over to Shran while looking at Grayson in a look that said he was needed. "Captain, the engineering team has the medical facilities up and running again, though Sam is going to have a few choice words when she sees the state of things. Shon and T'Plana are the most serious cases, but both appear to be in serious but stable condition. Sam will be alright according to Perrim." She looked at Jon as he approached, "It appears we have new officers on the bridge currently, or so Celes informs me."

Shran grimaced as he sat up, still sore if nothing else at this point. "I'm glad that we don't have anymore casualties, especially after that explosion. Perrim is going to earn a commendation handling all of this as the only doctor." He looked surprised when he heard the last bit of information. "New officers? Anything you can tell me Jon?"

Jon stopped in front of Shran but he spoke to Ayana, "Good to see you up and about Ayana." He said honestly then replied to Shran. "Yes sir, Ayana has a new boss, a Lt. Nicole Logan is our new tactical chief and she's fresh out of the Academy."

"I see. Well, I'll look forward to reading those orders. I assume this Lt Logan is on the bridge. Perhaps I'll have a word with her when I make my way up there" he grimaced once more as he tried to get up, "well, maybe I'll stay here a bit longer. I hope we have this omicron matter under wraps."

Ayana chimed in, "Celes says everything is under control. She seemed a bit upset with the issue down here in sickbay."

"I think that is an excellent display of command thinking sir." Jon quipped. "I imagine Deanna is more than a bit upset sir."

Shran gave a soft chuckle. "She can be an unholy terror when she gets upset. Betazoids are tough to handle when angry, though I suppose you are aware of that Jon" Shran replied in an equally sarcastic fashion. "Perhaps you should get back to the bridge. I think we have enough command level officers down here to keep things covered" he said with a smile.

In Shon's mind, voices could be heard. Seth, Jon, T'Plana, and Perrim, but a new voice was present as well, one that seemed to speak with a hint of dreadful glee. The voice spoke to Shon from the darkness, disembodied and haunting, "Soon Shoniara. Very soon I will claim my debt, one way or another."

Shasta walked into sickbay and went straight to Seth and her mother. “How is she dad” she asked in a very adult manner however she entwined her hand in his.

Seth gently squeezed Shasta's hand. "She is in a coma Shasta honey. I believe it is a Vulcan induced healing coma and all we can do is pray and be here when she wakes up."

Getting up Callie made her way across to Seth and Shasta. “Sorry to interrupt, but how is Shon?” She looked at Shoniara lying on the biobed giving Seth a surprised look. “Is Shon...pregnant?”

Seth looked at Callie in surprise. "How would you know that Counselor?"

Callie looked at Shon then at Seth. “I’m an empath, I can sense it. It’s like a...duality of sorts.”

"Ah, yes. Forgive me I forgot. The captain doesn't know yet. I hope we can count on you not betraying this confidence."

“Of course” Callie nodded. “It’s strictly between all of us. It’s up to Shon to let the Captain know when she’s ready.”

"Thank you, Counselor, thank you very much." Seth replied quietly.

Meanwhile Jon nodded at Shran's suggestion. "I suppose your right sir. Do listen to the doctors." He looked at Ayana, "I told Callie, I'll tell you too. Sit on the captain, make him rest."

Ayana nodded, "I'll try. He isn't a very cooperative patient. Sam is probably the only one who can make him rest, but I'll sit on him for as long as possible."

Shran looked at Jon and Ayana, "I'm not dead or dying, and I can hear you both. I may well rest, but I plan to do so in my quarters, just as soon as I feel up to making my way there."

Jon looked at Ayana, "Well, his hearing is fine. If he tries to leave without medical clearance... sit on him."

Ayana gave a soft chuckle, "If you insist Commander, though I think that might be a breach of protocol."

"Again, I am capable of resting in my quarters" Shran said bluntly.

"I can't hear you." Jon replied winking at Ayana.

Dr Perrim gave a sigh and removed his surgical garb and gloves. He had just finished his second set of surgeries repairing the damage done to T’Plana. Although her wounds would heal well he was sure that the low brain waves were Vulcan problem. He wiped his forehead and looked around sickbay. Things seemed to be settling down as the dust and debris was cleared away but he was looking for assurances that the power would be returned as soon as possible. He looked towards the Captain. “How are you feeling Captain?” He asked as he ran a scan over him?

Shran sighed. "I feel well enough to go to my quarters, assuming you are willing to dismiss me. I'm sure you don't need me taking up space here. Shon, T'Plana, Sam, they need to be here. I had a few lacerations, and the nurse has already treated me. I'm hopeful you will release me."

"As you can see the captain has had his usual cheery demeanor back" Ayana chimed in a deadpan manner.

Dr Perrim was in no mood for banter. He snapped his med sensor shut. “Captain I release you to your quarters and your quarters only. Even Andorians need rest and nutrition and your system needs a reset so if I hear you are out and about I will recall you here so I can keep my own eye on you.” He paused, “it is good to have you back sir.”

Shran nodded in agreement. "No argument today doctor. Just get everyone else back on their feet." Shran looked at Ayana and then slowly sat up and eased himself off the biobed. He was quite sore, but he wasn't about to let that deter him from getting out of sickbay.

Perrim turned to Ensign Phoenix who had been waiting patiently. “Ah Ensign, how are you feeling?”

Given the fact that everyone else in the group had sustained worse injures, mentally or physically. Because of this, James waited until the people with priority were seen by medical staff before he got himself checked out. Plus he still needed to process what just happened.

Ayana accompanied the captain to his quarters, wanting to ensure he got there without any further issues. She accompanied him inside and while he changed got him a meal prepared. Shran came out, "So you are bucking for yeoman now?"

Ayana smiled. "Just making sure everything is in order for you. I'm sure by the morning you will be back to your normal self."

Shran nodded in understanding. "Appreciated. Just as long as I don't have to be in sickbay." He sat down and looked at everything and then looked up at her, "Please join me. The meal looks quite delicious."

Ayana remained quiet and still for a moment, then gave a simple smile and sat down. "Well, I suppose I did make plenty for us both."

"This would be a feast for everyone if we were still on the holodeck." Shran got silent again ever so briefly. "I really hope Perrim is up to the task of getting the others better."

Ayana could hear the pain in his voice. "They will all be fine sir. Everyone was already out of the worst of it when we left. Sam should be up and about by morning, and T'Plana and Shon soon thereafter. Vulcans are resilient." She did her best to comfort and reassure him.

"I'm sure you are right" he said before focusing on his meal.


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